Gil Meche in the House

We welcomed Gil Meche to the team this morning with a packed press conference at Kauffman Stadium.


Meche seemed more than ready to compete for the role as the Royals ace starter. The Meche press conference came a day after the Royals celebrated the signing of Octavio Dotel as the team’s closer.

Which acquisition do you think is more important for the 2007 team?


Although I really like Meche, even overpaid, I think the Dotel signing is the better for the team, seeing as there is no proven closer on the team. Having his experience in the bullpen should be great for the youngsters. Wow…I am impressed already with the offseason…Thanks Mr Moore!

As badly as we need starting pitching, with 31 blown saves to lead the league Dotel appears to be the most valuable signing. There must have been a few quality starts last year if we had that many leads translating into lost wins given up by a reliever. If Dotel converts even 2/3 of those blown saves, think of the improvement in our overall record. Meche will get us through the long innings, but Dotel will put “Ws” up – talk about a steal at $5 million!!
I haven’t been this excited about Royals’ baseball in many years.


I agree with the two previous replies about Dotel and the direct impact he will have when closing and seeing the wins, but I think signing Meche is more important.

One big problem in my eyes with the team last year was the starting pitchers weren’t going deep into the game, leaving far too many innings for the relive crew to pitch, which creates a downward spiral. With Meche we can count on 6+ innings every 5 days, therefore leaving the bullpen with less work to do on a daily basis.

You know folks, when the glass is pretty much empty, anything you put in it is an improvement!!

Logically, you have to be able to hold your opponents scoring to a minimum through all 9 innings. You can’t put your team in a 6-0 hole in the first, and expect the offense to make it a 7-6 lead in the 9th. So all phases of the pitching staff needed bolstering. I think the importance of all 4 pitchers is obvious. It may allow the Royals to let some of the younger pitchers in AA develop and matriculate up to AAA, and allow them to “season”. Although the Meche deal is a 5 year commitment, if it appears that other pitchers come up in a couple of years that surpass his performance, he could be traded for possibly a bat.

How about this fantasy: Hochevar, Greinke,Lumsden, Meche. Your 1 through 4 pitchers in 2008?

Nobody is talking World Series in 2007 here, but if this team gets to .500 it will be a great improvement!

And a much welcome one!

Oh! BTW, The Royals probably saved a great deal of money with the Meche signing. Think of it this way, signing him for 5 years beats the inflation rate. Especially if Gil Meche ends up being a Cy Young pitcher. Just what kind of money would a pitcher like that command in 2011? Then again…….He could be a bust, but let’s not go there!:-)

both of these pitchers are a stretch…… man its nice to actually be involved in MLB again! Go Royals!

Looks like Mr.Moore is not finished! Welcome Ross Gload….. Andrew Sisco must not be able to throw a pitch without it flattening out on him.
I somewhat disagree with “oldschoolfourtysix”.I don’t get how these pitchers are a “stretch”. Again, no one is talking World Series here. Nor has anyone said that Meche, or Dotel is the second coming of Saberhagen and Quisenberry. They are much better than what the Royals have been putting on the field. I do agree that’s it’s great to see deals that actually IMPROVE the team! Wonder what the next move is going to be……. Sanders and Brown for ???

It’s hard being a Royals fan (33yrs)in St. Louis…I pray for a return to the former winning ways I remember growing up with. I’ve been dissapointed with the team’s lack of spending and retaining talent, but I’m also dissapointed in attendence at the games…I make the drive as often as I can, but the fans in K.C. really take for granted what they have…I wish there was more local support, and fewer bandwagoners waiting for a winner…(and I really hate downtown ballparks, leaving your car blocks away and walking miles stinks… a dump!) What I really want to know is what can the Royals get with their draft pick this year? Are there any standouts ?

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