House Call

First of all, the Royals would like to thank everyone for the great feedback on the upcoming stadium renovations. Be assured we are taking your ideas into consideration. We also wanted to pass along a great story on another appearance by the Royals in the community. Our players are really doing a nice job to reach out to some special individuals in the Kansas City area.

Wednesday morning David DeJesus joined Sluggerrr and Kim Burgess, from the Royals Blue Crew kids show, on a house call. The trio paid a special visit to Caymus, a special Royals fan in Kansas City, after The Dream Factory told the Royals about Caymus and his wish to meet DeJesus.

DeJesus presented Caymus with a miniature Royals DeJesus jersey and an autographed bat. In addition, the outfielder gave Caymus several items including bobbleheads, a Sluggerrr doll and baseball cards. Caymus was especially excited about the baseball cards and wanted to review the cards with DeJesus. The two were able to spend some time reviewing the cards, discussing the different Major League Baseball players. 

Kim and the Royals Blue Crew kids TV show was on hand as part of Sluggerrr’s prize patrol. The visit to Caymus will be featured on the next addition of the Royals Blue Crew, debuting on Saturday, Aug. 5.  Check your local TV listing to catch the program or catch an archive of the show later on 

Check out these pictures of DeJesus’s visit to Caymus!





That was a really nice thing for him to do. It shows he cares.

Nice Going David! Just goes to show you that the Royals players do care about their fans and the community. That was very sweet David!


Hey KC-
Nooooo! Why did you take Shealy from the Rockies? I’m a Rockies fan and I was looking forward to watching him take over for Todd Helton!

You guys got a great pick up there. I hope it works out for you and I think Royals fans will enjoy watching Shealy hit the long ball. He’s a great young hitter, and I’m sad that we lost him!

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