A little update for the die-hard fans looking for some face time …

The Royals will be shooting high-definition footage for the 2007 television commercials on Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 4-5 during the Royals-Yankees games. Fans wanting to be noticed for a chance to make the commercials should deck themselves in their Royals best, make some great signs or maybe even add some body or face paint! Feel free to represent your favorite players, the Hot Dog Race, Kiss Cam, whatever you love best! The key is to wear blue and have fun. Remember, the cameras will be rolling at “The K” on Monday and Tuesday, Sept. 4-5.



I can’t believe how lame this blog is:
1) Buddy Bell has been ill

2) ALL kinds of call-ups, things to think about in the off-season

WHAT is going on?

Either update the thing or shut it down.

I have to agree, not exactly the “inside information” we were looking for huh??
I keep checking back for a new topic and the guy with the goofy baseball head keeps looking at me!

I really believe that this team has a P.R. problem, overall, and it is reflected in this blog. I can’t believe that all the folks in the Royals front office are so involved in other things that they can’t update this blog. They claim they listen to the fans, and have a desire to communicate.. well??

I don’t recall Buddy Bell ever answering the questions, either!

How about some comments regarding next year?? What player positions is Dayton Moore going to try to fill with trades or free agents? Who is for sure staying? Who will probably NOT be here??

Oh well………….

Angel Berroa is staying for sure just to make sure we know how bad David Glass hates us! Where’s Neifi Perez when we need him?

Sell the team Glass

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