The post-season got underway for eight Major League teams this past week.  And it’s officially the off season for the Royals. But even though the Royals are not in the dugout right now, it does not mean they have left our minds or hearts. Here’s your chance to sound off on some end-of-the-season questions you might have an opinion about.

1.    Who was your Royals Player of the Year?
2.    Who was your Royals Pitcher of the Year?
3.    Who was the biggest surprise for the Royals this season?
4.    What improvements did you witness with the 2006 Royals?
5.    Who are you most looking forward to seeing in the Royals starting lineup in 2007?

Statistics from the Royals 2006 leaders boards:
Royals Offensive Leaders:
Average (min. 250 at-bats)
.326    Esteban German
.297    Mark Grudzielanek
.295    David DeJesus
.290    Mark Teahen
.287    Emil Brown

Home Runs
18    Mark Teahen
15    Emil Brown
11    John Buck
11    Reggie Sanders
9    Angel Berroa

81    Emil Brown
69    Mark Teahen
56    David DeJesus
54    Angel Berroa
52    Mark Grudzielanek

85    Mark Grudzielanek
83    David DeJesus
77    Emil Brown
70    Mark Teahen
59    Joey Gathright

Royals Pitching Leaders:
Wins (starters)
11    Mark Redman
7    Luke Hudson
6    Runelvys Hernandez

Winning Percentage (starters)
.538    Luke Hudson
.524    Mark Redman
.375    Runelvys Hernandez

ERA (starter, min. 10 games)
5.12    Luke Hudson
5.34    Scott Elarton
5.71    Mark Redman

ERA (relievers, min. 10 games)
3.62    Todd Wellemeyer
4.40    Joel Peralta
4.43    Joe Nelson

81    Jimmy Gobble
76    Mark Redman
72    Ambiorix Burgos


1. Mark Teahen for his vast improvement in the second half.
2. Luke Hudson I guess if i have to give one.

3. Making good deals lead by Dayton Moore.

4. Young talent in the minors and management improvements with Dayton Moore.

5. Mark Teahen

Forever a Royals fan, can’t wait until next year.
1. Grudzielanek

2. Hudson

3. Teahen–still learning/improving

4. Tremendous upside if talent continues to develop

5. Teahen-Shealy-Buck-Dejesus–German

Look forward to a good start next year, pick up where we left off.

p.s. Glad the Yanks are out, $200 million still can’t by a Championship, but it gets them close.

I am in Detroit for the summer & fall and went to Comerica four times in my stay to watch the Royals, including 2 during the end of the season sweep, it was so awsome to see them play hard until the end and beat arguably the best team in baseball three times to close the season.

1. Grudzielanek (with DeJesus close 2nd)

2. Hudson – That’s a hard one

3. Hudson

4. Good management from the front office, putting the right people in place to build a championship team. Strong offense in second half and there seemed to be a good team unity.

5. Teahen, Shealy, Dejesus, German, Hudson, Greinke

1. David DeJesus
2. Luke Hudson

3. Mark Teahen

4. Front office – shift to put emphasis on pitching instead of no plan at all. Team – If Berroa & Buck are improved upon, this offense could be pretty good.

5. Teahen in RF, Shealy, German, Gordon, DeJesus, Sweeney, Grudzielanek. Everyone but Buck, Berroa, and Sanders.

If there’s a way to improve these positions (C, SS, OF) as well as the pitching, we should go for it. Reggie is a good player for a contending team as a role player but not for this team right now.

I thought Mark Grudzielanek was the steadiest Royal this past season. I also thought Mark Teahen made a great comeback after he came back from Omaha. I also like Ryan Shealy at first base, even though I thought Doug Mientkiewicz had a good year also. Emil Brown I thought had a good year in the outfield.

1. mark grudzielanek was the most consistent and reliable player all year, hence should be player of the year.
2. there should be no pitcher of the year, the only one deserving of any honor was luke hudson.

3. mark teahen’s turnaround was the biggest surprise. even though we had heard about his promise it had never showed up…and for once the royals front office was right about one thing.

4. improvements came on offense and defense, w/ somehow even worse pitching than in 2005.

5. i’m looking forward to the new teahen for a whole season, a healthy dejesus and sweeney, with the debuts of butler and gordon, sprinkled in w/ the real zack greinke

1.Mark Teahen- hands down. This guy put the team on his back for 2 months and the sky’s the limit.
2. Hudson- this guy is a bulldog. We need him as a no. 3 or 4 starter.

3.Dayton Moore

4.Teahen made great strides and I really liked the progression of German as the year went on.

5.who else? Gordon! and Grenkie in the rotation.

1. Grudzielanek – Player of the year.

2. Nelson – none of the starters deserve the pitcher of the year award.

3. Mark Teahen showed the most improvment and was the biggest surprise.

4. In addition to Teahen’s improvement, Odalis Perez and Ryan Shealy improved the team.

5. I am looking forward to the addition of Japanese pitcher, Daisuke Matsuzaka, to our starting rotation. Please make that happen!

Paula Marie

A raise in ticket prices?? What for? another 100 loss season? Get a clue Glass and sell the team.

I think that Teahen showed great promise and the Royals do as a team if they can just keep everyone healhty, get good chemistry and start thing out right maybe they can have a good year next year. The main thing I worry about is 18 HR. EIGHTEEN Freaking HOME RUNS leads the team. We need to get some pop at the plate.

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