Send Your Buddy Bell Questions!

Hey Fans, justed wanted to update you on a few items. First of all, Mike Sweeney’s rehab assignment continues to go well. Tonight (Friday) Mike is 2-for-2 with a double, a home run, 2 RBI and a walk. We have a call into him and we’ll give you his thoughts on how things are going. By the way, down in double-A Wichita Zack Greinke has struck out 10 batters through 6.0 innings, allowing 2 runs on 6 hits against Tulsa. They lead 9-2.

We’re excited to let you know the response from the Dayton Moore Q&A was so popular that we’ll be hosting a Buddy Bell Q&A in the next couple of weeks. Like last time, we’ll ask you to email your questions to Obviously we can’t answer everybody’s, but we’ll do our best to cover as many topics as possible.

Make sure you check on Saturday, Aug. 5 as we’ll be streaming a live feed of the press conference with Luke Hochevar. He’ll be in attendance with his agent Scott Boras, Royals General Manager Dayton Moore and Royals Senior-Director of Scouting Deric Ladnier. We’ll also try to give you a recap of his day, complete with photos of him signing his first Major League contract.


Buddy, why do you have such a disdain for statistical analysis? Your recent comment about “OPS, PMS” displays a narrow-mindedness that this franchise can hardly afford to accept. This franchise needs to be on the cutting edge of baseball analysis whether it be statistical or scouting and by closing your mind off to something new while adhering to conventional wisdom will only keep this franchise spinning its tires in last place.

I implore you to give statistical analysis a chance. Its certainly not perfect, and it cannot replace the importance of observational scouting and analysis, but it can be a key tool to better evaluate talent.

why do you take out your pitchers so early when there doing good i think you should live them in longer and why dont you put in leo nunez alot when he was in the mlb.

The Royals need a real power hitter, and there are a ton of free agents right now. so what do say Buddy gives us some power in the middle of the line up.

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