Royals on Wild Ride

The Royals continue to have a presence in the community during the 2006 season. Saturday, the Royals headed to Worlds of Fun for the Royals Baseball Fan Fest. Jeremy Affeldt, John Buck, David DeJesus, Mark Teahen and Sluggerrr signed autographs just inside the park entrance. Over 600 people were on hand to meet the Royals players and receive autographs.

The group met fans for over an hour and then moved on to ride the Patriot, Worlds of Fun’s newest rollercoaster – the longest, tallest and fastest full-circuit inverted roller coaster in the region. Here’s some pictures the Royals players, taken during the ride. As you can see, the ride provides plenty of excitement. 

The Worlds of Fun Royals Baseball Fan Fest celebrated two staples of Kansas City summers! If you missed this year’s event, you’ll want to join us for next year’s event!



the royals players are so good why would you royals trade mike macdougal.

Since the article above doesn’t rate much comment, I’ll answer your question “sungjung 13” just incase you ever come back to read it.

It’s pretty obvious. The Royals in 2007, 2008, 2009, will need pitching. Our pitching prospects in the minor league system are sorta slim. We have a potential closer at AAA by the name of Ryan Braun. Haven’t heard the fallout yet, but this trade really does make sense. The two young arms we received have already proven that they have good potential.

With the Kansas City Royals, you have to think about the future, while learning from the past. The Royals went through a period just after Mr. Kauffmans passing where the team opperated very poorly. It takes a long time to rebuild a contending franchise………

By the way, the team is not that “good”, if they were, they’d be contending.. Don’t confuse support by fans of they Royals, with us thinking that this team is particularly good.

Odalis Perez?????

I’m a little confused by the Perez pick up also. Perez was unhappy in Dodgerville, and the team basically “paid through the nose” to get rid of him. Who knows, Perez might be lights out the rest of this year, and D.M. might trade him in the off season for 3 or 4 prospects!??!!???
I wasn’t that wild about Dessens anyway. Dessens is making about 1.5 mil and Perez about 8mil, which the Dodgers are paying. Don’t forget about the prospects that he picked up in the deal either!

I think there is generally confusion over the contract. True, the Dodgers sent over $8m to cover next year’s salary, but Dodger fans seem to think that KC paid $3m or so in the deal. I posed the question on the ‘Inside The Dodgers’ blog because they were saying that KC ate $3m.
This is apparently the salary for the remainder of THIS season. That is what THEY think. They pose it as a straight trade Perez for Dessens and KC giving LA $3m for the two prospects.

I sent Soren Petro from WHB810 the question, but I never heard back.

rscrivner, Soren did answer your question on air. The Dodgers paid this years, and next years salary on Perez.
The Royals cover Dessens salary. Perez makes 16mil over the 2 years, Dessens had a base of 3mil over 2 years I think there were incentives also. In the end result, the Royals came out with about 11 million on the deal.

The Royals would not have “eaten” 3 mil, actually. I guess you could look at it that way, except why does the official report say the Royals got 2 players plus cash considerations???

Or you could ask them this, If the dodgers sent over 8 mil, and already paid Perez 8 mil for this year, and the Royals already paid Dessens 1.5 mil and sent 1.5 to the Dodgers, who got the better monetary end of the deal??:-)

“rscrivner”, I think I figured out why the Dodgerville fans THINK they got $3 million. Check out this link:

It gives a bit of the details of the trade. Over all, The Dodgers SAVE about $3 million on Perez’s contract.

I knew it was folly for anyone to suggest that the Royals ate 3 million of anyone’s contract. They just don’t do that! I think the key to this trade is more in the value of the prospects really……….

OK Dayton if you could attempt a trade w/ the yankees For A-Rod and throw in Grudz Reggie and mayby a prospect more fans would come to the ballpark. O yea and tell that stingy boss of yours to fork over some cash I meen it’s not like he’s poor.

I don’t know why I try to explain this anymore……… “rockhurstdude”, Glass is only worth about 300 million the last I heard. Why do you make a statement like this? Like the Yankees would give up A-Rod for Sanders & Grud? Get real! That dude makes more in a year than Glass does!

bowtech doesent know what hes talking about when sanders is 50 hill still hit better the a-ro and hes one of the most cockyest players in the mlb and he makes stupid errors

i thnk the royals should let buddy bell go and get joe jeradi look what he did with the marlins think what he could do with us

i think the royals should call up my boy leo nunez hes throwing gas and hes doing good next year he should start next year in the mlb one time at a auto graph afternoon he gave some advise for my pitching hes a cool guy u shoul realy think about calling him up and watch for me in six years im 13 and throw 78 watch for me.

bowtech doesent know anything about baseball perez is better with his right hand then bowtech i bet prez is great.

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