Looking for Your Stadium Input

Kauffmanjanrev The Kansas City Royals are in the beginning phases of one of the most exciting projects in franchise history.  You have probably heard or read by now that the Royals are making plans for a $250 million renovation of Kauffman Stadium.  “Conceptual plans” for the renovation were displayed throughout the Kansas City area earlier this year during the Jackson County election campaign.  Thankfully, Jackson County voters passed the referendum by a significant margin.

The Royals are now in the “program design” phase, which is the process of refining the conceptual design while researching new ideas that have or will occur since the election. To begin this process, several Royals associates and HOK Sports architects have taken recent trips to some of the new ballparks or newly renovated ballparks in baseball, including San Diego, St. Louis, Anaheim, Atlanta and Philadelphia to name a few.

The Royals design team is making sure no stone is unturned when considering the ”design priorities” of what will surely become one of, if not the best family-oriented ballparks in America. While the organization is committed to giving its fans some of the newest amenities that most stadiums offer, the biggest priority is to make sure a renovated Kauffman Stadium still has the same classic appearance, particularly as fans view the league’s best playing surface, majestic fountains and the unique crown scoreboard from their seats. With that in mind, we know our fans must surely have some excellent ideas of what they want to see or amenities and services they want to experience when they come to Kauffman Stadium.  We are initially seeking fan ideas via planned focus groups of randomly selected fans, including children, and via the Royals website.

Since you have visited the Royals Blog today, please feel free to offer your input.  Have you been to other ballparks and seen something you loved? Maybe you have an idea for something that hasn’t been incorporated into a new or renovated stadium, but you think it should. Maybe you’ve seen some ideas that may exist at other ballparks, but you are not so sure they would work for you as a Royals fan at Kauffman Stadium. Either way, we want to hear your thoughts!

In fact, if you can’t describe it and you just want to email us pictures (blog@royals.com) you’ve taken from your travels or a sketch of your idea, we’ll put in the hopper of ideas for our design team. We will also reward the best “first-time” ideas (i.e. those that are not already on the drawing boards or have not already been submitted by other fans), with four tickets to a future 2006 Royals game of their choice, subject to availability.

We appreciate your feedback via this blog or in the very near future via the “Kauffman Stadium Renovation – Fan Ideas” icon that will appear on the home page of Royals.com. We invite you to also look at the pre-election site plans and artist renderings currently on the Royals website under the Kauffman Stadium link.

Finally, we will endeavor to periodically keep you up to date via the Royals website with developments on the renovation plans and the timetable for implementation.


I’ve looked over the artists misconceptions, and although I think the “features” are nice, the details shown look a bit “modernistic” for my taste.
I’m not really sure I like the idea of the bullpen move to the foul areas. There have been pitchers warming up that end up dodging foul balls. Maybe the players should be polled about this! With different features stretched out in the park, why not have like a moving belt that people could step on and it take them around from left field over to right field. It would be something different!:-)

Honestly though, I would like to hear Mr. Glass comment on this question: Mr.Glass, I know you’re a great baseball fan, and the good people of Jackson County, MO have approved by vote, a sales tax for renovations. Do you realize, that no amount of renovations, wider concourses, restaurants, childrens playgrounds, or bigger restrooms, will ever replace the draw of a team that is contending?

With or without the stadium improvements,is it even possible for the Royals to bring their payroll into the 70-80 million range, in this size market? You can build more area, and put more seats and amenities in a stadium, but will people come to the stadium to watch a loosing team?

There needs to be a “grand entrance” much like that of Comerica. At Comerica they have the extremely large baseball bats and tigers, with the name “Comerica” centered between the two.

In right field at Jacobs field there is a bar/lounge area that has a very nice feel and relaxing atmosphere, that could easy be put in either left or right field at Kauffman.

I like the idea of the idea of a moving belt to transport long distances that bowtech mentioned above.

Besides the two I mentioned above I think one thing the whole sports complex needs is resturants, bars, shops outside of the stadiums. With the complex in the middle of nowhere you don’t get the awsome feeling before, during, or after the games of the fans hanging out watching the game, or celebrating because we are not located downtown. If we could get a “strip” or village in or around the complex i think that would bring a lively feeling. I know I have more but those are a couple that really stood out to me lately


We got a whole bunch of your money, but we don’t really have any idea what we’re supposed to do with it. Can anybody help?

I agree with cfb6xc, When “Royals Stadium” was originally planned the idea was that restaurants, bars etc would grow up around it. Personally, it would be optimum to pick it up and move it downtown, but that’s not going to happen. So yes it would be nice to have other things around the ball park, that opperated when the team was out of town. How about having a Video Screen and having the away games on, and charging like 3 bucks a head? That way there’d be something going on all 162 games worth!

I like the in-game $2.99 text messaging feature at the new Busch Stadium. More refined restruants would be a major plus but I love the Boulevard Grills that we currently have in operation.
I think some fans underneath the overhangs where it can get pretty gross on a damp day would be a nice feature.

Obviously, the main reasons we are redoing the stadium are concessions and luxury boxes, both of which do need renovation to compete with other ball parks.

A bar-like restruant in the “dungeon” lower concession are would be pretty cool.

Bring Chuey back.

The stadium could use cup-holders in seats throughout the whole stadium, not just the lower bowl. Don’t underestimate the satisfaction of this convenience.

Move Downtown and kick in more money….

Not sure exactly WHY Atlanta or Anaheim are included in the list above, but all of the others:

San Diego (PETCO, $411 Million, 70% Public money).

ST. Louis (Busch, $346 Million, ZERO Percent PUBLIC).

Philly (Citizens, $346 Million, 50%)

Put this stadium where it belongs….DOWNTOWN.

I mailed Mayor Barnes and she placed all the blame back on you David Glass.

Email me back if you want proof of the letter.

Whatever you do you are simply putting a bandaid on a broke stadium location.

You all should be ashamed.

How about some sheltered parking with a higher fee than regular parking? Fans wanting to have added protection for their vehicles can pay extra for it. With the added revenue you can lower the cost of regular parking. You can even give the special parking a “fast pass” to get in and out of the parking lot faster. Give the fans a choice like you do for seating.

As a $7 ticket fan – it would be nice to have a way to get from the ends of the upper deck to the outfield “fun areas” that are planned without having to go to one of the loops. How about escalators/ramps from the ends of the upper deck down to the main concourse level at both ends. If they are escalators, it would be nice if they were operated until at least the 8th inning. I understand the dangers when people are all trying to leave, but it seems odd that if I want specialty food ont he main level I have to walk all the way down the ramp and all the way back up the ramp. Having more of the specialty foods on the upper deck would be nice, too. I like developing the resturants, both in right field and around the stadium.

It would be nice to have the playground equipment in a place where I could also view the game while my son is playing on it. Right now, I have to watch a poor-quality tv monitor hung on the back-side of the stadium.

Finally, I saw some of the concept drawings and it looked like the scoreboard that would replace the stadium’s original scoreboard wouldn’t have the same shape. Evne if there are more boards on either side…you really need to maintain the “Royals logo” shape of the center scoreboard.

I also like the scoreboards that wrap around the front edges of each deck. A lot of new arenas have them – I think US Celluar does to. It offers numerous options for ad placement of course, but also for displaying game stats, etc.

I think it’s interesting that the “downtown stadium” was shot down so easily by the team. However, there are a few aspects of this, that come to play….
1.)Last year Mr.Glass said that he polled the season ticket holders and they claimed they liked Kauffman Stadium. I’m curious how the question was asked?? Was it “Do you think Kauffman Stadium is a beautiful place for the Royals to play?” Well I’d think most would say “sure”!

2.) Mr. Glass says that he doesn’t need a new stadium, downtown. This puts him in the “non-stadium greedy” owner position. Good for P.R.

3.) Politics. It would seem that Jackson County doesn’t believe Kansas City, MO is part of Jackson County. So if the Royals moved to a downtown location, this would somehow hurt the county. It may be that Jackson County doesn’t want to pay for the demolition of Kauffman??? I’m sure a lot of political pressure has been brought to bear on this and the Jackson County folks are just NOT going to allow a downtown ballpark to happen.

So we’ll all have to live with what is…….. Renovation at a new ballpark price tag!

As far as an added feature, I’d like to see a light rail system to get people from downtown, the new Sprint Center, to the Plaza, to the ballpark, to Crown Center, with feeder lines or connections, coming in from all of the burbs. Public transportation in this city consists of a bus system. I’m sure the Taxi cab companies would rail against this! (no pun intended).

Oh, on the subject of children’s playgrounds, and understand, I’m NOT trying to be rude here. Why bring a child to the game that is not old enough to watch the game? Wouldn’t he/she be better off with a babysitter? Maybe the Royals should have a dedicated baby sitting, room/building with certified personell (security/medical also) to watch and entertain the children, while the parents/ parent watches the game. Of course, there would be a fee for this, but a parent could drop off the child, and enjoy the game without having to look over their shoulder all the time.

Finally, I really do hope that someone with the Royals is truly looking at these posts. I’ve used the “e-mail me” link on the left side of this page, and nobody responds! Maybe we’re all a bunch of mullets posting this stuff for no reson other than to waste our time! Hope not!

Make the grand entrance, but make it even more grand. All the real great baseball stadiums have had facades around them. You put up a nice looking wall that rings around the park and the whole feel of the outside will be changed to something similar to the old Yankee Stadium (pre-1974) or the Polo Grounds. What will we do with those awesome Royals Hall of Fame tapestries we have up, you ask? Well you just put them up on the facade, or you do some painted murals on the fine brick, concrete, or limestone you have on the outside. Just try and tell me that wouldn’t look cooler than those **** loops in plain sight.

Has it ever been considered to extend the club level seating around and over the outfield seating with club level suites in the outfield just like the rest of the club level. I have always thought that the architectural design of the stadium is perfect to just continue the club level seamlessly around over the outfield seats. I know it would be a lot of structural work but I believe these seats would be very popular and the suites would sell out. Almost every new stadium has upper deck suites in the outfield and you can see on TV that they are almost always sold out. If you did this you wouldn’t have to move the bullpens and build a bunch of bad outfield seats far from the action that will always be the last tickets sold. I hope my idea is considered before to many final decisions are made. Thanks.

please keep the original shape of the scoreboard, that and the fountains are what make royals stadium unique.
also, what is the point of moving the bullpens? the location now is perfect, unless the players really want to be hit by foul balls.

if you are looking at other stadiums, please ignore anaheim. other than the cheap ticket prices, it’s average. atlanta has a restaurant/bar in right field that is pretty cool.

I would like to see some sort of edifice in either left or right field, maybe a three or four story structure with balconies and concessions or restaurants. It should be as near to the playing field as possible, so that fans on the balconies can look down on the game. It should have an old fashioned appearance and charm. It would give the park a cozier feel, like Camden Yards, Minute Made, or Arlington. It would look imposing and impressive on TV, as well. Just my $.02.


Above out of sheer desparation, I asked if anyone with the Royals was actually paying attention to these posts.

This afternoon, I received an e-mail directly from The Royals that assured me that they were in fact paying attention.

I’d like to say a public “Thank You” to Mr. Gorris for taking the time to answer………

How about partnering with the Negro League Museum to include some memorabilia from the Negro Leagues in a nice display with info on how to get to the museum. There should also be a statue of Buck O’Neill!

I think the stadium looks great…too bad it will be and will remain empty. No one will come to watch the team we have now. Mr. Moore should think a little more about the bad feelings that have formed regarding this season and how many of us will want to fork over the money for season tickets next year. But, then again maybe that doesn’t matter…because we are getting a new ballpark. Oh goody… we can have another 100 plus losing season in our new home.

I just finished watching (via computer) the Red Sox series. Do we have a hitting coach? We looked worse than a junior high baseball team with out a plan. I thought that maybe we had overcome our hitting problems of the first half. But they are back and at least in the last two series look to be worse than before.

We held the Red Sox to 7 runs in their ballpark and that is an achievement. But, the team looked lost at the plate. AND, I am really tired of hearing Buddy Bell’s pat answer to everything “I just don’t know.” If he doesn’t who does? Are we really getting our money’s worth from him. Couldn’t we just have a cardboard cutout with a recorder…that says…”I just don’t know”…over and over again.

glou1898, you’re right, no ones going to fill expanede seating when the teams loosing, right again, the pitching held up, these are obvious facts………
What do you expect Buddy Bell to say? He can’t play all the positions himself, and he’s a bit old for that. The Red Sox have good pitchers, and a contending expierienced line up. We don’t, that’s all there is to it! Hopefully with Mr. Moore in charge, we will start developing TALENT in the minor leagues. The team will quit rushing players up, just to fail and lose confidence. In the last two series, the Royals have gone up against contending teams, what do you expect?

No bag on you! I mean it! The team just isn’t that talented yet. The biggest problem with young players is learning consistancy. You’ve heard it before, “baseball is a game of constant adjustments” The younger players have to learn that, and how to adjust.

And to your comment, “are we getting our money’s worth for him”? He doesn’t get paid for P.R. and he’s not a farm instructor, he’s The Manager, and his job is to manage games and the roster, at least he’s honest, he doesn’t know! If he did, he’d fix it and the Royals would win the World Series………….

At another ballpark they had a screen that what the pitch was after it was thrown not just the speed. I thought that was pretty cool.

So Bowtech… we build this Taj Mahal… just in case Mr. Moore knows what he is doing and several years down the road young players may develop into a winning team. Maybe???? But, in the present… the new ballpark will do what?

The fans are supposed to come to the games to look at the park? With another year of 100 plus losses, do you really expect attendance to increase enough for the new park to be viable? Maybe… or maybe it will become a money pit.

Finally, I don’t expect Buddy to play all the positions. I expect him to manage and to lead. Not to make the overpaid players feel good about themselves. We are on our way to our third 100 plus losing season and from here it looks like nothing is getting done to change that fact. I am a Royals fan who has been told “we are almost there” one too many times in the past three years.

#1. Make sure to include a big sports bar, with 2 or 3 very big screen TV’s open year around, along with a restaurant. Fans can congregate there before the games, and after, to watch the post game show on Metro Sports while the parking lot clears.
Invite Chiefs fans, who could not get Chiefs tickets, to come out and tailgate in the parking lot, and then watch the game from the Royals sports bar/restaurant while having some more refreshments (spending $$.)

#2. On the skinny wall, under the main fountain display, write in beautiful script the words, “City of Fountains”. If the taxpayers are going to pay for the renovations, they at least deserve this advertisement for their city.

#3. By all means, put up a statue of Buck O’Neil. He’s an every game fixture out there, and while you’re at it, induct him into the Royals Hall of fame. After all, he was a Royals scout, represents our city, and has been slighted by the Baseball Hall of Fame.

glou1898, thanks for addressing my comments.
And to answer your question…

“So Bowtech… we build this Taj Mahal… just in case Mr. Moore knows what he is doing and several years down the road young players may develop into a winning team. Maybe???? But, in the present… the new ballpark will do what?”

Here’s what it did, It keeps the Royals in Kansas City for the next 25 years. Period. Nothing more nothing less. It’s a done deal, the people of Jackson County voted it in. That’s why the Royals asked for input to see what we want in the renovations, not,if renovations should take place.

Are you telling me that Mr. Moore doesn’t know how to build a team? If so, I haven’t seen that info anywhere, he learned a lot from one of the best, I’d play my chips on him. Besides, why doubt the man when he hasn’t been on the job long enough to see what he can do…. Also, a few years down the road, the “young players” won’t be young anymore, they’ll either be good players or unemployed.

You say:

“We are on our way to our third 100 plus losing season and from here it looks like nothing is getting done to change that fact.”

I thought the hire of Mr.Moore was indeed the first sign of it! What are you looking to see happen? All the players let go on waivers, the coaching staff fired? Things are happening, I’d like to know exactly what’s happening too! In a large organization though, the G.M has to evaluate just what he has first, then it takes time to change things.

I don’t know what you mean by your question of:

“With another year of 100 plus losses, do you really expect attendance to increase enough for the new park to be viable?”

Kauffman Stadium is viable right now, they play baseball there, you know…….

If you mean profitable for the Royals, I doubt it. Unless the team improves. Sure, at first there will be folks that are curious so they will indeed go see the ballpark.

Regarding Buddy Bell: The guy can only play the players that he can play, and they have to play the game. He’s doing a good enough job of leading, and managing what he has to manage. It’s not his style to stand on the top of the dugout steps with blue and gold pom-poms. These are supposed to be men out there on the field, not high school kids or college kids. Besides, he hasn’t been on the job for a full year yet!

Back on the subject:

There are some problems with Kauffman, in the structural, and electrical infrastructure, these problems were supposed to be taken care of by the Jackson County Sports Authority, several years ago, they were something like 60 million short in the upkeep of the stadium. That’s really the crux of why the renovations had to be made. It wasn’t the fault of the Royals.

I once had a boss that told me, “when you come to me with a problem, bring along at least a couple of viable solutions”.

Do you really think that firing Bell, Not renovating the park, and firing Mr.Moore (who was just hired) is going to improve the team?

Who should the manager be?

Who should the GM be?

Should we wait till the lights don’t go on when they flip the switch?

And before you say it, Someone would have to have the $$$ to buy the team, for Mr.Glass to sell it, and it’s hard to sell a team that can’t be moved.

Personally, I’d appreciate it if someone with the Royals jumped in on this to clarify the “Stadium Issue”, I’ve probably left something out. I’m not with the team, and I’m only working off of memory, I’m sure someone else here has all the details.

Hey pm183!
I think you have a great idea! How about a “Kansas City Sports Walk of Fame” With Statues of Buck, Brett, Satchel Paige, and others that impacted professional Baseball in Kansas City?

I just got back from watching the Royals lose in Detroit. If you want a bad to the bone stadium well look at Comerica Park Ballfield. absolutely beautiful. Right now the field is out away from everything. No resteraunts nothing. An idea field is just like Detroit.

Miller Park has a TGI Fridays that is open all year long, and it has great views of the field. With Applebee’s Headquatered in Overland Park/Lenexa. This would be a great opportunity for all parties.

I for one am a person that wants to keep the stadium right where it is. Anyone that is more worried about bars and shopping than the game is probably one of those yahoos that is busy yacking during a game instead of watching what the heck is going on. Most likely to start the Wave.

Open the concourse. Get some air blowing through. Those that point to Comerica in Detroit are making good points.

I also love the big screen at Turner Field. They also have it set up so that the fans can watch the starters warm up.

I’m not in favor of the bullpens on the field. Leave the foul territory alone. It also simply leaves the players too close to some guy that will cause trouble.

I like what Comiskey does witht he fans down at field level in the outfield.

Lastly. Improve the product on the field and you will not have enough tickets. You can have the nicest field in the world and if you keep putting AAA teams out there, you continue to have 12K show up.

I am a season ticket holder since 2000, and a Stadium Club member since 2001. If they do away with the Stadium Club, I probably will drop my tickets. That is no way to treat members who some have meberships since day one.

I think if there were a vote on the changes made to the stadium that two of the most important issues would be keeping the Royals logo as the scoreboard frame (a majority in favor) and moving the bullpens to the foul area of the field (a majority NOT in favor). Please, please rethink the bullpen issue. They are distracting in the foul area of the field and actually cheapen the look of a major league ballpark. . .

“jerreed2” I think you’re dead on! Matter of fact, it might be interesting if the Royals put together one of those surveys, with the info above, and had fans vote on the renovation issues.

“galder232”, I doubt the “Stadium Club” will go bye bye, It might get bigger and better, and be renamed something else, but I don’t think there’s a worry there.

“skij1” The only reason that some people want to see it moved downtown, has to do with proximity to amenities before and after the game. Not during the game itself. It also has to do with the revitalization of downtown. But as I’ve said before, that’s all a moot point, the stadium is staying where it is for the next 25 years. I really like your other ideas, especially the last one!:-)

Even if my opinion isn’t worth a dime!😀

Two suggestions: #1 The circular ramps leading down from the upper levels should have a view of the field (see Pittsburgh). #2 Exterior souvenir stands. I think Kansas City is the only ballpark in the country that doesn’t have at least temporary trailer-type stands set up in the parking lots or along streets selling tees and caps before and after the game. Have you tried going to the proshop after a game? It’s crazy.

What the stadium needs:
Wider concourses, more and better concessions, more and larger restrooms, more and larger stadium stores, a permanent Royals Hall of Fame building, connection between left and right field seats with local flavor eating choices, an outfield restaurant and bar that is open all year. And, last but not least a better team on the field.

If you want to make money, sell naming rights to the parking lots. Instead of Lot A.B.C etc…You can have The Applebee lot, The Baron BMW lot, The Chevrolet lot, The Dodge lot, The Ford lot, The Gates lot, etc… Get local business to sponsor, they can advertise their products. As for the Applebee’s lot they can have a tent and sell or better yet give away appetizers before and after the game. The car sponsored lots could have models on display and offer test drives.

By all means keep what makes the stadium unique: Keep the scoreboard design, keep the Stadium Club, keep the bullpens where they are, keep the fountains, keep the dugouts suites, keep the crown club.

Do away with the open theater behind the scoreboard.

Why not take out a couple of the parking lots and create a Zona Rosa type atmosphere with stores, restaurants, bars, etc. There is wasted space along Raytown Road that can be made into parking to replace the parking lots lost to the shopping areas. You can run rail shuttles from those parking areas into the stadium areas and have underground tunnels with people movers like at the big airports.

What I don’t understand is why the county did not try to get the Bass Pro Shop that is going into Independence and put it on the Sports Complex grounds. That would have been a goldmine.

For those that say the Sports Complex was built where it was to spur development in the early 70’s are wrong. It was built there because of the open space and highway access. A lack of a street grid outside the complex and the hilly nature of the area deters from any type of developement. If they wanted to spur development the best place to have built the complex was at the old Leeds GM plant. It is level there and a street grid could have been easily put in that area to support stores, restaurants and the like and it still would have been close to 70 and 435.

Thanks, and Go Royals!!!!!!!!

Replace the old tv monitors by the concessions with HD Flatscreens. I don’t like the idea of moving the bullpens to the sidelines. I do like the idea, by a previous poster, of a moving belt from left to right field. I also would like to see HD video screens along the overhangs where the scoreboards are. Anaheim has these and I think they had a great visual element.
Thank you for letting me have an opinion.

It’s not going downtown so get over it. Move on. But what would be nice would be to invest some of that money for some sports bars outside the K even if they were only open on game days, along with some inside the stadium that were accesable with a view of the game. The K is still a great place to tailgate, but some alternatives on game day would be great.

My friends and family will be the first ones to say how much I love the Royals. I do. I love them whether or not they have a winning record and I will continue to go to as many games as I can. Sadly, not everyone shares my sentiments. In fact, I am criticized more and more for this. It’s because of this that I say the following: stop spending time and money worrying about the stadium so much. Spend it on the team. When they play well you’ll have an easier time filling the stadium, regardless of how big the restrooms are and what restaurant choices they have. Focusing on the stadium sends the image that it is more important than our boys in blue.

It looks as if I’m in the minority, but I think everything looks nice.
As for a downtown stadium, it would NOT be a benefit to the metro area, but for downtown business’ only. I can’t see how people don’t use common sense when making a statement that it would benefit the metro area. Peoples, please. So what if it brings more people to the stadium. THAT is not a reason that the metro area will benefit with a downtown stadium, because I would spend that money elsewhere within the community. No matter where the stadium is placed, my money will STILL be spent in the metro area. I’m not claiming to be a financial expert, but I am claiming to be using common sense. GO ROYALS. Always a fan.

Here are some points to ponder:
jrallen67, The prevailing attitude has always been, that anything that benefits the downtown “core” of Kansas City benefits the entire Metro area. The idea is that a downtown stadium with the new entertainment district (downtown) would create a “tourist destination” for out of towners to come to. because they can fly into KCI, take a shuttle downtown, spend the weekend watching ball, and spending money(eat, drink, shop), and walk or take a short cab ride to anywhere they need to go. There is also the idea that with the lofts that are being built, those folks could walk to games also, It is not necessariy “your” dollar$ that the “downtowners” are after. This is what the financial experts say.

BUT the Stadium is going nowhere! It’s a moot point! I agree with “traviswhelm” let’s all get over it!

“bmbrown”, The money that comes from the sales tax issue, is for renovation and repair of Kauffman Stadium, as per the conditions of the bill that was passed. It was done this way because the county was in default of the last agreement that was signed with the team. Actually, the Royals COULD have claimed the county was in default and the Royals COULD have moved.

The team cannot directly spend this money on player talent, what it does do however, is allow the team to build club boxes and more seating and other (hopefully) profitable amenities so that the revenues will be higher, then the team will have more money (from profits)to spend on player talent. It’s like this: the tax payers build an expansion for a business so that business can make more money and put more product on the shelves.

Sure wish someone with the Royals could jump in here and explain it better!

1) An alternative to having sponsor names in lieu of lot letters would be to name them after Royal ballplayers. The Twins’ spring training field in Ft. Myers has “Hrbek lot”, “Puckett lot” etc. Either advertisement names or player names would be better than simply lot letters.

2) I’m going to be the odd-man out and say that I not only prefer sideline bullpens, but think it would be a slight homefield advantage. Because players so universally hate them (including Dan Quisenberry, who was embarrassed to be seen throwing a wild pitch), it would make visiting pitchers more uncomfortable. The Royal relievers would feel right at home, and would find intimacy on the road, where fans are most ruthless.

3) I share the sentiment of those who want to retain the scoreboard shape, and I really hope it doesn’t change at all. I remember Baseball City having a similar shaped scoreboard – but it was an inferior imitation.

4) Bring back the bouncy warning track so Gathright can get some IPHR’s the way Willie did.

5) Jokingly, I would like to see barbed wire raised above the outfield fence when the Royals bat. Now that would really give a home field advantage. Rob this,*******!

How about having headphone jacks in the backs of the seats so that fans could buy a $3.00 set of headphones, and plug in and listen to the radio broadcast during the game?

If yu want to see Gathright get some in the park home runs, make the track mushy, that way the ball won’t bounce out, and cause a ground rule double. put a few zigs and zags in the outfield wall also!:-)
(Jokeingly) have outfield walls that can be moved in 10ft when the Royals are at bat!😀

Truth be told, we’re just putting lipstick on a pig, and I don’t mean Kauffman Stadium. Let’s go ahead and write Mr. Glass a city loan (at a reasonable interest rate) to improve the squad. Have him put up the team as collateral. If things are well run, the team should be more than able to pay it back. If they are not, he had no business business buying the team in the first place. I’d just sure like to see that 240 million in the line-up working on something that’s broken as opposed to Kauffman Stadium which is a beautiful place to watch a baseball game.

The pastoral setting and fountains are what give this park it’s appeal, especially on TV. Tie in to the fountain theme, not just with the token proposed new fountains, but a more integral functional approach. This could include flowing “fountain walls” that stretch along some of the longer pedestrian connectors. They would not only look great but cool fans on hot summer days with the resulting mist evaporation.

I don’t like the bullpens being moved onto the playing field. I do like adding seats to the area the bullpens currently occupy, but why not move the fences in a few feet in the power alleys and place them horizontal similar to the new Busch and many other new parks. Also I like the “ribbon” videoboards so many new stadiums have along the main seat overhangs. Please put the Royals logo like it is currently on the Jumbotron on the new scoreboards.

Bowtech, you’re assessment would be correct IF a visitor came to K.C. ONLY to go to a Royals game. Then you would have to assume that they wouldn’t have come to K.C. to see the Royals play at Kauffman and that a “downtown” stadium was they only way they would come see a game. My assumptions are that these “visitors” are going to be in the area for more than a baseball game.
Example: I had this discussion with my sister-in-law who was trying to tell me that a “downtown” stadium would be beneficial to the who community because in her particular job, she has clients that she could take to a Roayls game downtown(the area where she also works), but again that is flawed because she would be schmoozing them some place else on the same budget, so no matter where she took them, it would be 1) the local company’s money and would be spent here in all probability anyway, and 2)money taken from one local business to another., since she was going to spend it anyway. But like you said, a downtown ball park is a moot anyway.

the best improvement for royals stadiumm would be to contract the team and tear down the stadium. any team that would call mike’s weenie a “captain” and “leader” while he sits on his pazy butt drawing one-third of the team payroll, yet appearing in less than 70% of the games, is not fit to exist. the sooner he and the teams are gone, the better

“kalcarloskals”, the $240 mil is from a county sales tax, and I believe it is against the MLB rules for the Royals to accept the money from a governmental agency anyway. Kauffman is owned by the County, not by Mr. Glass.
Yes Kauffman is a beautiful place, BUT It is broken, there are infrastruture problems. If they are not taken care of, the place will fall in on itself! Since Kauffman was originally built most all of the other Stadiums have been renovated or new Stadiums built with more fan amenities, and newer methods for teams to make money from concessions, and lease agreements from vendors, and the sale of “skyboxes” or “club boxes”.

Even if you did find a way to inject $240 mil into the Royals system, it won’t make them win this year anyway, nor probably next year.

Yes jrallen67, it is a moot point. I was not referring to your sisters company though, matter of fact, if you go back and look, I didn’t mention business entertainment at all!

I was reporting what the “experts” say. Again, people do, (when the Royals are winning) come from the entire region to watch a weekend series, and spend money in the restaurants, bars and motels and hopefully in the new downtown entertainment district. It makes it a “regional tourist destination”.

But like I said, it’s a moot point…………

honestly, i think they should demolish kaufmann stadium and turn it into a parking lot for arrowhead, that way ridding the use of grassed parking. arrowhead is a mainstay and all improvements should be focused into it alone. secondly, move kaufmann then to a downtown location, keeping in mind the original design and atmosphere of kaufmann as it is today(ie. fountains, etc.). this way by moving the stadium downtown, it would further increase peoples reasons for visiting downtown. as it is now, they are trying to revitalize downtown but people have no reason to go there. i’m sure tons of people would go to a new stadium if not for the mere fact of curiousity. also, with a new stadium an all star game is almost gaurunteed equallying tons of money for the city, and DOWNTOWN. more money means more revenue for the baseball club, which equals more money to buy a more quality and competitive winning team. So yes, demolishing the existing kauffman to make way for a parking lot is the answer. Use the money to improve arrowhead and move the stadium downtown….

To be honest, I really love Kauffman stadium. With that said, it would really be interesting to have a few rows of seats behind the outfield near or between the fountains. Actually, since Kansas City is the “City of Fountains,” maybe a more larger scale fountain in front of a grand entrance to the stadium would also do the trick. Like I said, the K is a beautiful stadium. Not much is needed…Cosmetically.


The idea regarding a tie in with the Negro League HOF is an excellent one. It gives the K a one of a kind attraction. Turner Field has a really neat area for their team HOF that has a train car and memorabilia from the 40’s and 50’s. The Royals haven’t had much to cheer about for the last 10 years, but a better team HOF would an additional attraction.

Here is another idea for an attraction. Have an area with interactive games where ther person plays the “you make the call” game. For example — give the the first part of the play and then a mutiple choice of.

Plant some trees in the parking area. Tailgating before the game is a great time, but for heaven’s sake, give us some shade.

I like the plans so far. I’m not a real big fan of the bullpens moving down on the field. I’m also wondering what will you do with the scoreboard and jumbotron.

I have seen some very good suggestions here, but the one thing that could bring that 70’s and 80’s pride back to the “K” would be the bullpen car that delivered the relief pitchers to the mound. I can’t think of anything more awsome than Mike McDougal climbing out of the Viper before closing out a game.

Hey:How about having a museum giving the Royals Nation and visitors to the K a look at the history of not only the Royals,but also professional baseball in KC! Why not also add a KC Chiefs Hall of Fame and Museum at Arrowhead,too! I also would like to see some fun things added to the K,like a hot tub,maybe add a restaurant chain offer food at a ballpark(like McDonalds at Skydome/Rogers Centre in Toronto or Outback Steakhouse at PNC Park in Pittsburgh),or have a shopping mall(like Tropicana Field in Tampa) or have an Irish pub or have a RSTN pre- and post-game show from the proposed restaurant/Irish pub(the Irish pub is my best idea!),or in honor of Mr. Glass,how about a Wal-Mart that has live feeds from RSTN on the monitors while fans shop? And when the Boys in Blue get 12 hits,why not also build a Krispy Kreme so they can go home happy! More ideas on the way! Sorry about MacDougal dealt to the Sox…Let’s make Mike Sweeney a Royal for life…give him an extension!Thanks for listening!
Fred Benson,390 Chartiers Run Road,Canonsburg,PA 15317

Here’s what I think I should have the Royals wear:Wear the white home jersey on weekdays,the royal blue jersey on Saturday home games,the regular gray jersey on weekdays and road day games,and those cool black road jerseys on weekend night games! And why not add a new jersey(this is my idea!):Why not go back to the powder blue! Try introducing an all-new powder blue jersey for the ’07 season! Or maybe have a pinstriped jersey with the team logo on the front and the “KC” emblem on the left sleeve!
I love all your uniforms,and I hope to save my money and buy a Royals authentic jersey before Christmas! ‘Till next time…

Fred Benson,390 Chartiers Run Rd. Canonsburg,PA

(The powder blue jerseys are for Sunday home games!)

What would I like to see?

Can we walk down along the top of the outfield wall, beneath the fountains? Can you imagine all the fans lining the outfield wall, watching the game from the outfield like almost every other park in the majors? Fans could catch home run balls hit to center and left/right center. I know that the fans are dying for this, as evidenced by the great numbers who like to line the top of the Royals’ bullpen once it was opened. Last summer my buddy and I stood up there, looking down at the strip of blacktop lining the back of the outfield wall and said to each other how neat it would be to be able to walk down that and watch the game from the outfield and how easy it would be to put in some stairs leading down to it, and make a path along the back of the wall (which pretty much exists already anyways).

Also, in San Diego, there is a section of mesh fencing down in the left field corner by the Western Metal building (which, by the way, the corner of that building is their foul pole) and fans can stand behind the fence and watch the game from left field, at GROUND LEVEL! That is one of the neatest things I’ve ever seen. I once had box seats at old Quallcomm stadium in San Diego, and I’ll tell you that watching the game from ground level is one of the neatest things I’ve ever experienced at a game. And with this, all people can see the game from ground level, if only for a moment even.

This renovated ballpark needs to look at recent stadiums built and new stadiums to incorporate everything in one. One feature I would like to see is what philly has in behind centerfield, its called Ashburn Way a fan fest, restraunt and interactive hall of fame. I think at statue design of the best starting 9 players at each position in a mock field like the negro league hall of fame has. It could have statues of brett, mcrae, white, saberhagen, mayberry, jackson and other players.

This stadium needs to go even above and beyond with fountains, and not just the ones in the outfield, every nook and cranny needs fountains, and especially a fountain area for the hot days in july and august that kids are able to play in like the ones at crown center, and yet be able to see the game too.

I would like to see a manual scoreboard for the game in Kansas City, but for the out of town scoreboard, what they have in atlanta gives you great detail, of how many is on base, whos pitching and so on, As for the crown scoreboard in center, DONT GET RID OF IT, it really makes the stadium distriguished from other stadiums, like the fountains.

I’ve been to one Royals game in my life and that was this year against the Cardinals. I have been dying to go to one. I have always seen Kauffman stadium on TV before then and I must say that its a very attractive stadium on the inside, but not on the outside. I’ve been to the ball park in Arlington and that place is great all around. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed the experience even though we lost…bad. But I think I enjoyed it because it was the first time…I might have been really bored if that was my 10th Royals game. I will aways be a Royals fan no matter how bad their record is and I will make an effort to go atleast once or twice a year from now on. The most important thing to me is that they will be in KC for the next 25 years!

My impression of the outside atmosphere: Too much concrete!! Way too much! Kinda boring….

There just needs to be more scenic stuff on the outside like walls to encompass the statium like Camden or Arlington or like 90% of all other ball parks. Give us something to look at while we are drinking in the parking lot! How about statues of George Brett, Bret Saberhagen, and Mark Gubicza, and Carlos Beltran (why the heck not!?) How about more fountains outside of the ball park to emphasize KC’s status as the city of fountains. Or at least more vegetation instead of concrete. How about more restaurants/bars/clubs outside of the stadium or just places where Royals/Chiefs fans to gather and mingle after games? Makes sense, right, because there isn’t the downtown location that other venues have and I’m sure those places fit right in with the culture of the area. Why not bring business/culture to where the stadium is, since we can’t move downtown.

Don’t you dare touch that scoreboard and the fountains beyond the outfield walls! Thats our identity! How about a home run porch like old Tiger’s Stadium or Arlington? Why not atleast extend the upper deck to the outfield area? That would be cool! I liked that idea earlier about a building like a hotel or something past the outfield area with balconies that fans can look down and watch the game. While we’re at it, lets make the outfield walls more unique, but not extremely crazy like some ball parks now. I know that adding more seats may be pointless now due to the poor record, but all teams fluctuate…we won’t be bad forever. Weren’t the Yankees bad at one point(briefly)? Weren’t the Tigers bad also? I’m actually really proud of the Tigers; we should steal some ideas and or players from the Tigers. I remember when the Indians were a joke…they even had movies about it. The point is we will come around and those seats will be filled and we have to keep the future in mind! We will have more sell outs than just opening day.

Lets keep the bullpens where they are…we don’t need any pitchers on the DL because of foul balls…or better yet move the away bullpen to foul territory. As a 20 something, how about bars/restaurants! Isn’t Jazz big in KC? Why not add more culture to the experience and have live music before and after the games? We need to give fans more reasons to go to games besides just watching baseball (especially now). It needs to be an experience!

Just a few thoughts from a long-time and very loyal Royals fan.

I think the Royals should have some fountains surrounding the statues of of the Kaufmans, Brett, & White. Also their should be a special section of fountain seating. Fountain seating could be an exclusive area of VIP seats in the outfield. The main goal should be to keep the stadium “classy”, steer away from to much junk (examples being, signs, additional flag poles, banners. The stadium should be transformed from good to amazing.

I certainly would be dissappointed if the Crown Scoreboard wasn’t retained. Obviously the side facing the field needs to be upgraded in terms of screen(s) but I hope the shell is retained.

Secondly, rumour has it that seats will fill the current bullpen areas. Kauffman is a beautiful stadium, but there is now an opportunity to make the playing field a little quirky.

Suggestion: Bring the seating in the RF bullpen out towards the field until the top of the wall reaches about 6 feet high.

Not sure exactly how far from homeplate this will make straight away RF, but will create a short porch in Right where future stars like Gordon, Teahen, DeJesus’ left handed strokes should be able to put up nice HR numbers. Plus Butler has natural power to RF. By the time the stadium is ready, this should be the ML lineup and give a nice homefield advantage. Finally this creates a smaller RF for a power hitter (usually less mobile) to play defense. (Think Billy Butler)

have video screens outside the stadium so yo can see the game in the parking lot or around the stadium also the area around the stadium need to be revitalized because the only place to eat right now is dennysi also agree with the idea of partnering with the negro leagues and having a area for that also raise the payroll 70-80 million(more than that wont hurt mr.walmart)

Kansas City definitely should build a new stadium, out by the racetrack and Legends would be the best spot in my opinion. The Royals could sell out about every game the whole first year in that area. It is ridiculous though that we are so far behind the rest of the major league cities, I have been to about 8 major league stadiums and Kaufman stadium does not compare. However, if we are going to renovate, a lot of things need to happen.

The outside appearance of our stadium pails in comparison to the brick around newer ballparks such as Coors, AT&T, Ameriquest and many others. Obviously we do need many more concessions and larger concourses and a restaurant would be a great ammenity, but also they should put in plasma screens all over the concourses, at least on the first level and club level, much like the Giants have done in AT&T park. You don’t miss any action wherever you go in that stadium to get concessions.

The luxury suites in Kaufman need a lot of work. They need to be made more modern and they all need better tv’s.

A lot of the images of the renovation look good especially the additions to the outfield. A new ballpark is badly needed, but a renovation will help, as long as it is done really well.

1) I agree with the tribute to the Negro League HOF – esp. a statue of Buck.
2) I’ve seen the ground-level seating at some stadiums on TV – having the seats behind home at ground-level with just a screen for protection would be an awesome way to watch a game.

3) Like to see a HUGE HDTV in the outfield – at least twice the size of the existing one. Would be nice to offer movie nights on that screen, where you could watch a movie before/after a game while sitting in the outfield grass.

4) A skinny “strip” scoreboard like they have ringing arenas, though I agree with other posts that having up-to-date (and detailed) scores on large outfield screens would be nice as well.

5) I totally agree with the addition of fountains around the park, inside and out – however, I think a major update to the fountains HAS to be made – they just don’t have enough visual impact at the stadium or on TV. They are one of THE unique features of the park, and it would be a shame to miss an opportunity to improve them. Think about the fountains at the Bellagio in Vegas – I’d love to see huge, coordinating water spouts celebrating a homerun, or choreographed to the Anthem. A couple other thoughts on the fountains – they should be more easily seen, especially the collecting pools at the bottom. I’d love to see more ( in person and on ESPN/RSTN) “splashdown” homeruns, but the walls around the current fountains seem to take away from that effect because of their height.I say expand the fountains to be sure they catch more homerun balls – think of the visual impact at the All-Star homerun derby alone! Lastly, let’s not forget about improving the water lighting effects. You could create a heck of a show by projecting lasers onto a wall of water, or even onto the water spouts themselves. We’ve all seen laser shows where they create graphics and text with a laser on different backdrops – water would be a great one. In any case, I’m definitely looking forward to the All-Star game in KC!

The thing I would most like to see happen is to have the surrounding area developed , so that there is more to do when you do go to the ballpark (before and after the game) The stadium itself needs very little in my opinion , just spend the money wisely and people will come! Go Royals!

I install Smart Homes Systems, so my ideas trend that way.

#1 Wi-Fi distributed Audio/Video/Data. Featuring RSTN/Royals on Radio/MLBTV/MLB Gameday/Ballpark Maps/Menus/Live camera feeds from childcare/playground areas and more.

The Wi-Fi while complicated, eliminates infrastructure and it’s related maintenance expense, ensures future technology compatibility, requires a server which only authorizes the approved media, and gives you a way to authorize individual users.

#2 Sell a License (unique, authorized IP address) for use on existing and future personal media devices like tablet PC’s, PDA’s, Cell Phones etc..

#3 Rent or include the media devices in restricted areas like club seats, resturaunts, etc.

2000 per game @$10 ea = $20K game

Service licence only at say $3-$5 for another 3000 fans

= another $9-15K per game

Thats $2 million a year in gross revenue. It would have startup costs and maintenance but offer today’s multimedia crazed/fantasy sports crazed fans control over the info they want.

It also offers opportunities to increase advertising revenue, including the size of the TV and Radio contracts.

And the live camera feed from the childcare / Playground areas allows parents to stray whatever distance they are comfortable with, while enjoying the game they came to see.

I also like the laser video projected on waterfall / fountain idea.
There is a great example at the Amphitheater in Sydney Australia where I believe it is located out in the Bay, and projects onto a fountain that comes up out of the water. There are alot of creative ways to use it, depending on cost.

This one is probably too far fetched, but…
There might be applications for “memory cloth” that can be used to more cheaply provide solutions to a lighter weight retractable roof.

What if you had a giant “crown” looking skelton, that had the cloth panels in it, which closed when energized. There are advances in cloth that molecularly harden and even can become bulletproof.

Might be too far away, but HOK could explore applications.

BTW, I also think Negro Leagues Museum should be a given, and if the naming rights are not sold, I’d like to see it renamed “City of Fountains” Stadium, and lastly a broadcast pavilion like they do in the Superbowl Pregame etc. would be cool, and might attract more nationally televised games from ESPN/FOX.

I would like to see a faux building built up over the current left field Pavilon. You could have several stories of balconies for small groups of 10-25 and one large rooftop for a new “general admission” view and beer garden with plenty of railing space to view the game. I believe the youth would gravitate towards it and really enjoy the experience.

There would be a whole bunch of special events that could be centered around the “Royal High Rise” presented by “Sprint” — “Hallmark” or whomever.

this is what needs to be done.

NUMBER ONE. It absolutley blows my mind that the owner of this team will not put more money towords the players. If you were to walk up to every owner in all of baseball and see which one was the richest…THE OWNER OF ALL THE WALMARTS IN THE WORLD would come out on top by a large margin. Dig deep into your pockets.

NUMBER TWO. In the case of the 250 million dollars…Use about a million of it and get a paint job for the stadium so people think u did something…and take the rest of the 249 million dollars and buy back Carlos Beltran and Johnny Damon. THEN buy some talented players and some pitchers while u are at it.

…You all want a new stadium…but what good is a new stadium if the team that plays in it is CONSISTANTLY the worste team in baseball?? its NO good because people go to games NOT TO SEE A STADIUM…but to watch their hometown team play ball. And hopefully (NOT in the case of the royals) WIN.




FOR GODS SAKE put a hall’a’famer that LOVES THIS TEAM and goes to more games than the owner does on the bench SOMEWHERE.

EVERYONE wants George Brett as the skipper of this team. And i want him as the owner.

Check out the cool stuff this company does with water: http://www.pevnickdesign.com/index1.html – click on “videos” and imagine something like this only much, much larger showing logos, player names, the flag, or celebrating a homerun or a win(!)…

“widereceiver34”, there is 1 point that you are flat wrong on. Mr. Glass does not “own” Wal-Mart. He has been for several years the CEO. But as far as I’m aware, the “Walton Family” still owns the majority of shares. Last I heard, his (Glass’s) net worth was around 300 million.
George Brett has made it publicly known for years that he doesn’t want to manage the Royals, or any other team.

The $250 million comes from sales tax revenue, from Jackson County, and can only be spent for renovations to the Stadium that is in fact owned by the county, not the Royals. Damon and Beltran didn’t want to play in K.C., please get over it.

To answer your question what a renovated Kauffman does do for the team is provide added revenue from “suites” and other income producing opportunities, so that the team will make more money, so they will have more money to pay players with.

Being “realistic” here, it’s going to take some time to build a winning team.

I think a neat improvement would be a mock downtown skyline. If you’ve been to Las Vegas and seen the NY-NY casino, there is a mock skyline of NYC. Since Kaufman stadium is so far from downtown, it would be neat to incorporate the downtown look of many other ballparks. The “buildings” could have seating in them.

Gosh, I remember the days when we actually went to a game to watch baseball! Restaurants, playgrounds, miniature ball fields, batting cages, putt-putt golf courses… and people want more??? I just want a winning team – heck I’d take competitive for right now!

I like alot of the ideas that the team has come up with, i also like the idea of walkway behind the outfield wall, personally I would prefer the scoreboard to remain, to me it is the landmark of the stadium, and wondered if an LED video screen can be incorporated into it, I see alot of wasted space around the screen that is currently in it, making the sports complex “the place to be” no matter what time of year should also be considered, movie theaters, restaraunts, a couple bars, a Best Buy, throw in a mini golf/ go cart track in there, and you’ll have entertainment for everyone before and after the games. thanks, GO ROYALS!!!!

First, please keep what the purpose of this post is, suggestions for upgrades to the “K”, not a rip session on the Royals. If you’re a true Royals fan you know things are moving in the right direction with the hire of Mr. Moore. His trades have already impacted our minor league(and future major league) pitching. With the acquisitions, and the belief that Perez will turn it around, along with this years first year draft choice. When Zach and Runelvys get back the norm, we’ll have some very good pitching, and the offense is ready to take off with Butler and Gordon, along with the development of DeJesus and Teahan. When Sweeney gets back, we’ll be OK by the end of the year(we’ve been playing much better lately) and within in 2-3 years could be contenders.(Look at the Tigers)

Now the purpose of the post. What can be done to make the “K”‘s renovations better. I’ve been to the “K” over 50 times and too several ball parks. Some thoughts:

1) Keep the Royal shaped scoreboard in Center- a must!

2) Keep the jumbotron.

3) Have a larger Hall of Fame area for the great George Brett and for Muriel and Ewing Kauffman. Without Mr. and Mrs. K, there is no baseball in Kansas City. I actually like the bullpens being moved in and having seats behind the leftfield fountains. The new leftfield fun area and the kids “K” are great ideas- like Miller Park in Milwaukee. Definite need for larger and more bathrooms, concourses, and concession areas. I like a grand entrance to the “K” that is planned. That gives it a special feel like you’re entering something special. Keep the grass! I think a key for revenue besides all the anemities being mentioned is definitely more suites. Maybe run suites down the right field side in correlation with the left field side. I think they(The Royals and Chiefs, need to push for more development in their area. Areas like the Plaza. Intice restaurators, bar owners, malls, strip malls and businesses to invest and move out to the K area.

In closing- keep the faith. The Glass’ have finally realized that they need to give up control to a baseball person. The man that put the Royals championships together- John Schuerholz taught Dayton the game inside and out. He knows exactly what it is going to take and exactly how to do it. One more suggestion, please make George Brett more involved in the process, decision making, and marketing of the club. He is the greatest clutch player in the history of the game, and my idol! He IS the Royals. I would like the PR department to put a highlight video together of one, his career, and two, the highlights of the Royals over the years- especially when they began their championship climb in 1975(winning the division in 1976) through 1985. Also other stars since then- Bo, Brian McRae, etc…

Just random thoughts of the biggest Royal fan ever! Even named my son after George!

The Crown Scoreboard has to stay. Either gut the existing one and replace all the technology or make it even bigger if needed for the technology. Maybe multi-color lights around it (or Royal blue lights) instead of just the gold color lights. It’s perfect where it’s located now. I still get goose bumbs looking at it when I drive down I-70. The display does serve too many purposes at the moment. Keep it to the line score (the bottom 3rd of the screen) and the batting teams lineup (the top 2/3). Out of town scores/game updates need to be on a different screen somewhere. More ideas (and agreement with other ideas) to follow…

You have to put in ribbon scoreboards around the seat overhangs. The ribbon scoreboards in San Diego and St Louis are quite impressive and serve several purposes. In San Diego, each time Jake Peavy struck a batter out, the song “Another one bites the dust” would play and a flaming K would shoot across the ribbon scoreboards (all the way from one end of the stadium to the other). In Colorado, I remember something similar at Coors when they brought they’re closer in to the game. In St Louis, they used one of the overhang scoreboards to display text messages people could send for a small charge. When not being used for things like that, the things displayed are pretty much the same as we have now (strikes, balls, outs, etc.).. and ADVERTISING$!$!$!$.
Like others I believe these are a “must-add” to the stadium.

A new videoboard to replace the jumbotron. I like the jumbotron location. Put something bigger and more high-tech in to replace it. I like what it’s used for now (hot-dog races, highlights, pic of the current batter, stats, etc.). Just make it bigger and better. I wouldn’t be opposed to moving it over to the right field side, but the glare from the sun may cause a problem. There also has to be a new videoboard somewhere for out of town scores/game updates. I scoreboard watch while I’m at games so it should be put where as many as possible can see it.

Additonal outfield seating. Definitely! Another poster mentioned the bullpens in St Louis – I like how those are set up too. Then you can add additional seating behind the bullpens. I’m not a big fan of the bullpens in foul territory. If you move the fountain displays back a little ways, you can put in seating undeneath/around the scoreboard and video boards where we have a grassy area now. As suggested earlier by another poster, you could have a walkway type area behind the outfield fence where people could watch the game. You’ll need all of these seats come home run derby time when the all-star game is in town.

1) Keep the crest shaped scoreboard. 2) If a facade is placed around the stadium ignore the temptation to copy Camden Yards, Busch Stadium, Coors Field, etc. Rather, go with more of an art deco theme consistent with great K.C. architecture. 3) I like the feel of the columns supporting the outfield lights–those should be wrapped around to align with the foul poles and jazzed up a bit. 4) The new video board should not only be viewed from inside the stadium, but also include a closed-circuit broadcast of the game viewable from I-70. It could display still images of the Royals history when no game is being played. 5) Why bullpens in foul ground? Can’t the be moved behind the centerfield wall or other outfield location similar to that of Camden Yards? 6) The new restaurants/bars in the outfield ought to be multi-level to give the “sense” that The K is in a false city/downtown environment. It would also help with the visual appeal of the buildings. 7) Please don’t put a large circus tent beyond centerfield. If the new pavillion looks anything like the one currently at Arrowhead it should NOT be constructed. 8) Make every effort to have the restaurants and bars open all year. 9) Consider re-engineering a portion of the streets into the complex to resemble more of a typical street scene for easy access to the new restaurants and bars when the team isn’t playing. 10) Traffic signals at the major intersections into the complex from Blue Ridge Cutoff, etc. — probably not used with a crowd of 40,000, but how often does that happen? 11) Enable fans to walk on field level behind the outfield fence with a view of the game. Doesn’t Comisky Park have something similar?

We need some mass transit to the stadiums. I know the teams get a lot of their revenue sources from the outrageous parking prices, but if KC is to be taken seriously as a “major league” sports town, it needs mass transit to its stadiums. The Royals Express is nice, but its simply a start. We need a rail system that connects the Truman Sports Complex to downtown, going down to Crown Center and the Plaza.

A new stadium? Wow? It will be the fanciest venue I’ve ever seen for a Double-A ball team!

Can’t Mr Glass sell some WalMart stock and pay for some real players. It still amazes me how much y’all overpaid for Reggie Sanders and Mark Grudzelanik.

Good luck!!

I would like to move the bullpens onto the playing field. I always felt one of the great advantages of places like Wrigley Field (and even Municipal Stadium in KC) was the ability to watch the pitchers warm up in the bullpen, see how they are throwing, and see if they are ready to enter the game. This is impossible with bullpens behind the fence.

I like the idea of some type of grand entrance to the stadium.

I also like the idea of a new scoreboard retaining the unique crown shape. It is always special to drive past the stadium on I-70 and see the huge KC emblem on the back of the scoreboard.

Have the Royals and Chiefs examined the possibility of developing the area between the stadiums with restaurants and shops that could be open year-round?

I like the idea of putting the parking lot area between Kauffman and Arrowhead an area with shops and other stores and places where you could eat. It could look something like this: A[ ]K If you can see what I’m talking about you could have the shops on the Kauffman side have blue accents and use blue for painting things. On the Arrowhead side you could have red painted accents. You could put a giant fountain in the middle. The shops and restraunts could be open all year round. As for shops and eats, you could have some BBQ restraunts and maybe some big shops for Chiefs and Royals merchandise. I would want to see a big Krispy Kreme so that if the Royals got a dozen hits, you could just go pick up your doughnuts to eat them on the ride home and once the Royals get to 10 or 11 hits you start to taste those doughnuts but what if they didn’t get the dozen hits. You could stop by on your way out and satisfy that craving. Or maybe the Royals got shut out. You could get some doughnuts to make you feel better. Anyways, I think there is too much concrete. If they could make that look more modern that would be really nice.

I would like to see the seats larger or spread them apart more from the next. I don’t enjoy being shoulder to shoulder to my friends and family no matter how much I like them. Also make a bench or cupholder/bench between seats for a place to sit things while eating and watching the game.

I too wanted nothing more than to see baseball return to downtown Kansas City. But, that arguement is lost.
I think it would be great to see a annex of the negro league baseball museum at the renovated K. Perhaps one that specifically recognizes the history of the greatest baseball team to ever play in KC: the Monarchs.

When Kauffman Stadium (Royals Stadium) was originally built, it looked unlike any other stadum in MLB. Fast forward 35 years, and there STILL is no other stadium that looks like it. (for argument’s sake, Dodger Stadium is kind of similar)

With that in mind, please make the renovations look like they fit with the current stadium, and don’t try to mimic the “neo-retro” look that every other cookie-cutter park has now (Brick, criss-cross steel bars, square angles, retro signage, etc.)

Kauffman is a curvy, modern-looking stadium with a smooth, curved look.

I hope you keep that in mind with these renovations. Let’s keep Kauffman DIFFERENT from all the other stadiums.

Also, I don’t know why there would need to be an amphitheatre…how about luring more business and activity to the area? 35 years in the same location, and yet there are NO restaurants or shopping (or anything fun to do) within walking distance? (Denny’s and Taco Bell do NOT count)

Adding a Negro League souvenir and history area would be GREAT (along with statue of Buck O’Neil)

Finally…How about adding “Chewie’s Lemonade Hut”? LEMONADE LEMONADE LEMONADE….WHOOOO!:)

Oh, more thing…

How about a big hanging crown in the entrance area?

Something that harkens back to the big giant crowns that were in downtown KC at Christmastime?

In my opinion, the best things about going to a Royals game are being with family and to see a win. Somewhere up there is watching big hits and trying to catch pop flys.

That said, one of my biggest disappointments since first coming to the stadium as a small boy almost 30 years ago occurred when I purchased what I thought were premium seats for my daughters to attend their first game there.

When we arrived at our seats, probably in what is called the “dugout plaza” on the first base side, I realized that we would be sitting practically indoors. The floor of the level above serves as a roof, with the effect being something like sitting in a damp, crowded garage. The worst part was not being able to follow the full flight of hits or having any chance to catch them. In fact, next time I’m at the K I intend to learn specifically what rows those seats are so I won’t make the same mistake again.

So, maybe this idea isn’t new but many fans (or voters, or both) don’t want a roof over their stadiums, and the owner sounds like he wants more luxury suites… solution? Replace the garage seats with luxury suites, widen the concourse around there and add concessions.

Also, how about a half dozen donuts after six Royals hits and a Krispy Kreme store at or near the K? Anyone? Anyone?

Go Royals!

Make the grand entrance, but make it even more grand. All the real great baseball stadiums have had facades around them. You put up a nice looking wall that rings around the park and the whole feel of the outside will be changed to something similar to the old Yankee Stadium (pre-1974) or the Polo Grounds. What will we do with those awesome Royals Hall of Fame tapestries we have up, you ask? Well you just put them up on the facade, or you do some painted murals on the fine brick, concrete, or limestone you have on the outside. Just try and tell me that wouldn’t look cooler than those **** loops in plain sight.

I grew up in Royals Stadium and I’m not going to gripe about a Downtown stadium.

Now, my only comment (I didn’t read all the above so I’m sorry if I repeat) is that the improvements recognize KC Royals, A’s, and Monarch achievements somehow, someway.

In Atlanta, where they knocked down Fulton County Stadium, the recongize Hank Aaron’s HR record with a memorial in the parking lot. As a fan, I appreciated that.


I always irritated me when I had children in diapers that there were no changing stations in the men’s restrooms. I had to put the kids on the floor to change their diapers. For goodness sake, get with the modern world and get some changing stations in the mens rooms.

Do NOT get rid of the bullpens!!!!!
i know you guys want to add more seats, but why add more when you have like 20,000 open seats a day????

Why not have a buck oneal night where we give him a statue, we have statues for brett and others…why not bucky?

I love the idea of moving the bullpens to a more traditional location…..right now the only people who can see who’s warming up is the people in the three rows next to the wall in the old GA. I think moving the fan walk area as close to the outfield fence as possible (like in Baltimore for example) is a great idea…it’s awesome to be able to just walk up and look out over the outfield. Another nice feature of Camden Yards is the self service order kiosk’s they have at some of the concessions stands…very handy. And how about cup holders at ALL of the seats. I would also like to see some LCD screens in the fanwalk area with player and team stats that are current with the game, not just score etc. TABLES TABLES TABLES AND MORE TABLES to set and eat at. Where you can actually see the field. Maybe a fountain outside of the main entrance in the shape of the scoreboard or something with the KC logo. I’m really excited to get moving on this…GO ROYALS!!!

Why not get some up to date music played between pitches and innings? The organ is cool and all, but it really does not keep the energy of the game moving along. To me it almost signifies mediocrity or a boring, drab, ho-hum feel. Get, and keep, the fans jacked-up, or at least awake, with some really good tunes, new, old, rock, rap, whatever. I think that could help ignite the fans as well as the players, on occasion.

On the same note, don’t just show Slugger on the video-board or a pair of hands beginning to clap stating “get loud”, ANNOUNCE IT with authority accompanied by some creative, kick-butt audio. I don’t know, get creative and keep people engaged. Intriguing music/audio, if not the play on the field, can do that.

Finally, how about mixing-up the activities and “games” you play on the video board as well. Do not do the same thing over and over every game, that get’s boring and repetitive. Mix it up.

I know that these thing seem like small potatoes when considering what to do with the concourses, etc., but if it is an atmosphere and an enviornment you want people to be excited about, this is one sure, and fairly in-expensive, way to do it. (Hint)the Chiefs do it pretty well and they have not been that great…

I would love to see the bullpens moved to the sidelines and restaraunts put in the present locale that are semi-open (screened)to the field, like the right field fence in SF. But instead of a walk in site, you could sit down and get a meal as well.

Here’s an idea about building a new stadium: DON’T. The current one is beautiful, one of the most beautiful in all of major league baseball. Maybe it needs some repairs; they can’t possibly be more expensive then building a new stadium. Put it downtown and it will revitalize downtown? I can’t believe there are people who seriously believe this. Where downtown? Downtown has serious problems. Moving a baseball team there won’t fix them. Baseball and the downtown are should have to make it or break it on their own. That they need taxpayer subsidization is nonsense. I am a business owner. If things aren’t going well for me, can I get some taxpayer help?
Here’s another idea. Cut the cost of concessions in half. People would buy far more of everything then they do now and you would probably come out ahead. At the very least, don’t change more than a dollar for bottled water. Charging more than that is just wrong.

I think it would be great if they could somehow copy old wrigley field in Chicago and replace the fences with brick and cover them in vines then build around the outside of the park in the outfield area apartments or commercial buildings with balconies overlooking the field. Maybe plant some trees on each side of the scoreboard and in the grassy areas to create shade and allow fans to picnic while watching the games.

PLEASE don’t move the bullpens. Why not just build over them? Tradition has to count for something…

Just a quick note to all of you who still think their is a debate over where the stadium should be. PAY ATTENTION!! We are refurbishing Kauffman Stadium not building a new one. GET OVER IT!!! GO ROYALS!!

Ok. Cup holders, Hall of Fame, bullpens, a big entry, brick walls, ivy, whatever.
Here’s my opinion: When I’m at the stadium, I should be at… a baseball game. No matter where I am or what I’m doing, I should ~feel~ like I’m attending a baseball game. Not a mall food court, not Dave & Busters, not by the fountains on the Plaza. A baseball game. I should be able to walk around the park with my scorebook and not miss a play. In fact, if I can’t see the play with my own eyes, I should be able to experience it BETTER than with my own eyes. Take care of THAT, and whatever you do will be great.

First of all, I love Kauffman Stadium! It is one of the only stadiums that was built during its era and still stands up as a great baseball venue. I’m glad the team is not moving – to a new city or downtown. The important thing about this renovation is to make Kauffman a great place to host the All-Star game, the playoffs, and a World Series. Museums, both Royals and Monarchs, are a great way to bring a sense of history into the ballpark. I think the most worthwhile part of this renovation will be the wider concourses. There should be room for eating areas, seperate vendors, and hoards of fans in the concourse area. I spent a 2 hour rain dealy under the stands on the concourse at Fenway Park with plenty or room. I’d like to suggest bringing GA down from the upper level. When I was a kid I have great memories of showing up early just to get great GA seats on the left field line. Citizen’s Bank ballpark in Philadelphia has many famous local foods (Philly Cheesesteaks) back behind the left field stands. In the new areas in Kauffman, perhaps we could involve many KC favorites (BBQ, Steak, etc.). I think the Stadium Club should be the only restaurant with fieldside location, but the others should have views of the field. The renovations need to be very family oriented with places for slides, sandboxes, and others. I also think that near this area there should be a “Family” seating section where there can be no alcohol at all. Fenway has 2 sections that are alcohol-free. A great way to keep Moms from lamenting that the K is no longer family friendly. My last advice is to keep the spirit of the original K alive. If we can still see the original design, you’ve done a great job. I’m proud to be a true blue Royals Fan!

Keep the crown scoreboard as a tribute to Mr. K. I understand that there is going to a new hi-def scoreboard to replace the current one. Kinda like what Busch Stadium is doing. They kept their scoreboard and hung it up in the concourse area. Maybe we can install it somewhere in the outfield area where are the new attractions are going to be. I’d hate to see it go. After all, that was the symbol of Kauffman Stadium for 35 years.

Here you go , I have been to 7 or 8 other parks in the last couple of years , and aside from sentamental value of team history , here are my suggested features. The grand entrance ,Anahiem, Detroit, . More roomy souvenir shops . More contemorary style eats and drinks should be available .Get sponsorship from an energy drink like Rockstar or Monster etc. Lets get some cheerleaders like Cicinnati ,thats big. More theme nights of upcoming movie releases or guest celebrity nights. There needs to be a definite concern for retail and commerce in general for the stadiums surroundings. PLEASE DONT REPLACE THE SCORBOARD SHAPE! One final suggestion , to anyone who might want there to be child care so you dont have to sit next to a kid , COME ON!!! Were you never a kid yourself ? How else do we raise those life long Royals fans? I am happy to see these canges coming , but the first money we spend needs to pay for Buddy Bell to get a new personality.

I like Kauffman Stadium, and think it is still one of the most beautiful ballparks. I like that the Royals have gone to several other ballparks to cherry pick the best features.

However, I really want the new Kauffman Stadium to have a “Kansas City” feel and vibe to it.

Since there will be a concert venue at the park, it would be cool if the Royals had a house band. A jazz band with a killer horn section (The Royal Blues?) could play in front or after games to make game days more of a party atmosphere. It would also pay homage to Kansas City’s jazz heritage, and would tie into the 18th & Vine District (both the Negro Leagues and the Jazz museum).

Kansas City is also famous for barbeque. I would like a BBQ restaurant (Roy&Al’s ?) that would have a signature BBQ that you can’t get anywhere else. It would be great if it could compete with Gates and Bryants for it’s own fan base.

Architectual touches may include: copying the art sculptures over Bartle Hall on a smaller scale; a bull riding sculpture as a tip of the hat to the American Royal; adjuncts to the Royals Hall of Fame for the KC Monarchs and the KC Blues (the minor league team KC had for years). If I have forgot some other KC landmark, please someone include it.

I think the biggest problem with the initial proposal put out by the team is it seemed like they were almost trying too hard to justify spending $250 mil on a renevation, which is hard to do, considering you can build a new one for not too much more. The problem is, it’s hard to increase income at the current location without the team improving, but that’s another story for another time.

Like many have said, moving the bullpens is just a dumb idea. If anything put both bullpens in the right field bullpen, perhaps widen it a bit so pitchers can warm up parallel to the outfield wall and make it tiered, like almost all the new ballparks, so everyone can see the bullpen. I’m also in favor of making the right field water spectactular even more spectacular. The old display, while beautiful and essential to the experience, needs a little more jazzing up for the 21st century. Maybe make it be able to throw up a wall of mist that huge messages could be projected on for a homerun or a win, etc.

Like everyone has said, the current scoreboard has to stay, but just make it one big video board. I really don’t like the ribbon board around the fascade of the upper and/or club levels, but it looks like that decision has already been made for next year. It takes away from the clean look of the stadium and clutters it with more in your face advertising (which is why, I’m sure the decision has already been made to add it).

Whatever you do, don’t tamper too much with the look of the outfield, which was the main reason for saving Kauffman, other than the seating bowl.

Since we know that replacing the scoreboard is basically a done deal….I say take the old one and use it as part of the new grand entrance or incorporate it into one of the new buildings or resturaunts. Just don’t tear it down….that has been the identity of out city for over 30 years…let’s keep it that way. GO ROYALS!!

This is more of a two point suggestion, the first one being to change the name from the Kansas City Royals to the Kansas City Motions, which is short for the Kansas City Going Through The Motions. Secondly, I think that we should change the name of the stadium, and I have a few suggestions; Ho Hum Yard, Mediocrity Yard, Lackluster Stadium, Run Of The Mill Dome. Also, I’d like some of the players to change their names, such as Substandard Sweeney or Mike Ouch My Back, “Average” Angel Berroa, Lackluster Luke Hudson, Below Averae Brown, Mark “Run Of The Mill” Redman, “Garden-Variey” Grudzelanek, Simple Sisco, Subpar Shealy, Senile Senior Sanders, Deadbeat DeJesus, Gentle Joey Gathright, Born Loser Burgos, and David “No Class” Glass. GO ROYALS!!

This is pretty subtle, but I would have a quiet area you could go to that is designated for cell phone use, almost a return of the phone booth, but you use your own cell phone. This would help “businessman’s special” day game clientele.

Moreover, you could get it sponsored by Sprint, Cingular, etc. It is very difficult to hear a conversation in the ballpark.

I recently visited Turner Field in Atlanta for a Braves Natinals game. The fans at Turner Field enjoy seeing instant replays and entertainment on the largest outdoor television in the world at 100 feet wide in high definition. This made the analog signal of the small Royals-vision at Kaufmann look like a joke. Spending $250 million on stadium renovations when building a beautiful new Busch stadium in St Louis was $360 million is a very tough pill to swallow. Not to mention the missed chance at further revitalization of downtown KC and a boost of local economy with entertainment venues downtown both before and after games is very frustrating as well. Not much we can do about that now. I guess I’ll make the best of what we create at Kaufmann.

Again I’ll say this….QUIT WHINING ABOUT THE STADIUM NOT BEING DOWNTOWN!! Do you people realize that when you go to a baseball game you are actually going to see a baseball game? I’ve been to games in cities that have downtown ballparks…from what I saw there was still a baseball game going on whether there was a highway just past the outfield fence or a city street. Enjoy the game and have a meal and a drink before or after the game in one of the new resturaunts we will have IN the stadium. I am excited to see what our already beautiful stadium will be like with some improvements. The people who keep saying we should tear it down are probably the same ones who said we should have torn down Union Station too. What is wrong with preserving our past? GO ROYALS!!

I attended the Royals @ Cards series in STL back in June/July. The one and only thing I found impressive about the new stadium was what Kauffman needs most: the area around the OUTSIDE of the stadium was very nice. Huge concourses, lots of concessions, I ran down from my seat to grab a beer and some food a few different times. I never missed a pitch because the lines were never more than 2-3 people deep and when I had to find a restroom there was plenty of room to walk to one and no line in the restroom either. If you’re going to do all that fancy stuff in the outfield and improve amenities, I’m all for it. But don’t short the fans on the wider concourses and numerous concessions, which all add up to SHORTER LINES and EASIER WALKING so that we can watch more of the game-remember that is why we are there.

Nothing at the K is at the actual field level except the super expensive crown seats and dugout sweets. What if a walkway was created from the left field seats to the right field seats on the actual field level. The wall could be replaced with a translucent plexiglass or a fence (like at U.S. Cellular). You could dig out underneath the grassy knolls and fountains and install concessions, batting cages, maybe a video game arcade, etc. That would give people incentive to go down there, and it would also offer a unique perspective of the field.

I really like the video walls like they have in Toronto where they show updates for games in progress on a full color video wall. What I don’t like is the idea of the crown scoreboard being able to rotate to face I-70. There is something majestic and captivating about driving by the stadium and seeing the giant Royals logo facing you. Don’t cheapen it by turning it around to advertise different things. I also think the idea of building an amplitheater back behind the stadium is rediculous. Who do you think you are going to get to go there instead of Verizon Wireless Amplitheater.

I like the idea of cup holders in all seats.Straws would be great.Maybe places to eat in the upper level.But please do not raise prices.Coke and peanut 10.00 please.Maybe in ny or chi town but kc.A winner on the field would be nice too .

Just my two cents:

Don’t put the bullpens along the foul lines. I hate stadiums like that. Stack them like in Colorado or Baltimore, or Anaheim (also a renovated stadium, which for a dump of a stadium, they made it kinda nice).

Or do like the Padres did: they have thier own, nice, covered bullpen behind the centerfield wall, and then the visitors have to have some little bench down the foul line in foul territory.

I love it! Like they’re trying to rub it in their opponents’ faces! “We have this nice bullpen; here, have a stool & sit out in the sun, buddy. Watch out for line drives (and harassing fans!).”

Also, I REALLY like the idea of a big, main, grand entrance. Anaheim has one too, and it’s pretty neat. Two big, red Angels helmets that they light up at night with two gargantuan bats crossed behind it. Kinda imposing when you walk in to a sea of red-clad Angels fans wearing the opposing team’s colors.

Another really cool idea: add a big stone wall facade that surrounds the stadium, kinda like that dump in the Bronx.

I love the stadium and everytime I’m in KC, I go to a game. I’ve been to BOB in Phoenix and the seating was terrible. The seats were at an angle and it was very uncomfortable to watch the game. Also too hot!!! Keep the crown scoreboard. Keep the fountains, make them bigger, add color. When I see the stadium on TV I’m reminded of home. The grass–I turned on the TV earlier this season and there was a different pattern and I thought what have they done!! The K is a gem and also better than Dodger stadium. There should me more than 1 big gift shop. I agree that a bottle of cold water should cost a buck. Food and drink is so overpriced. I think there should be a few games where parking is free. Might generate more fans at the game. Add some color to the cement ramps, and to the outer walls. I like the ribbon score boards. I have vision problems and it’s often easier to see the ribbon than the stats on the big scoreboard. What’s the deal with the truck in left field? Our Penant and World Series flags should be more prominant. No roof over the stadium. Part of the pleasure is sitting outside and enjoying the game with friends. I also being able to look out at the the expansive view. Please don’t enclose the stadium. I’ve been to Anaheim and the entrance reminds me of Disneyland. Perhaps there should be a lake at the stadium like there is at the airport. Do something to improve the areas before you get to the parking booth. Plant some flowers and trees. I like the idea of “The City of Fountains” under the big scoreboard. Do not have a rotating crown scoreboard. The people driving don’t need the distraction. Make the Royals “museum” a museum that a person could walk around and enjoy. Add items from our baseball past. Have the museum outside the stadium so that you could also visit on a non game day. I’m a Royals’ fan from day one in Municipal Stadium and will continue to root for my team rain or shine!

What ever you do please do not make the seats in the renovated park smaller. I have been to parks that you have to be nothing but a bean pole to be comfortable in their seats. I refuse to go to a park that I can’t be comfortable in. I am an average sized person and I should be able to be comfortable in a seat for nine innings. The seats in the K are perfect like they are. I would replace the scoreboard with a new full color screen but still keep the shape of the one we have. Do not ruin the knolls and fountains by digging them up and putting junk down there. It might make money but are you running a ball team or an amusement park. We already have Worlds of Fun we don’t need it at the K.

It would be nice to have some restaurants in the outfields, and around the stadium that the field would be visible from. And that “every day” people with their families could use, it wouldn’t be so high dollar and you wouldn’t need a special “club membership” of some kind to get in. We go to several games throughout the season – evevn when they’re not winning, and it would be nice to have chairs that give you enough room that you don’t have to sit sideways. Chairs that you could actually take a drink or eat your hotdog without jabbing the person next to you in the mouth or ribs. Maybe concessions on the outside of the park for those that show up early, but don’t necessarily want to bring their own food after work and tailgate. More room on the concourse, it’s very crowded. Update the restrooms. Stairs that aren’t so steep – not everyone has great knees and therefore have avoid the lower levels. Please keep the fountains – add more – Make it something you can’t take your eyes off of, maybe adding a garden on top or behind the fountains or flowers around and in the park. I can’t be in the sun or heat, so the overhangs over some of the seating is great, it helps make it somewhat cooler. Keep the Little K for the samll kids – it’s cute and a lot of fun to watch them. Guess the bullpens should be wherever the players are comfortable and whatever makes the “pitch” better. Leave that to the players. Thanks for the opportunity to voice an opinion and we’re glad it’s staying where it is and not going downtown.

We all realize you go to see the game and I don’t think anyone is “WHINING ABOUT THE STADIUM NOT BEING DOWNTOWN.” It’s just sad to see first-hand the mindset of “you people” who voted to publicly finance 91% of the $287.5 million going to Kaufmann Stadium, while we the citizens get no real return benefit like a positive impact on our economy! Sure, we’ll get some aesthetic and convenience improvements to our 33-year-old stadium, but all the extra dollars you spend at the 100 new concession stands, the Fan Zones, and the “new restaurants we will have IN the stadium” go straight into the pockets of the Royals.

Watch this video http://www.powerandlightdistrict.com/Website/PLdistrict.mov and tell me you’d rather eat at a little restaurant inside the K before or after the game than eat and drink at KC Live where you could walk to and from a modern, brand-new stadium?!

And you’re right, whether the stadium is in a revitalized downtown or a stagnant interstate junction doesn’t change the fact that a baseball game is being played on the field. But neither do the number of restrooms, width of a concourse, or seats behind a fountain!

And what was that about Union Station?

So get excited all you want about what our beautiful stadium will look like with some improvements, or take a look around the league at what other cities are getting and what they’re putting in vs. what the teams put in. Go to http://www.ballparks.com and click on American, future or National, future on the left side to educate yourself a little bit.

Royals Fans from Kearney, NE…We are coming there this weekend to see the Royals beat the Sox this Sunday. It is my son’s birthday on September 4th and daughter’s birthday on the 9th. They wanted to go to Kansas City instead of Denver. As a fan from Nebraska that has seen many ballparks(including Fenway last year) I think the K is so quick and easy to get in to and out of as a fan traveling from out of state. It’s GREAT! It also has a very beautiful atmosphere and I am looking forward to some how take them there for the all star game festivities when they come next. Looking forward to a GREAT Labor Day weekend in KC this weekend with my family. Thanks, Royals!!!!-Mike.

I think the bullpens should be placed beyond the outfield fence rather then on the field. A double decker theme like Camden Yards in Baltimore, or placing them behind the fountains in left and right field. I would like to see a walk a fame similiar to Detroits, where the statues of Brett, and White and other KC greats are displayed. Also have the retired numbers done in stone and placed in the grass below the jumbo tron in Center field.

Neither of my two suggestions are money generators, but I think they’ll add to the beauty and mystique of the stadium.

One, plese keep the size and shape of the current scoreboard. It’s iconic in this town. Make the whole thing an HD screen, but DO NOT attach screens to the sides. This will ruin the clean symmetry of the view past the walls.

My other suggestion could really bring some positive attention from around the country. Drop the idea of the “Fountain Seats.” Adding more seats to a stadium that doesn’t sell out, while maybe selling better than the upperdeck, still seems silly. Instead with the Jumbotron gone it would be great to develop the fountains on the left of the scoreboard to match the fountains on the right. Then put in new fountains which are programmed like Union Station or the Belagio. To see a true water spectacular that spans from one dugout to the other would be a great show.

I have been to 19 different major league stadiums over the past 40 years and Royals/Kauffman Stadium still holds its own against the newest and oldest stadiums in baseball. It is the first of the new generation of modern baseball only parks. And while I love the downtown parks, much can be said for Royals/Kauffman Stadium unique Mid-western wide open spaces with plenty of parking and a view of one of America’s major highways as a symbol of Kansas City’s routes as a transportation hub. A downtown stadium strategically placed near the Jazz district, Arthur Bryant’s and the Sprint Center would have created a “Beal Street” feel to another portion of downtown, but I still love what we have.

My best memories of Royals Stadium, besides Division, League and World Championships, are of sitting out in GA with a large group of friends and spending the money we saved on tickets on refreshments and food. The Royals need to bring back some form of low priced GA/Bleacher Seats that are relatively close to the action with a loud and boisterous crowd like we had during the glory years of the ’70s and ’80s. I recommend putting true bleacher seats in for the “Fountain Seats”. Make the Left Field area a more grown up area with a bar and restaurant area like they have in Jacobs Field center field area.

The Fountain/Bleacher Seats in Left should have spray misters to keep the crowd relatively cool and an occasional large burst of water on hot days could come from a strategically placed nozzle in the fountain to cool off the fans like the players have done in the past from the hoses in the bullpen. Fans could start a tradition of bringing umbrellas/ponchos to keep themselves dry. A siren/warning signal could sound around 30 seconds before the water would spray on the section from the fountain.

Right Field should stay as the Family area with low price ticket options for Families, Family/Kid Friendly concession concepts that have better views of the play on the field than they have now with maybe an “upper deck” seating area for the concessions for families eating meals.

With respect to the rest of the stadium, I like having the bullpens in the outfield instead of more seats, consider replacing the Stadium Club with either more luxury boxes or turn it into a truly accessible place for all fans all of the time, and keep the Hy-Vee seats as another low cost alternative for fans and future fans. The net/net of the whole deal is that a winning product on the field will fix everything for the Royals and I truly believe they are headed in the right direction.

DO NOT change the dimensions of the field!!!

i think you should leave the stadium like it is what do think the kauffmans would say if they knew your changeing it.

Build some seating on top of the scoreboard, with an elevator going up to it and attendants serving the people up there.

I have to agree with others here, get rid of Volume Services, or whoever the current Concession company is!
Now as far as changes…

I’m wondering if the stadium really needs that many MORE seats, instead, improve the seating that’s there. Maybe include a radio transmitter for inside the park thats hooked in on the Royals Radio Network, for those of us who bring radios to the park.

I wonder though if we aren’t all missing the big picture here. It’s BASEBALL folks! Yes it’s entertainment, but if there are too many changes for various non-baseball activities, I think it will take away from the game itself!

Is a Pavillion for concerts necessary?? Isn’t that the job of the new Sprint Center, and the Verizon Amphitheater?? Dining and shopping should be handled by the Downtown entertainment district….

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying a few restaurants wouldn’t help, but I think widening the concourses, and improving the concessions should be the #1 priority. As I recall, the greatest pride that Muriel Kauffman had regarding the stadium was, “there’s not a bad seat in the house” It all had to do with the view of the field!

“Kwbullshark” Mr. & Mrs. Kauffman were not old one way fogies, they were VERY progressive people. I doubt they would oppose major renovations, but they would oppose the idea of turning Kauffman Stadium into a mini Disney World! The other thing they were proud of was keeping the expierience at a price where the average family could afford to go to the ballpark, and not have to break the bank to sit in a decent seat. The Royals really need to re-evaluate their pricing. You can’t compare K.C. to say Anaheim, A 250K house in Overland Park is over a Million on the west coast. Salaries tend to follow the same suit. Unfairly, player salaries do not follow this formula….. but there is revenue sharing to help offset this! Actually, until this team starts to have “over .500” seasons with some regularity, the price of the best seat in the house shouldn’t be over $20.00 for walk up! That should be based on the previous years team production.

I would agree with a light rail system, to connect the downtown, and other venues with the ballpark, but this is a separate issue that has been voted down before… However, this may be something that the Royals will want to plan for in the renovations so that if a light rail system ever does come to fruition, there would be a place for the fans to dis-embark. In the meantime use it for Busses to load and unload.

RE: Bringing the Fences in:

In a recent interview with Buddy Bell he says:

One side effect, as Bell pointed out, is that wide-open spaces could keep a free-agent power hitter from signing with the Royals.

“When you have a spacious outfield, sometimes it limits your options as far as people you get and the way you draft,” Bell said.

“Yeah, a power hitter might be scared away. A good pitcher might be attracted”.

I’m no expert, but it seems to me that the Royals are developing pitching now in the minor leagues, and it’s been hard for the Royals to keep power hitters, in recent history. Wouldn’t it be logical to bring in the Center Field to say 400 to 405, and leave the corners where they are?

Just a thought!:-)

i tink you should build seats by the water fontains and you should build a blue monster enstead of the green monster but keep the fountains and you should have world series nigts where you get the players from the 1985 world series champs and have them give out autto graphs and let them meet there fans.

first thing i would do is enclose the front facade.i would blend brick,limestone,steel,and glass for a modernized retro look.please no midcentury architechture!next i would create a grand entrance i would incorporate a fountain. giant murils of a few players would incompace a new rampway to replace the concrete spirals.also i would put a deck on top of the new facade lined with various vendors,and a picnic area.next i would cut off several rows from the top deck add a new cover over the top be sure to leave notches for acouple of high party decks and new signature light towers.bring the club seating,and concorse on around to the foul poles.put the bullpens in left center field stacked.add new h.d.videoboard in the outfield like the one in atlanta.with other scoreboards,and advertisements around it.leave the fountains alone.build all the resturaunts,and bars that you have already planned for the outfields just make sure they are not to far away from the field.also dont forget to add the little touches of personality.i think naming rights should be heavily considered to help burden the cost.and if i had to choose one ballpark to say i like right now it would be the new mets ballpark due to open in 2009 or 2010.not enough time to enter all my ideas in detail but i hope this will help.please respond.

Let me first say what an enjoyable time we have had at Kauffman the past two years. The stadium is unique in design and the location is fantastic. A few simple changes would be nice.Lets widen the concourses and improve the restrooms. A new scoreboard keeping the crown however.A few improvements to concessions more choices and a restaurant perhaps.Leave the seating as is do not move the fences in don’t become another cheesy launching pad the bullpens fine where they are currently at.Take it from someone who has been to the new Busch many times just say no to text messaging another annoying thing that has no place at the ballpark. If they must let them send their messages to one another on their phones. The rest of us don’t care about their personal messages.Please keep the Friday night fireworks these are second to none.You already have the crown jewel of stadiums just freshen up a few things don’t go overboard with the gimmicks.

A miniture science “exhibit” for kids, demonstrating the physics of the game. Cupholders in the upper decks.
Move the Dodge Truck closer to the field. More TV monitors. Cups with lids. Fewer urinal “troughs”. No smoking – period.

erect a gigantic ****

If the stadium is built, how much of an impact do you think it will have on the team’s performance, knowing that they are going to be playing in one of the newest, and maybe nicest stadiums in the Major Leagues? Will the payroll increase, will they be able to bring in more big name players? Will their farm system develop better, and become a strength of their team, knowing that they have multiple, exceptional prospects in the minor league ready for the majors at any time?

Do whatever you want to the staduim, quit getting rid of the worthwhile players. I don’t see sweeny, dejesus, buck staying around if other teams want to pick them up. Not that they don’t want to play here, but no one wants to lose all the time.

I will never forget my tour at the old Busch stadium in St. Louis. The Card’s historic display area had a “Cooperstown” vibe, and the history was presented in such a way that you could’nt help but feel the pride they had in their rich history, and for a moment, I become a Cards fan.

We must make sure that the Royals hall of fame does the same thing. We need to create our own “Coopertstown” vibe. It can not appear to be a second rate or small market display.

We have a proud history in so many ways, and we need to show every visitor this history in a way that will make them feel our pride and become a Royals fan regardless of their favorite team or hometown.

A high quality historic area in the “K” will also create a legacy of pride for the longtime Royals fan and Kansas City resident.

Like the Cards hall of fame, our’s should be a place that will offer off-season and non-homestand tours to groups and tourists.

It would also be a big P.R. tool for the Royals. Imagine, it would likely provide the “bumper shot” for TV Royals games, and of course, for our near future national presence in the play-off’s and the 2010 World Series!

I’d like to see a new Jumbo-tron be that is much bigger. Everyone likes to see a good view of replays and the corny games. I’d also like to see the Royals “Crown Screen” be upgraded. seats behind the outfield would be nice, but, i think the Royals need to consistently play well enough to fill them. I agree with an earlier comment, that cup-holders should be added to the outfield levels. I like the idea for a nice food court, but the the circular shape looks like it could get very congested. Getting rid of the outfield bullpens is a bad idea. They are fine just the way they are. Last, but not least, don’t congest the ballpark with alot of junk like you see at most of these new ballparks. You don’t need more things to detract from the main event which is baseball.

One of the features that always made Kauffman unique is the grass hills that elevate beyond the outfield wall. I think the new designs should emphasize this signature trademark even more. Most of the new ballparks are loaded with gimmicks “Hit it Here signs”.. Swimming Pools, Waterslides..Choo Choo trains etc. I really enjoy the natural toned down look. I think removing the bullpens is a great idea….So long as they add some hills and shrubs and trees. Get rid of the rotating Trucks and the Watson’s tub…and move the Video Scoreboard over beyond the leftfield bleachers like Comerica I think putting some tall trees would be cool (Homeruns would sail into them). And have it extend all the way up the hillside. Having something natural to look at. Also….add something…way up the hillside to block out I-70….maybe some giant wall shrubs or trees….and light them up at night. Dodger Stadium has a cool backdrop that has the “Think Blue” slogan that looks like the Hollywood sign.

In response to the post that starts with “We all realize you go to see the game and I don’t think anyone is “WHINING ABOUT THE STADIUM NOT BEING DOWNTOWN.” It’s just sad to see first-hand the mindset of “you people” who voted” I DID vote for this..I think it is a good plan..I like the stadium where it is…I like the stadium we have..it just needs to be modernized. If you want to go to the Power and Light district to have a drink then do so. Do you think the money you pay to eat there goes right in to the pockets of the citizens??? NO it goes to the resturaunt owners who pay taxes…just like the people who will own the resturaunts in the stadium who will pay taxes. Perhaps you should “educate yourself” a little more. I guess if the stadium was downtown then we all could just quit paying taxes because it would have solved all the problems we have. GET REAL….I don’t know if you realize this but Kauffman Stadium is in Jackson county….amazingly enough the same county as downtown Kansas City..so money spent there is the same as money spent at the stadium.

I would like to see the old scoreboard modernized. Yes I would like to still see the crown but that thing needs to be updated. Other things I would love to see is cup-holders in all seats. The main thing that I would love to see is something similar to the Bullpen Bar and Grill that is at U.S. Cellular field in Chicago. It doesn’t need to be exact but it is awesome to see a game from ground level. Finally use the bullpens for soemthing such as this. I don’t understand why anyone needs to see those things stay, pitchers can warm up down the baselines just the same as in the current bullpen. Those spaces can be used for the fans and not paid ballplayers.


There have been teams that have designed their stadiums in the past and they forgot about the bullpens so they HAD to move them in the foul area…it looks HORRIBLE and looks like they were an ‘afterthought’…

PLEASE KEEP THE BULLPENS where they are. I like to take my nieces and nephews to watch the pitchers warmup when in GA. They are perfect as they are now.

How about we take that money and spend it on one years worth of the Yankees salaries and the rest of the stadium will build itself. Ok just kidding about that part, I think GA seats in the grass would be great, and on a hot day the water would spray you if there is a homerun or something that would make it really interactive with the fans and the game.

As an avid autograph collector I have a few suggestions. 1-Do not put the player’s enterance in a tunnel far away from fans. Allow fans to go by the player’s enterance, but set up metal barricades. That way, at least the players have to walk past autograph collectors. If the players chose not to sign, that’s their choice, but at least give us collectors the opportunity to get autographs.
2-No railings cutting sections in half. There’s nothing more annoying than being in an empty stadium, seeing someone signing a few sections away from you, and then having to walk up the aisle, walk around a few sections, and then walking back down, when you could have simply walked through empty seats

3-Let fans go anywhere before the game. At least allow us to go anywhere in the seating area during BP, and then anywhere beyond the dugout until the game starts. Checking tickets when the game starts in fine.

4-Open the gates 3-3.5 hours before the game starts. More time for autographs.

The Crown Scoreboard is a must keep. If it must be re-built keep the same ratios, don’t make a fat one. The old jumbotron is a must go – sell it on ebay.

The origional plan for the Sports Complex included economic development which the county never persued. I don’t know anything about the legalities, but couldn’t the county sell the parking between the stadiums to a group (like Zona Rosa or The Plaza) and let them develop it. That is what they do for a living. The players could then park somewhere somewhat accessable to the fans.

How about no concession stands! Instead, have waitresses take orders and payment and a runner brings the food in about 3 minutes. Miami does this for the first 10 rows or so. Why not do it in the entire stadium? Tons of extra space not taken up by concessions stands which are slow, closed in the 4th inning or out of polish dogs (both actually happened to me this season and they’re always slow). Get the staff some new uniforms too and put the old ones in the KC Baseball Museum.

I know Watkins has been a long-time sponsor but the pavilion is useless. You can’t see about 1/3 of the outfield. I’m not sure about the “tent” in the pavilion. Is this something that in 10 years we’ll be “rennovating?”

How about some little league fields for both baseball and football? How cool would it be for KC kids to play thier little league games in the shadow of these two stadiums.

David Glass you need to turn a general manager up that knows what he is doing because right now our general manager stinks we need veterans of the game we keep getting rookies so they have no clue what to do we need some veterans to make them better see and trading somewhat good people for rookies that are brand new to the major league it is hurting us really bad as for the renovation design if you guys do go with the resturaunt then i would be more than happy to work there if i could get hired that would be amazing i do have serving experience and dishwashing experience and even cahier experience so just what ever i think that the stadium design is amazing right now so you need to follow it inch by inch because when it is all done it should be amazing

Here are some of the things that I would like to see. First, get rid of the chain link fence that surrounds the stadium. That looks just plain awful. Get a dark blue iron fence.
Next, there needs to be bars and restaurants around the stadium. If that is not possible, there are a couple of alternatives that I can think of. One is a huge bar inside, like at Tropicana Field. There they have a huge restaurant with full bar that has daily food and drink specials. They even have half price drinks after the games. Also, they open the gates 2.5 hours before gametime. This would be great for games with foul weather when tailgating wouldn’t to the best idea or for when people don’t really feel like tailgating in the heat. They could go into the bar, sit in the a/c, have a few drinks and watch a game instead of trying to find a picnic table or sitting in their seat. The other option would be a Eutaw Street-like area with restaurants, bars, and team stores that would open well before gametime and you wouldn’t even need a ticket to get into.

My last suggestion is to not build the Royals Pavillion. That just sounds like a dumb idea that will look tacky and might block views of the stadium and scoreboard from I-70. Plus, it’s just a tent. What do you think is going to happen to it when a major storm rolls through? Are you prepared to replace it about every three years?

I always thought that there should be a small section of seats in and around the fountains. If you think about Fenway putting seats on the Monster, it would be something like that. Also, you could install fans that would blow mist from the fountains onto the fans (of course, this would only be when the temperature is really high.) You could give them a catchy name, like “Cool Seats”.

Another thing, replace the escalators with something more architectural.

While you’re at it, I think the parking lot itself needs some improvement. When KC was proposing a rolling roof, the space between the two stadiums would no longer be parking, but would be a plaza-like space with shops instead. Granted, this is what will be achieved with the pavillion around the outfield, but I would suggest moving it between the stadiums, rather than behind Kauffman. Heck, just doing something in between the two stadiums to architecturally connect them would be an improvement.

And honestly, I think it is great that we have fountains in the outfield, but why don’t we do more? How about a fountain display at the front and smaller ones around the lower concourse? You might think they’d look weird, but with a little bit of design, these fountains would really add to the stadium.

Please please please move the Royals downtown. Yes, Kauffman is a stadium, but baseball belongs downtown. I don’t want to go to any more baseball games in a stadium surrounded by parking lots. When I look out to centerfield I want to see the downtown skyline or a glimpse of the river. If I have to stare at the interstate and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes building for 20 more years, I’ll shoot myself.

I would like to see a small hotel built in parking lot M between the stadiums with shoping, an awesome sports bar and other restaurants surronding it. Build cat walks to each stadium from the hotel so people can go back and forth and visitors who take tours could go from one stadium to the other. This would draw revenue along with sports bar fans. Let the great BBQ restaurants ok KC have their owns spaces, not just Gates. Jack Stack and Arthurs Bryants would be nice. These restaurants could even be open during the week. The Stadium Club is a nice idea, but it should be more of an open air club, at least half of it. The current stadium club has no feeling of being at the ball game and is very outdated and drab.It stinks that you cannot even hear the crowd or be part of it.

I to would like to see a Grand enterance similar to that at Comerica. Restraunts and bars between the two stadiums would be nice too. They could be open even when the teams weren’t in town. I also do not like the idea of moving the bullpens onto the field. I mean come on this isn’t wrigley, lets not get too cute. Cup holders in the seats and cheaper beer prices would be nice. I am gald that the field is being renovated, and not rebuilt because I truely believe that it is one of the best places to see a game in all of baseball. The only thing that is missing is a good product on the field. If we had a good team we would could and would fill the stadium every night. This isn’t Atlanta or Florida we have good fans. It is hard to come and watch, however, when your franchise is the laughing stock of the league. Why would you buy a team if you weren’t willing to put money into it. I assume that Mr. Glass you are a reasonably intelligent person and realized that you don’t buy a team to make a profit. If I were you I would be embarresed. I know as a fan I am sick of being laughed at. If you are unwilling to dramaticly increase payroll than sell the team. PLEASE.
The way you have been running this franchise shows your lack of respect for the view fans the Royals have left. One more thing about the stadium, if the name is ever changed to a corporate name, I am going to send out a letter to all of the other major league franchishes asking why I should be their fan because I will have had enough and I have been a Royals fan for 20 years.

Let’s start with the most obvious answer; get a winning team on the field. Fans have come in droves when the Royals fielded a competitive team in the past. Mr. Glass either give us something to root for or sell you cheap blank blank blank. If your such a big fan of the game then show KC you mean it!

As for the stadium improvements how about seats with built in cup-holders and a little leg room. Those of us over six feet tall must suffer in cramped seats.

Next lets address the concession workers. I’ve attened seven games this season and have been served by the most unhappy concessionaires. It’s as if they are being asked a favor when you place and order…very poor customer service at all levels of the stadium.

I don’t think we should get rid of the water spectacular to add seating. The stadium usually is only to capicity on opening day anyway. Think of the people that flock to the Bellagio in Vegas to see the fountains. Maybe we need to make a stadium feature that will draw to the stadium and make it special. Our fountains are beautiful and we should keep what we have left of them and emphasize them more. Maybe an hour before game time on selected nights (if you don’t want to have it all the time) there could be a choreographed water spectacular to enjoy before the game, or after the game! Lets make the K a tourism destination!

I love the idea that we are not moving downtown. I find our stadium much easier to get in and out of without fighting downtown traffic. And no, I do not live in Independence next to the stadium but I live in the Northland. Our parking situation far surpases the parking at downtown stadiums. I have been to St. Louis, Chicago, Denver and N.O. and their parking is awful. The fountains are wonderful and I would like to see more fountains and something spectacular added to the entrance. I would like to see a much wider concourse and bigger nicer restrooms. Restaurants are not that important to me as I go to the game to watch baseball but I would like new, nicer choices of snack areas and nice shops with Royals and Kansas City merchandise. I have been to Coors field and did enjoy their “club” level with a place to eat a snack and still watch the ball game and get out of the weather for a short time.

I have submited an idea already,but i have more to offer.with all the steel work to be added,instead of dark green paint try some color that no one else has done like bronze…also something diffrent for an outside facade try sandstone,with some 1930s artdeco carved in.maybe even a similar look to the liberty memorial like the carvings that are on the wall facing union station,and the lions that are also there.remember its about k.c.I also think there needs to be a clock tower near the grand entrance.I think there needs to be a huge patio in right field,and have it overhang the fence.I would then incorporate the fountains onto the patio.as for entertainment outside the stadium year round what about a xanadu kansas city?

I would love to see a large scoreboard that faces towards I-70. I’m a huge Royals fan and have been since birth, but don’t have cable and can’t always get the game in clearly on the radio. It would be nice to be able to see the score as you drive by on the Interstate…could be used to advertise things too.

I would like for there to be ‘mist areas’ added that could be turned on during the summer to cool off the fans. They have these in some amusement parks, but I don’t think I’ve seen them in any ballparks, this could make the ‘k a very unique ballpark! The best example I can think of is that they have them in Six Flags St Louis. Maybe have one on the 1B side and 3B Side.

I would love to see a “KC” logo behind home place such as the “NY” at Yankee Stadium or the “D” at Comerica. Also, I have always liked the path of dirt from the mound to home plate. I realize this has nothing to do with actual stadium improvements, but I think it would give the infield more of a traditional baseball look.

Visually impaired fans who have trouble following the ball from the distant main concourse / handicap seating areas would appreciate any technology that would allow us to follow the play better. Perhaps a pitch by pitch broadcast to be used with a portable radio to identify instantly what is happening.
As an example, blurred vision allows fans to see players, but not the fast moving ball. Focus on the plate, depending upon seat location, includes the field straight ahead, but not laterally. The play is over before sight-impaired fans get a “clue.” What happened can be told to them, but that’s a story. It’s not the same as following the play as it develops.

“The pitch, a grounder to third (fan looks toward third, throw to first, out.”

“Pop fly to left, (fan looks toward left field), catch made, throw home (fan looks toward home), out.”

A good radio broadcaster does this already, if they are not plugging sponsors. “Here’s the pitch, runner trying to steal 2nd, catcher throws…”

I took my brother along to be my eyes, but it was more like a “What it was, was Baseball” analogy like Andy Griffith might have done. All “after the fact.” I’m thinking, “What happened” as the other fans cheered or showed disfavor. In a perfect world….

A Kansas City Baseball History section would be very appropriate. Many of us were KC Athletics fans, KC’s original MLB team. Many teams were from the days before the Royals, even before Negro League Baseball. Old Ballparks (Municipal Stadium), old Teams (Blues), Old Memories (Wyatt Earp umpiring). The entire history of KC baseball.


well c ya later

i think u guys need david and jose well give u lastings

The stadium needs better food and it also needs to get rid of the moveable stands that clutter the passage ways and make it difficult to get around. Keep the Stadium Club! It is important to some season ticket holders to have a climate-controlled environment where they can watch the game and also to have alternate food choices.

I think there needs to be more royal blue – like the fences are green, the outside is just concrete.

Turner Field has this which I really like: the seats not directly behind home plate are slightly angled toward the pitcher’s mound so that people sitting along the foul lines don’t have to face one way and keep their head turned the whole game.

A really cool fountain idea: there are a few fountain digital clock in Japan where the pixels making up each number were a tiny fountain (here’s a pic of it http://www.thelooniverse.com/hvista/galleries/country/japan/kanazawa/waterclock.jpg ). Using this idea, you could make a scoreboard (like “5-4” not inning by inning) of the game and have the Royals score lit by blue lights underneath.

Hi My name is Mark. I think we should have a strip bar on the premise! That would be awesome!

We are about to spend over half billion dollar on our stadiums and all you have are these renderings????

Sad thing is…I don’t really care what you do with it. I’m a huge Royals fan as is the rest of my family, but it’s pretty sad that there is little to get excited about with this “renovation”. You should have put it in the Downtown area. KC really blew this one and it will haunt us for decades. We now go to more games in StLouis and Denver than KC and I can’t wait till the new park opens in Minneapolis.

Like I said you blew it and you can’t even come up with renderings that can get us even a little excited?

That vote should have included money for the entire area around the stadiums, not just the stadiums.

Should have built a new stadium downtown, a new retractable roof stadium or redo Arrowhead and build a new soccer stadium where Kauffman is now instead of clear out in Kansas (talk about the middle of nowhere).Then we could also do some other things to help up catch up to 1995 like build a light rail system.

Good luck royals (and KC), I’ll be pulling for you.

From…Busch, Coors, Safeco, Petco etc etc etc………

OK I’m done with my little rant, we are sadly not going downtown so here are my suggestions.

Bullpens on the field are stupid, please don’t do that, they will ruin one of the best views in baseball.

What is this amphitheater??? If we have enough money to build that, can we build a real one? The sports complex would be a perfect place to build a new concert amphitheater, not to compete with starlight, but to put that embarrassment to our city in Bonner Springs out of business, that thing is a white trash, rural joke. I can’t believe we still have some of our biggest shows out there. He Hawwww.

Same with the soccer stadium, why not build it by the stadiums instead of clear out in Johnson County. Johnson Countians can freeload off and diss KCMO all day long, but I’m not going out there to buy a pair of shoes, let alone watch the Wizards with a bunch of KU freaky KCMO haters. We could keep the truman sports complex humming every day of the year and having so many venues in one place vs spread all over the metro could give us another reason to build a light rail line down I-70.

If there is any money that you don’t know what to do with, try sprucing up Blue Ridge, even some nice new streetlights and landscaping would do wonders.

Go ahead and get some fountains in there. Can’t have enough in KC.

I thought the rolling roof would have been cool. If we are going to keep the stadiums, why not do something like that and bring in major events, help make sure out of towners can see and game if it rains and turn the sports complex into a destination for tourists etc even when games are not going on.

But since you are not going to do that, this is the neatest thing I can come up with and it will take creativity and leadership to make it happen.

Build a mixed use tower and entertainment complex between the stadiums. A restaurant with a view of both stadiums, a large hotel etc.

Do something spectacular like that to really get the town excited about the complex again vs giving us more bathrooms and fountains.

Probably won’t happen though, it’s like Sprint. A billion dollar project and you wouldn’t know they were even here if you didn’t drive behind the OP walmart. They could have build several skyscrapers downtown and put KC on the map again instantly. The downtown sprint towers would be THE icon in this city and it would have turned our downtown around instantly.

But nope, we get a suburban prison campus deep in the beige land of johnson county and we wonder why we can’t get people from anyplace other and Iowa and Nebraska to move here.

OK. On a rant again.

Build that hotel and a team while you are at it….

Wow. Gridlock I couldn’t have said it better myself, even your rant about the Sprint campus…what a missed opportunity that was to help with downtown revitalization! I was in Indianapolis this week…my thoughts from I-70 were “gee, Indy makes me proud to be from Kansas City” but then I exited and went to the heart of the city…what a great downtown! Kauffman/Arrowhead are still great venues and we can & will have some great upgrades to the stadiums themselves but go out to the speedway and look at the private development in that area…once again KC/Jackson County missed the boat on making progress. Oh yeah, one other pet peeve? They are the Kansas City Wizards, Kansas City Chiefs and Kansas City Royals, they changed the Missouri Rep’s name to the Kansas City Rep to promote unity amongst the metro but tell me why it is KANSAS Speedway?

This isn’t a comment about something that needs to be built. It’s about extra perks that make the stadium experience better.
Back in the 80s, when a few books put Royals Stadium at the top of the list, one of the little things mentioned was that the hot dog vendors actually carried ketchup, mustard and relish with them. They would make your hot dog just the way you liked it, right at your seat.

Now that we know we’re going to make some big changes to the structure, it’s also time to make some little changes to the experience. As an added bonus, we wouldn’t have the wait 2-3 years for those.

On the other hand, a facade around the stadium would be pretty awesome. The ramps have always been an effective way to move fans, but they don’t look like much from the outside.

And don’t give up on the rolling roof. Once we start winning again (and we aren’t going to lose 100 games this year!) the city might warm to the idea. That’s assuming the Chiefs don’t backslide.



What I used tolike about the K years ago was lack of cluuter, lack of advertisement. Too many stadiums are way too cluttered. You see advertisements everywhere that distract from the game. Look at Shea for example, there is a beer ad bigger than the scoreboard.
To me the K has gotten too clutterd in recent years. I liked when all they had were the ad signs in the fountains. Now everywhere you look the is ads for this and that. They even build new structures just for a place to put ads.

The K is beautiful, still one of the best in the majors, but it is getting too cluttered, and I think after renovations it will be worse. I know ads make money in this day they need it. It seemed like all the stadiums built in the 60’s0and 70’s had much less advertising, with Shea as an exception.

They should leave the inside where the game happens less cluttered, put all the ads and such outside. It just looks better.

I would like to see a roof over the K to protect against rain and KC’s atrocious summer heat, but football is meant to be played outdoors. Weather is part of football, rain, snow, sleet, hail, blizzard, you name it. I can see a roof in Miami or Pheonix where guys have to play in 100 degree heat in full pads, but not up north. Football is not an indoor sport!

There are some good ideas posted above me here, but first I would like to say the stadium should, and will stay where it’s at so why complain about it? I would like to see the main scoreboard stay, and integrate the video screen into it. The bullpens should be combined and placed where the right field bullpen is currently, and extend the outfield plaza in left field around to the fountains. I like the fountain seat idea except I would like to see the seats in front of, not behind them to bring fans closer to the field. Wrapping around the upper deck to cover the outfield plaza is also a good idea, although the stadium doesn’t need that many new seats. A row of restaurants/bars behind the royals walk of fame would be nice too. A better view of the game from the playground has to be a necessity. If you want this stadium to be one of the most family oriented parks, make it so the dads actualy want to play with their kids there. I know when I’m at the game I want to see it, and with the tiny screen that is currently in place, you can’t do that easily. That being said, I welcome any thing that will be done to improve this already great venue, and I’m excited for the renovations to to be completed.

1) Add a roller coaster around the perimeter of the stadium with the first hill directly behind, but taller than the giant crown scoreboard. The roller coaster would provide a unique way for fans to get a speedy tour of the ballpark. I think I heard a story once about Ewing Kaufmann originally wanting to build a theme park around the stadium. Let’s honor his vision.

2) Keep the giant crown scoreboard in center field. it could use some modernization, but let’s keep its original shape.

3)Keep the fountains and the water spectacular. In fact add more. Kansas city is known as the City of Fountains, Heart of America – our stadium should reflect this.

4) Turn the entire second level into suites, add seating just over the wall in center field, and bring back general admission to left and right fields.

5) Add an enclosed fan walk that runs from left to right field and showcases the history of Kansas City Baseball from the Negro Leagues, to the Athletics, to the current team.

6)Make the concourses around the stadium wider.

First, I heartily applaud the recent decision by the Royals not to locate the bullpens on the field of play as part of the planned renovations at Kauffman Stadium. I’ve seen too many ballplayers get seriously hurt over the years tripping over bullpen mounds while chasing foul pops not to know what a bad idea that really is. If you ask me, the bullpens are fine right where they are now.

As for my own suggestions, why not add some field level seating beyond the dugouts to bring the box seat fences more even with the front facings of the dugouts and the dugout suites? They recently did this at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, and it really smoothed out the contours of the grandstand in that ballpark. The Dodgers call their new seating sections the “VIP Baseline” sections, and they recently installed special box seating modules in them that incoporate a table amenity. I think the Royals should do the same thing.

Another idea I think the Royals should forget about is relocating the press box to the front of the upper deck and moving the Stadium Club to the present press box location. Instead, they should leave the press box where it is now, and build a new Stadium Club directly below it at the back of the lower deck directly behind home plate. I know it would require the removal of several rows of seats in that area. But those really aren’t very good seats to begin with, because they’re right under the overhang of the upper deck, and you can’t follow the flight of a fly ball from them. The Angels did something similar to this as part of their ballpark renovations.

Recently, somebody voiced concerns about where the Royals would locate their championship banners because of all the changes that are going to be going on beyond the outfield walls. Why not hang them from the outfield light standards instead of using flag poles? And while we’re at it, we could also dress those light standards up a little bit by running a Yankee Stadium-style facade along the tops of them, below the lights and the sound system.

Instead of spending the money on our stadium, why don’t we put that towards our payroll for a winning team!!!!!!!!

wish the stadium more beautiful than ever before

I would like to see some places outside the ballpark where you could go if you want to make a day of it at the yard. If you go to Boston 4 hours before a game, you see people milling about, drinking beer at outdoor bars, and building anticipation. If you went to the K 4 hours before the game, you can go jogging in the parking lot.period. Put some restuarants and bars outside the stadium and have them open earlier…

The K is an awesome place to watch a ballgame. Some minor improvements are needed but not a major overhaul.A few things such as updated restrooms and concessions. A new scoreboard keeping the crown however. The location and sightlines are some of the best around. Please don’t go overboard with some of the lame gimmicks that are overdone in other parks.

jfisher1124, the more comments you post, the more you reveal what a f*ing idiot you are!!!

Please tell me, what about Question 1 that you voted for in April is a “good plan?”

I don’t have the time or the patience to respond to every one of your moronic attempts at making a good point, so I’ll pick my favorite. Are you ACTUALLY trying to imply that because The Royals and restaurant owners both pay taxes, and Kaufmann Stadium and Downtown KC are both in Jackson County, that fans spending money at restaurants inside a renovated K, versus before and after a game by walking to the Power & Light District downtown would have the SAME ECONOMIC IMPACT??!!!

Phoenix Looks to Denver for Sign of Baseball Stadium’s Effect on Downtown.(Originated from The Arizona Republic/Phoenix Gazette)

COPYRIGHT 1996 Knight-Ridder/Tribune Business News

Mar. 29–In just two years, downtown Phoenix is going to be a whole different ballgame.

The streets will be filled with thousands of baseball fans checking out new restaurants, microbreweries, shops and other retail businesses on their way to Bank One Ballpark. Many of these same businesses will be humming along well into the night after the games end. Downtown hotels will be filled with out-of-town visitors.

That’s been the experience in Denver, anyway.

Coors Field opened in downtown Denver a year ago and has drawn 3.4 million people, who have pumped millions of dollars into the economy, a Denver business leader told a Phoenix gathering Thursday.

“You cannot bring 3 million people with disposable income into a downtown and not benefit,” said Bill Mosher, executive director of the Downtown Denver Partnership, an economic-development group.

Why has every other big city but us figured this out!? Maybe it’s because of people like you who just “like the stadium where it is.”

Kansas City is nationally known for it’s BBQ. In recent years it seems that Memphis, Texas, and the Carolinas are gaining more and more recognition as well.

So my thought is to really establish a BBQ atmosphere. You could have inexpensive charcoal grills (steel box construction like parks have) installed in certain areas and allow Kansas Citians to showcase their talent. This could potentially lead up to a yearly competition. Maybe locate these in area that they could be used by both Chiefs and Royals fans.

Also I would love to see Arthur Bryant’s, Gates, Smokehouse BBQ, and KC Masterpiece to have concessions inside the ballpark. Please allow them to have their own smokers and let each one of these KC Icons show off their stuff.

I would also contact local KC BBQ pros like Paul Kirk ‘Baron of BBQ’ and Karen Adler, who has published several BBQ books and is known as the ‘BBQ Queen’ and get their input as well.

I do like the fountains of Kansas City and I hope you incorporate alot of those as well, but let’s really hammer home the BBQ them at the Truman Sports Complex. We could generate enough BBQ flavor for us and Busch Stadium!

It’s great to see this large volume of responses to the stadium renovations, there are some good ideas in here. The K is still a beautiful staium and fantastic place to watch a ballgame, location be damned.
What I want to see most, however, is a pre- and post- game bars and restaurants in the area. Even just two or three different places selling pricey (if they must) beers; just give me some place in the complex to go after a game with friends. I LOVE the idea of building a few such places in the parking lot between the stadiums.

Also, keep the design simple, clean, and free of gimmicks. Don’t get caught up trying to make the K ‘old timey’; it is a modern concrete park and is aging very gracefully. Plant a ton of trees and shrubs along the hills near I70, they will beautify the area and block the highway. Keep our iconic scoreboard!

Add more fountains and expand the current outfield water feature to the greatest extent possible! It is a wonderful trademark piece of the K experience.

PLEASE don’t make the park a big gimmicky theme-park playland. New Busch in StL does a nice job of providing the amenities of a modern park with relatively few dumb gimmicks.

I also love the idea of a KC baseball history exhibit and high quality hall of fame. Lastly, in the quest to be family friendly don’t forget about providing a solid experience for adults and singles as well (bars, Hall of Fame, party atmosphere outside).

PLease keep the scoreboard!
I agree witht the above posts./ Dont try to turn the K into a retro park liek from the old days. Keep the tall white pillars the lights are on. They look almost majestic reaching into the sky. Dont go for the steel truss looking light towers like the newer stadiums have. What has always made the K beautiful is the simplicity and cleanliness of the lines in its design. I personaly like balance, assymetrical parks. The left side balanced with the right side.

To disagree with the above post, dont plant a bunch of trees along the highway. When I drive from Florida to KC each year, I know I have made it when I come up I-70 and get that beautiful view of the stadium from the highway. It is almost like a huge “Welcome to Kansas City” sign for me.

Get rid of all the bare concrete. The stadium looks like a big parking garage from the outside. Maybe some brick or windows?

Enclose the stadium and give the field a more intimate setting. The view of I-70, BP, Taco Bell and the Clarion make it look like a truck stop.

Have an exhibit that celebrates the entire history of Kansas City baseball.

Build a Blues and Jazz bar that overlooks the outfield. Feature famous local jazz musicians and entertainers.

Get a giant water-jet that goes off win the Royals hit a home run.

Create a nightlife around the stadium with public transportation available for those who drink.

Comfortable seats that give more leg room and space for belongings and food. A lot of places it is very tight and if you sit on the isle you are getting up constantly for those in the middle and if you’re in the middle you have to dodge the people, their food, and belongings.

Build some fountains outside the stadium as you walk up.

It would be great to have the seats angled toward home plate and every seat should have a cupholder. Coors field was build that way. Every seat in the park is aimed toward home plate. It is so much more comfortable to enjoy the game without the back pain.

How about a “sports ticker” running all the way around the front edge of either the 2nd or 3rd deck. Have it scroll all the way around and post all scores on it, not just baseball.

Put the fountains back where the jumbo tron is and put some GA seats in front of the fountains. Let little kids, maybe 8 & under, run on the hill to grab the home-run balls like in Texas (I think). Again, keep the crown scoreboard, just gut it and have it re-filled with new technology.

Cup holders in the bathroom would be good too.

On the operations side of things, in some stadiums, the ushers don’t let people go to their seats durring play. Last night I missed the first four runs of the game because of late arrivals in front of us and then some seat jumpers had to move from the origional seats they “Ueckered” because the people who paid for them had showed up. Also in some parks, the beer vendors carry all brands, that way you don’t have to wait for a your favorite to come around.

On the inside, Royals stadium is beautiful…..
On the outside, I am envious of the “homey” feel of brick and iron, similar to Camden and St. Louis. Royals stadium has too much “bare” concrete showing, very impersonal and unattractive. The grey concrete gives the appearance of a stadium built on a shoestring back in the ’60s. Re-working the outside of the stands, using brick, iron, and glass, would be huge. Something for KC voters to be proud of. Merely putting fountains or decorative shaded areas up is not going to visually bring the stadium up to major league expectations.

Having sold a renovation concept to JaCo voters, I’m not one, is one thing. To live up to spending the money for a better place to watch baseball, unlike the mess the zoo ended up being after giving it millions of dollars, is another challenge for the Royals baseball club.

Attending a Royals game should be done with the thought that Kauffman should be a destination, not the end of the journey. There is enough room around the outside of the stadium to put some restaurants, rather than expect people to be satisfied with “stadium food.” When I go to the stadium, I eat first, to avoid expensive food, then I go to the game. Having sports related restaurants, such as Applebee’s, a “George Brett’s sports bar”, or the “85’s sport bar” – places to watch sports, eat great, fairly priced food in a fun atmosphere. Wow, what a concept – someplace for families to have food without draining the wallets.

I hope the Royals continue to improve on the field.

I hope the Royals management really gets feedback and understands that a serious committment is needed for a “top of the line” Royals stadium….something Mr. Kauffman would be proud of.


Try to stay away from the brick wall look behind homeplate. That look is in too many parks now.

this doesent have any thing to do with the stadium it has something to o with the maneger i think u shoul get rid of buddy bell and get joe jeradi i think he would make the royals better look what he di with the marlins

I Like the idea of a brick facade on the outside of the stadium, give it the look of a baseball stadium not a Three Rivers/Busch Stadium multipurpose look. By building out the facade there would be more than enough room for more concessions, more bathrooms, wider concourses, and new team offices.

Inside not much needs to be done. I like the fountain seats but don’t like the artist rendering of the silly looking pavillions that have wooden structures built up around them, they look tacky. I keep thinking of the hideous Watsons hot tub deck they built that looked like **** before and after they painted it green. Focus on fan experience. Get rid of Volume Services! The food options are a joke and don’t compare to Fenway, Coors, Wrigley, and Comerica. The outfield pavillions should be in keeping with the facade and should be encompassed by the same material.

Personally, the inept Jackson County Sports Authority should take possession of lot M between the stadiums and develop that themselves with businesses and the rent collected should go right back towards maintenece. But we all know that those idiots aren’t bright enough to figure that out for themselves.

If we can’t take the stadium downtown lets bring a little of the downtown feel to the stadium. Scrap the concert venue and add shops and restaurants in the “Hall of Fame” area. The ballpark villiage in St. Louis is a great idea.

I think planning for light rail is a great idea. It will happen.

Give us something to be proud of both on and off the field.

I’ve been to 10 major leage ballparks (besides Royals) in the past 3 years, and I want to let it be known that downtown ballparks are not all they are cracked-up to be. Terrible parking, traffic-flow and often located in dirty areas.

I like the idea someone posted about the “carnival theme” After visiting other ball parks such as in Minneapolis, Detroit, they do have a carnival atmosphere that makes arriving to the game early – a fun thing to do – game booths, live radio, baseball/radar guns, etc.

I would also like to suggest a few resturants, bar & grills(such as a George Brett’s, 810 Zone or *******…all loaded with tons of sports memorabilia) where people can go and chill before and after the games (Chiefs and Royals), maybe play a game of darts or play a game of pool. Lots of sport TV’s and music with live radio broadcasts on site to promote! Could even have a dance floor or karyoke!

Also located here is Kansas City’s sporting store that carries Chiefs, Royals and other local team apparal. What better place to go during the week or weekend to club than out by the stadiums? Game day or not!

The land is there, it just needs to be used.

Thomas Z in Salt Lake City. Lifetime Royals fan.

A couple of thoughts:

like the post above, I’m not overly fond of the wood structures in the outfield pavillions. Consider making them “Championship Pavillion” with staggered size flagpoles with a pennant from every major league team, arranged like the championship trophy. Put the Royals and Cards at the Top, just like the 1985 trophy.

If possible, the Grand Entrance should include a straight view to the field – so that when you’re standing at the Grand Entrance, you can see the green of the outfield beckoning you to come into the stadium.

An outside facade is a wonderful idea, and I’d love to see it if it is practical.

My thought on the stadium:
1. The bullpens have to stay out in the outfield, and maybe to save space you could loyer them like one right after the other. Then there could still be seats in the exhisting spots of the bullpens.

2. The crown scoreboard should become the jumbotron BUT! you need to keep the cool little phrases like “thats gunna Cost’Ya” and “It’s not a snack, it Emil”

3. If you are going to put the jumbotron in the crown scorebord you should put the exhisting “ROYALS” that is on top of it on top of the structure for the Watson’s pavillion where the Budwiser sign is now.

4.The next statue you should unvale should be Buck O Neil and do it before he dies. I think it would be a great honor to our other hometown hero.

5.Show the type of pitch that was last thrown. I saw this in Colorado and I thought it was pretty cool.

6. Over the bullpens put a boad telling the pitcher warming up and his stats. This is from St. Louis and was helpful.

7.You should put some type of transportation from the top decks to ground level other than the crown scoreboard. But it shouldn’t stand out too much.

8.If there is anyway to make the fountains do more with the technology that is out now it should be a priority to install it. The fountains are what everyone thinks of when you say Kauffman Stadium.

9.DO NOT sell naming rights to a company. It just makes the stadium sound bad. Does a name like Networks Associates Collusseum sound appealing to you?

10.Put the royals logo behind home plate like you did about 2 seasons ago. I think it looked cool and I’ve notice you have put KC behind the pitchers mound so you can see it while watching TV.

11. Do not take away the stadium club. I have been in there some times and every time I love looking at all the memorabillia. But if you have to, you should keep the same idea in a resturant somewhere else in the stadium.

12. The Royals walk of fame should include a plaque for each player and some mimerabillia. The plaque should be like the ones at the National Baseball Hall of Fame.

13. The ribbon scoreboards are a great idea but do not use them for advertising half the game. In the New Busch they have tons of them but for most of the game they show ads.

14. Put more of the beer carts that sell the other types of beer. I am tired of walking down to the bottom of the stadium to get a Bulavard Wheat.

15. Lastly, wear powder blue as a uniform for some time this year. It looks good on the older players and we might become World Champions next year because they are lucky or something.

Kauffman Stadium is a great stadium as it is and really dosent need any changes but since you got the money why not make it even better.

From a true royals fan through all our good and horrible time.

Ribbon scoreboards are a great idea, and I’ve heard that could be as early as 07, why not? Please keep the current scoreboard look just make HD like Atlanta. How about a room for nursing mothers like in the new Busch, you could put it by Guest services or First-Aid somewhere like that. Keep the bullpens off the field!

I think the renovations should include a sports bar name Buck O’Neil’s, with a portion of the profits supporting his education center.

A “Buck O’Neil’s” restaurant is a great idea, as is a statue honoring him, and some of the revenue supporting his education center.


I have several comments to make here, mostly in response to other posts I’ve seen on this board; so I apologize in advance if this post gets a bit lengthy.

First, the comments about how rotten the Royals have been in recent years are out of order. The purpose of this board is to gather fan input on how Kauffman Stadium should be renovated, not to vent fan frustration over the Royals’ recent futility. I sympathize with you people, I really do, because I’m one of you. But let’s stay on topic, shall we?

Second, can we knock off the Kansas bashing, please? First of all, like the carping about the Royals’ play in recent years, it’s irrelevant to the topic on this board. More to the point, we Kansans attend Royals games in numbers that are at least equal to those of you Missourians. What are you Missourians going to do, bar any vehicle with a Kansas (or other out-of-state) license plate at the entrances to the Sports Complex and tell those people that their money is no good? Because if you do, you can wave goodbye to both the Royals and the Chiefs, because it’s an established fact that neither team could survive solely on attendance from Kansas City proper, Jackson County and the State of Missouri.

Third, you people who are still grousing that the Royals need to forget about renovating Kauffman Stadium and move downtown can stop beating that dead horse, because it isn’t going to happen. For better or worse, a majority of Royal fans have indicated that they prefer that the team stay at Kauffman Stadium rather than move downtown. And, for better or worse, the majority of the voters and taxpayers of Jackson County have decided that a renovation of Kauffman Stadium would be a wiser investment of their tax dollars than a new ballpark downtown would be.

Fourth, for those of you who are griping about the location of the Truman Sports Complex, saying that there’s nothing to do around there before or after a game, or when there’s no sports event scheduled, let me ask you this: Whose fault is that? The fault lies not with the complex itself, and it certainly isn’t the Royals’ or the Chiefs’ fault, either. No, the fault lies with the people involved in planning and completing the complex.

If you really need scapegoats almost forty years after the fact, then look first to the people who were in charge of the Kansas City and Jackson County governments when the complex was being designed and built. That would be–among others–Mayors Ilus Davis and Charles Wheeler, City Manager Robert Kipp and Jackson County Executive Mike White. If the Sports Complex itself was such a good idea, the politicians should also have had the foresight to offer tax abatements and other incentives to attract retailers and restaurateurs to the surrounding area. They should also have at least examined the feasibility of including Kemper Arena as part of the Truman Sports Complex project, instead of just plopping it in the West Bottoms the way they did; if they had, the Sprint Center might not have been considered “necessary”.

You might also look to Charles Curry, the real estate developer who offered the land where the complex was built. Curry should also have offered cut-rate acreage near the complex to encourage additional business development in that area.

The political and business leaders of Kansas City in the late 1960s and early 1970s weren’t as visionary as they could have or should have been. It’s as simple as that. The things I’m saying they should have done can still be done today, of course. And they should be done. It would have been better if the people involved in the project had done them thirty-five years ago, but it’s no use complaining about it now. You play the cards you’ve been dealt.

Now, on to the renovations themselves. I’ve seen the plans for the renovation project as the Royals have made them available, and I have to say that I see way too much fluff in there. A lot of what the Royals want to put in, and a lot of what people on this board are suggesting that the Royals need to add to their plans, are mere sidelights and distractions that have absolutely nothing to do with watching a baseball game. And the Royals could save Jackson County taxpayers a lot of their hard-earned money by rethinking their priorities and maybe scaling this project back a little bit.

Electrical, plumbing and mechanical upgrades are definitely in order. New scoreboards–including the oft-mentioned video ribbon–would be great. And so would wider concourses and more concession stands, washrooms and souvenir stores.

But let’s go easy on the restaurants, the sports bars, the brew pubs, the swimming pools and the amusement arcades. Maybe it’s because I love baseball so much, but I refuse to believe that the game itself is such a barren source of amusement that teams have to resort to all sorts of gimmicks and fripperies like these to bring people to the ballpark.

Kauffman Stadium is a baseball park, first and foremost. Let’s keep it that way. Let’s resist any temptation to turn it into a shopping mall/amusement park with a baseball field tucked somewhere in the middle of it, which is what too many of the new ballparks are.

Finally, I would hope that in renovating Kauffman Stadium, the Royals would strive to avoid what I think is another grievous flaw in contemporary ballpark design: Many of the new ballparks, in their attempts to mimic “old time” ballparks and outdo everybody else in the “character” and “charm” departments, try to integrate way too many disparate design elements into their designs. The end result is that these ballparks all look as though they were cobbled together from some collection of architectural “spare parts”; designed by committees of architects who weren’t on speaking terms with each other. They have none of the balance and none of the clean, uncluttered harmony of line that Kauffman Stadium has been widely applauded for through the years.

The architects working on the Kauffman Stadium renovation need to avoid this pitfall. Whatever improvements that are eventually made should be seamless. They should blend in nicely with the park’s original architecture; they shouldn’t look like they were just slapped on.

Here Here ^^! If nothing else, I agree that Kauffman must remain a modern, clean stadium, architecturally. Keep the concrete; the K (and Arrowhead as well), are beautiful, simple structures that have not only withstood the test of time, design wise, but have also become surprisingly unique as everyone has moved on to FAKE retro design. One of the blessing’s in disguise of keeping the K at the TSC is that we don’t have to resort to a copycat faux old-timey ballpark downtown like everyone else these days. Keep the concrete, the minimalism. Add lots of glass, metal, etc., but keep the design forward thinking, modern, as it was originally. And, again, bars etc. nearby (walking distance) are a MUST.

i must admit the stadium looks very impressive when driving by on i-70 at 65 mph.the streamline concrete curves,the massive scoreboard,and the over all uncluttered look are great at 65 mph.but when you are up close the OUTSIDE front of the stadium with it’s bareass naked concrete has gotta go!i’m all for whatever looks good,and is innovative.you can achieve a modern look with the use of brick,steel,and glass.just because there is brick on a stadium dosent automatically make it a copycat retro style ballpark.and please when deciding on a design,forget about the rolling roof it’s not needed.

BRING BACK GENERAL ADMISSION. Granted we don’t sell out these days, but eliminating the 5,000 low cost NON-reserved seats dedicated to game day walk-ups was a huge marketing blunder. “Cowen’s Corner” was the place to be in the 70’s and tough to beat at $1.50 a ticket. Even at $5.00 and more in the later years it was still a great deal. There was no better place to watch the game, and regulars there were as dedicated as any club level season ticket holder..

So what if today we only pack the house for the Yankees (as it often was in the old days) and Cardinals (as a result of inter-league play), there was something special about GA. And when a Royal’s ticket becomes a hot commodity again, and it will someday (hopefully soon) GA will once again be the place to be.

Now while were at it we also need to bring back some of the 70’s promotions as well. Enough of the bobble heads, they all look like Bob Boone. Nothing better than GA on a sunny July Sunday on “Halter Top Day”.

There are two major ideas that would look great at the K. The first idea is the ribbon scoreboard that wraps around the middle deck. I have seen these at other stadiums and they look great!! The second is a winning team. While I am a lifelong fan, and will go as often as possible to a game, I can’t help but wonder why the Royals are due upwards of 80 million in revenue sharing and MLB.Com money, and we have a 50 million payroll??

I did not vote yes on the stadium issue so a 9,500 seat pre/post game event area could be built. I feel that is a fraudulent use of tax payer money.

I think the baseball stadium in Pittsburgh is one of the prettiest settings to enjoy a ballgame. Of course our river is I-70 and our foundation in history of winning baseball is not downtown but where we are currently at. One of the features I really like in Pittsburgh is the seats , as they all face homeplate. We sat beyond 3rd base in the upper deck and it felt so comfortable not having to turn our necks to watch the action. This seating arrangement probably takes up more room reducing the number of seats. The industry is returning to the understanding that big ballparks lose their value in the fact that most seats are not filled every single game anyway. Therefore seating comfort and conveinence is a must. A successful business would rather have one customer return a 1000 times than have 1000 customers only once. I realize the seats were replaced not to long ago. I miss the different colored seats as they had in the 70’s and 80’s. I thought it really brightened the stadium from the I-70 viewpoint. It brought added character and reflected Royal pride in its majestic history. Whatever led to the decision to change the color of the seats I think in the future we should return to the different color patterns. Even if the color scheme may have looked out of date and not hip in fashion to the younger fans, I think an organization should hold true to its rich history and winning foundation, even in color department. The blue seating is ok but its reflection is dull. It needs other colors to bring out its true blue. A kings robe has different colors in it. Each color working individually to project the full character of majesty. The seats act as the robe of the stadium. Younger generations may like all of the things that look good in the present fashion, regardless it be clothing or the staduim, but on the inside their screaming for a institution that is not afraid of its true self. One that holds to its values and traditions as Mr. K. and older fans have founded, loved and held true to.
Whatever changes take place, please keep in mind its a family atmosphere and should be built around as such. Remember, that for people to come out to the park they must first want to come out. The love for the game and respect for loyal players starts in the heart and dreams of a child. Thats why I keep coming back year after year. I will bring my children just as my Dad brought me. Keep in mind the simple visions of a child having fun in Kansas City baseball regardless of the wins and losses. The changes that are happening are a good start. They will remain good if our history is not forgotten and is continually taught to those who do not know it. I think we are headed back to having a respectful winning team in Royal colors. Increasing the payroll to keep players and to bring in needed players would payoff. A contending team to go along with a remodeled home will draw in a crowd as they did in the past.

Please do not install one of those “ribbon” digital boards around the stadium. They are so obnoxious and would kill any atmosphere of the game. I have been to numerous stadiums that have them and they are just terrible and everyone I go with agrees.

I agree the ribbon scoreboards with all the fancy effects are annoying. I would like to see a ribbon sports “ticker.” Keep it simple. Only scroll scores on it and you can separate each score with a sponsor logo. Stay away from the flashy effects.

I travel from eastern Iowa a couple of times a year to see the Royals play. Kaufmann Stadium is already one of the nicest parks in the country. I guess this money has to be spent on stadium but that wouldn’t be my first choice. Invest the money in the farm system, let’s worry more about the product on the field and less about ribbon scoreboards (I agree with Nick, they are annoying).

I5w1985, please tell me what makes you think “we are headed back to having a respectful winning team in Royal colors” because I am looking for a ray of hope but, frankly, I just don’t see it.

After you renovate the stadium, put it on some trailers and move it downtown.

So, we made a trade today …………. Why are we trading players for MONEY!!! Why does this feel like a WALMART move? HELP!!

Please do not move the bullpens – just put seats on top of the bullpens.

I know the designers have probably had all of the ideas mentioned before, but there is one thing I think would be a nice touch. As a kid growing up, one of my favorite memories was of the bullpen pitchers spraying us down in GA on a hot afternoon. I remember hanging over the edge begging for the hose until they would give in. Given the hot and muggy Kansas City afternoons, I think it would be wonderful to incorporate some sort of “mist zone” or “splash zone” in one of the open air areas being planned beyond the fences. On the cheaper end, some sort of retro mist system in place. On the other end (and playing along with the founstain theme), have one of those play areas where water shoots from the ground through nozzles. You could even incorporate some artisic impression, a Royals logo, or even a full fountain into the idea. Or even take the current design (which has a fountain the open area), and put a water play area directly around the fountain. With Kansas City being the city of fountains, and all of that water on display at the K – I can’t think of much I would enjoy more than some sort of hands on water activity. Also, as a father of four, anything for the kids to distract themselves when they get restless is helpful.

The renovations are mostly fine and good, as long as the baseball element remains. I do NOT like the idea of bullpens on the foul lines, so please leave them beyond the outfield. It would be safer! But I am all for the other exciting changes that are planned for this great ballpark.

As a Royals fan living in Ohio I have only been to KC and Kauffman Stadium three times. I have always marvelled at the architectural design of the stadium, especially its original form with the right field fountains wrapping around a single centrally-located scoreboard. Over the years wonderful improvements have been made: including the grass playing surface and new seats. However, I don’t think it was necessary to add simmetrical water wells on the left field side. Please do not further clutter the open view of the rolling hillside: that is just as much a unique and awesome feature of the ballpark as are the famous fountains. Please do not remove the existing scoreboard frame and gold crown, but modify the screen (into a video board?). Also, if additional scoreboards are needed in the outfield, keep them low and horizontal so that they do not compete with the height and grandeur of the center structure. The fountains are still exciting to experience, but after some 30+ years I’m sure they can be brought into the 21st century with new technology. By all means retain the organ music! Kauffman Stadium’s organist (Sam?) is second to none! I love the idea of live jazz music happening at the K (perhaps a jazz club); an earlier post suggesting “The Royal Blues” has great potential!! Also, restaurants that boast KC’s barbeque tradition are a must; can they be open year-round and located in such a way that they can be enjoyed by Royals and Chiefs fans alike? Good luck with everything — I am looking forward to my next visit to KC.

You could change this for THIS YEAR: a few of the lower-level concession stands have the condiments directly across the concourse. This creates a bottleneck, with lines for the consesions backed by lines for the condiments and worsens the already narrow concourse. (this is especialy bad on the 3rd-base side, the last consession stand on the end.) PLEASE move the condiments somewhere else so people can walk bye at the back of the line.

As far as the new upgrades, I haven’t heard anyone yet talk about the openness of the ballpark, but one of the things I enjoy the most about going to the K is the feel of sitting outside at a ballpark, with the majestic scoreboard and fountains as the backdrop to the sky. I think that as you develope the outfield areas, this “feel” should still be respected. To me the K is great because of it’s feel of being outside at the ballpark in the summer. Please don’t “close in” the outfield in the renovations–then it would become a bowl with no breeze, no sightline, and no “feel”.

Lastly, I had the pleasure of sitting in the press-level suites last year, and the view was AMAZING! I would recomend moving all of the suites to the bottom of the club level, making it even with the press level, and opening up the club level on the back where the suites currently are to let more air pass through. It gets AMAZINGLY stuffy up there as it is now. In fact, I will never sit up there again as it is now. Moving the suites to the bottom and closer to the field would increase their view and value, and would make the club level better for the fans in the seats.

Thanks for listening, and GO ROYALS!


You could change this for THIS YEAR: a few of the lower-level concession stands have the condiments directly across the concourse. This creates a bottleneck, with lines for the consesions backed by lines for the condiments and worsens the already narrow concourse. (this is especialy bad on the 3rd-base side, the last consession stand on the end.) PLEASE move the condiments somewhere else so people can walk bye at the back of the line.

As far as the new upgrades, I haven’t heard anyone yet talk about the openness of the ballpark, but one of the things I enjoy the most about going to the K is the feel of sitting outside at a ballpark, with the majestic scoreboard and fountains as the backdrop to the sky. I think that as you develope the outfield areas, this “feel” should still be respected. To me the K is great because of it’s feel of being outside at the ballpark in the summer. Please don’t “close in” the outfield in the renovations–then it would become a bowl with no breeze, no sightline, and no “feel”.

Lastly, I had the pleasure of sitting in the press-level suites last year, and the view was AMAZING! I would recomend moving all of the suites to the bottom of the club level, making it even with the press level, and opening up the club level on the back where the suites currently are to let more air pass through. It gets AMAZINGLY stuffy up there as it is now. In fact, I will never sit up there again as it is now. Moving the suites to the bottom and closer to the field would increase their view and value, and would make the club level better for the fans in the seats.

Thanks for listening, and GO ROYALS!


I spent a bit more time and went back to read some more ideas on this board and had another one I hadn’t heard yet–how about some of the table-style seating like they put in in Fenway in the outfield? If the thought is to turn the outfield into a more “fun” atmosphere with specialty food and beverages, how about accomodating those fans with bar-type tables/seating. This would be much more comfortable to eat at as well as make it easier for return trips than climbing over a half a row of people trying not to spill your tray. Add some closed-circuit TVs and make the entire outfield the same feel as being in the pavilion with food and drink at the ready, more a more relaxed, conversational “come-and-go” atmosphere. This area could be more like the old General Admission area I heard someone talk about on the board, with “first-come-first-serve” seating open for any fan at the K to go relax with friends, chat without having to yell 4 people down, and have room to enjoy your food and beverage. 3 or 4 teers of these bar-type tables around the outfield would provide plenty of flexible viewing area without changing the look and feel of the ballpark greatly (as well as being cheap). There wouldn’t even need to be seats–standing would accomodate most people and keep them moving back to thier seats so it never got too crowded.

How about an booze-free “family” seating area?

It is my understanding that there will be a way to walk around the outfield at the level of the current Jumbotron, while this will be nice I think it would be more fun if we had fences in place of the walls in the outfield and you could see onto the field. and walk around at field level. I also think a Bullpen Bar and grill would be successful. You would have dinner and watch the game where the greats have warmed up!

The idea of a downtown stadium should of been thought about back in 1969. Unfortunately that didn’t happen. Kauffman Stadium however, is still one of the most beautiful ballparks in baseball, as is. Yes the stadium does need to be updated. New luxury suits, wider concourses, newer restaurants etc. I’m twenty-two and I personally don’t want to come to “the K” and not recognize it. What makes it special is that over thirty-four years it’s still just as grand as it was when it opened. So updating is a good thing but i would appreciate not going overboard. More seats isn’t going to make it better. The Royals can’t feel the seats that are there now!

Please, whatever you do, leave the fountains and the backdrop of the fountains alone. It remains the best feature in any MLB ballpark (except the ivy walls at Wrigley, maybe!)

You’re not looking for our input. You’ve all known for a long time that we want the Royals downtown. The only reason Jackson County voters approved the band-aid that will go on Kauffman is because they were scared of losing the team. Sadly, those voters should have had something better put in front of them. They had little choice. Royals management and local government officials should know that we want our team downtown. There is nothing like watching downtown baseball. There has to be a way to redirect the funds and build a stadium downtown. I’ve lived here my entire life, and there is no question in my mind that it would be much better for the Kansas City area and certainly the Royals. If for no other reason, you’d be far closer to the majority of the greater Kansas City population by moving downtown. If I had the opportunity to watch games downtown, I would find a way to attend all 81 home games. And there are many like me in that regard. It is without a doubt a no-brainer.

Like I said the idea of a downtown ballpark is great. However, it should of been realized before the sports complex was built. I love that idea myself. With the Kansas City “Live” district, and the Sprint Center, downtown will finally be a destination. I just can’t see where it would go, and replacing Kauffman Stadium, I feel, is a great idea. The ballpark still is one of the nicest baseball facilities in the MLB. What I have seen, so far, with the renovation plans is a little too much. I am excited about everything but the center field plans. Please don’t build this 9,500 seat pre and post-game venue I’m seeing. It’s not necessary. Keep the backdrop as it is. The way the ballpark is now is very majestic. Especially at dusk, when attending a night game. Please, don’t ruin that. Thanks.

4 original ideas for Royals Stadium renovation.

1. Neon blue lighting.

neon blue stadium lighting

in the concourses,trimming the middle and upper decks facing the field,used everywhere in the newly renovated area outside of the stadium in the outfield, trimming the outside of the stadium,in Royals logos and Kansas City in script on outside of stadium.

No other stadium in the world would have the beautiful retro

feel neon lighting would give Kauffman.

2.crushed blue stone or tile or blue brick to use on the outside of the stadium or in the concrete walkways surrounding the stadium.

3.Ballpark photography.

use technology to offer your fans picture package options.

Fans would submit in advance to a retail photography store located in the stadium the location of their seats and purchase a package of picture options available to them.

Fans sitting in their seats.

Fans singing national anthem.

Fans standing ,cheering. etc, can you see the possibilites.Royals would use computer cameras located in the outfield to take the pre-purchased pictures,fans could pick them up after the game.

4. Tattoo shop

have a very small licensed tattoo shop that would offer sports tattoos. Anyone who gets a KC logo or a Kansas City script tattoo would receive a ticket to a future Royals game up in the nosebleed seats. A special section could be created ,The Tattoo Crew.

other suggestions that aren’t original, more fountains outside the stadium, more food choices. I wish the stadium was downtown also but it’s not so lets quit ******** and make the new Kauffman as good as we can.

keep the bullpens behind the wall the could be turned to run along the wall and still ad the new outfield seats. use bricks

People please stop whinning about downtown its not happening so get over it. The K is great where it is, its easy to get to and has plenty of parking. Getting downtown would be a major pain for a 7pm game and when you get there good luck finding parking. Enough of that, I agree with half of couch556 put the bullpens sideways behind the walls, but bricks? Come on we’re not Wrigley Field here so lets not pretend THis is Kansas City, after all so we’ve gotta show off our fountains. One more thing add a lot more BBQ in the stadium then there is know.

I really do not like the idea of moving the bullpens down the foul lines. I think it looks very cheap and unattractive. Having a bunch of guys sitting on folding chairs down the lines is just not pleasing to look at and reminds me of the stuff you see in the older run down stadiums.

If you want to have seats where the bullpens are now, why not basically put the seats over the bullpens and basically having an enclosed / roofed bullpen. Or instead, have the bullpens run lengthwise along the outfield wall in right center and left center fields. You could put the green chain length fence for a short distance so the players could still see the field, but the pitchers would be warming up behind the wall. I know several of the newer ballparks have things more like that.

I think it just looks so much classier to have the guys out of site rather than cups and chairs and balls and everything down the foul lines.

Here’s an idea for additional revenue that would keep the kids happy: Add a “Build-a-Bear Workshop” near the Sluggerr house that is being considered. The lines at the new Busch for a stuffed Fredbird were over 100+ each time I visited there, and I’m sure they’ve been successful at the other ballparks where they’ve opened.

I would mirror an earlier suggestion for a family-friendly section, esp. one that is alcohol-free. This is one of the main reasons why I as a Chiefs season ticket holder would never take my young soon to a game there. Once again, I think of the new area in the outfield at Busch where kids can take BP and play other baseball-themed games while parents can continue watching the game. Give people a reason to want to be in those new seats

you’re considering in the outfield.

Final thought for now… I know there has been discussion of luring an ESPNZone to the P&L District. If you could somehow convince them to come to the K instead, you would draw fans to the ballpark year-round. There are very few restaurants that fit the “destination” bill.

BTW, enough of the complaining about a downtown ballpark. Those of us in Jackson County are footing the bill for the next 25 years, so I don’t see what all of the complaining is about, ESPECIALLY if you’re a Johnson County resident enjoying facilities that I and fellow Jackson Countians have supported financially for years. If you were that gung-ho, you should have voted Yes on Bistate II.

NEON exterior lighting is a great way to attract attention and keep pace with more modern parks. The giant scorboard is the mainstay at the stadium and should be the focus of the renovations. I would hate to see cluttersome structures hastly put in that cheapen the overall appearence of one of the last remaining parks of it era (60’s – 70’s). KEEP IN THE STYLE THAT IS PRESENTLY THERE. At Fenway park they have a mix of renovations that occured over the years ans they spent a fortune not to long ago re doing everything to go back to the original turn of the century style.

It would be nice to see some outfield suites built into the outfield wall. The suites would bring in big bucks as well as offer a new dimension to fans who want to entertain clients or friends.

Also like I saw in San Diego & Pittsburg it would be great to have observation decks that are substantially high off of the ground, they offer unique views and are great places to offer concessions. Also “Sluggers House” is a great idea, but hopefully it is somewhat hidden. I feel in the last decade the “K” has been somewhat junked up by low end additions.

Jackson County voted and passed the funds for stadium improvements 10+ months ago. It’s time to see some DETAILED plans/renderings!!!!!!!!!


New electric wiring and plumbing – of course!

New 1st and 3rd base ticket windows

Royals Hall of Fame – include space for special exhibits to encourage repeat visits

Expanded concourses

More concession stands – include more local vendors

More bathrooms – my wife insists!

New main entrance

Fountain seating – will this increase the seating capacity or is it replacing seating?


Do we still have the Watson’s hottub in left field? If so, it must go. If not, please don’t bring it back. The hottub is ridiculous.

The “Little K” – I have a young son and still think the Little K, playground equipment, and speedpitch are kind of cheesy. Leave that stuff for the T-bones.


Bullpen relocations – I’m not crazy about the current bullpens, however, the “more traditional” foul territory bullpens never seem to fit in well either.


I like the idea of planting some restauarants and bars adjacent to the stadium.

Don’t forget about the area outside of the stadium – include lots of landscaping and dress up all of that asphalt. Remember that the experience starts outside the stadium. Perhaps the port-o-johns can be replaced with real restrooms?

How about extending the upper deck shading?

I like the suggestion to provide for more direct access to/from the upper deck (by escalator perhaps) so that the main level amenities are more accessible.

I was in supportive of the renovations but it has taken way too long to get these plans online and in public. Things should have been happening now.

You’ve had 5 years since BI-State to come up with a comprehensive plan, and yet there’s still nothing decided. That is pathetic, and you owe the generous taxpayers more. I say you correct this mistake by taking all that money the taxpayers have given you and build a world class ballpark at the north-loop downtown location.

I think we need to get the rolling roof plan back on a ballot to be re-voted on and go into more detail about how it wont cost us and stuff like that if that info wouldve been more present at the time of the voting last year it probly wouldve passed. But i am very glad the renovations will be taking place. I am very exited to see the results.Go Royals!

One thing I miss about the old park, is general admission seating. It was great going early for batting practice and sitting in the “cheapseats” trying to get a bp homerun. I’d gladly give up the grass on the hill for some GA seating. I miss halter top day, also!! An outdoor area similar to Legends would be nice with a shuttle from the park to the shops, but I dont know where it would exist. Definitely more bathrooms and concession areas are needed.

Partnering with the Negro Leagues museum would add a nice touch. After all, KC had a great team with some great players. Honor some of them. Maybe add an annex to the Negro league museum at the ballpark that would build interest in the museum on the Paseo. Its a great little place and should be promoted more.

please don’t add too much to the majestic concrete simplicity of the K! It will soon be the last or one of the last of it’s era, and I for one am thankful it’s not a new fake-retro park.

I have created a program that runs analysis on syntax and grammer errors. Then computes a I.Q. score on findings. All text above scored a outstanding 76. Just another stat for all you experts.

I’d like to see wider seats and a wider walking area in the rows. I am a tall person and when I sit down my knees hit the seat in front of me and its an inconvenence when others in the row have to get up and leave because MOST ALL of the people have to STAND to let someone out of their row!

I think that it would be an awesome idea if you would have a brick walk in the back ang Royals fans could buy bricks and have them engraved. You could set up different prices for how many words or so on. I think Royals fans would jump at the opportunity to have a personal sentiment attached to the stadium for a long time. It has been very popular at some other new stadiums. I mean imagine the KC logo with a families name and the words GO Royals or something to that effect. Then as a part of the package the family gets a certificate and a picture of their brick set in the walk way. Plus I also think that all of the Royals Hall of Famers need a hall Of their own. They are the ones who made this team. Do not get rid of the Crown it is as famous to the KC fans as the Green Monster is to the Redsox fans. I liked the previous idea of watching the Away games on the Royals Jumbotron, you don’t have to show every away game but think about the money you would make off of admission and concessions. It would be as if the Royals were actually playing at home. Start a BP package for fans to pay an extra 5 dollars or so to watch BP and get a chance to catch a few balls. The whole idea here is to create memories that will keep people coming back here again and again. Hasn’t anyone else realized that when the team is doing bad you still come to the park and watch the games and as soon as you step into the park the flood gates of memories spill open and you are automatically brought back to your youth and a smile comes across your face. That is what it is all bout people the memories. Granted we have only won one World Series but those memories w3ill live on forever. Let’s keep in mind all the memories that have happened here while this renovation is taking place. Honor the memories of the fans,staff , owners, or players. This stadium belongs to everyone. The fans are the ones that pay to watch the Royals play don’t lose track of that, show them that their voices can be heard. Then you will start the rebuilding of a Powerful yet dormant organization.

I personally like the idea of keeping the stadium where it is. I like the fact that there is less traffic than there would be downtown. I would like to see a blue/jazz restaraunt added to the stadium (maybe behind the outfield) and integrate the walk of fame, focused primarily on the greats in KC that were such a big part of the game, but also with reference to baseball’s great players. Babe Ruth, Joe Dimaggio(SP?), Jackie Robinson, ETC. I think the Blues/Jazz and the Walk of Fame would compliment each other pretty well. Thanks

I personally hate the idea of a renovation instead of a new ballpark but if you must renovate these are some improvements that I think are needed. Add more outfield seats. Adding outfield seats in right field as well would be nice. My favorite stadiums in MLB are the ones with seats all the way around the stadium including the whole outfield. I also think that you should add a concession stand called something like “Taste of the Majors” stand. Have the one signature food from every ballpark in MLB just like at Coors Field. You should also get rid of those roundabouts in the corners that are so noticeable, they are a real eye sore on the ballpark. I like the idea of many other people here saying to add a ballpark restaurant or bar like all other Major League Stadiums now, IE. Angels Stadium, Bank One Ballpark or whatever they call it now, and others. Create a Main Entrance from the main parking lots on the east side of the stadium as well. Everybody always enters there why not make that a main entrance as well in right field. I have also noticed that the best ballparks and the newer stadiums have brick everywhere, especially on the outside not concrete. I would recommend doing this as it gives it more of an old time feel. It is very hard to get to the stadium right now with it being out in the middle of nowhere, so please add some Public Transportation to the stadium for game days. If there was a public transportation from saw Lawrence, I know most college students would go to many many more games. And for the same as everyone else, put shops, bars, and restaurants around the stadium on the outside so people have a place to go after the game.

Okay What you need to do is make a new stadium. It could change the way you guys play. A new look is sometimes good. And it may bring in some more fans. But i mean the stadium just *****. You are welcome for the info. Go soxs

Kauffman Stadium needs to be considered a baseball shrine. Royals officals need to elimate such tacky advertising like the rotating truck in left field – or the large dog bone ad they had in the bullpen a couple years ago. Stuff like this makes the organization and the city look cheap.

How about putting in a row of park-style permanent grills and picknick tables in the areas between the parking lot and the stadium. This would be safer than people having coals in the parking lots, be cheap to install, and encourage mingaling of Royals fans before the gmaes.

Kauffman Stadium is beautiful, but I would like to see fountains outside the gates before, during, and after all games. jet fountains that shoot out of the ground mixed in with the side walk.Nothing to strong so kids, and young adults could walk through and cool off,during the hot summer months. replace all that tacky black aspalt with something beautiful.Leave the bullpins where they are. And put a patroled sidewalk ,not an eletric sidewalk, connecting right and left field.

Adults-only section. It seems like every time I go to the game, there is some kid screaming because he didn’t get cotton candy. Or there’s a kid who always pulls my hair. I know the stadium is a family place, but an adults-only section would be much appreciated.

Where all the fountains are, make it all seating. That way more people have a chance to get homerun balls and interact with the players more. Granted, the fountains are nice, but do they really serve a purpose? Put the fountains in front of the park when you walk in, not inside the ballpark so they go off when somebody hits a homerun.

The suburbanites saying that parking and traffic is worse downtown are ill-informed & ignorant. You white-bread robots probably haven’t been downtown lately, trust me, it’s not your daddy and grandaddy’s downtown. In 5 years once the Sprint Center and P&L District is booming, you’ll realize the mistake you made. Let’s just call this renovation a 250 million dollar Kemper-esque band-aid. Baseball belongs in urban environments & neighborhoods, not in an exhorbant asphalt parking ocean.

-Upgrade the video board and concourse monitors to modern standards, but keep the facade of the existing scoreboard.

– While you are at it, upgrade RSTNs video capabilities. Broadcasting HiDef would make area resident happier for watching a game when they can’t be there.

– Fountains. Keep them. Upgrade them. Make them interactive with music and programmable to the organ and field events. Get some “oooohhs” and “ahhhhs” out of them.

– Definitely widen the concourse, or at minimum, change the orientation of the vending suites to not have lines extending into traffic areas.

– Seat padding. ‘Nuff said.

– Game monitors in the bathrooms. Nobody likes being in a line, but a line with a TV is better.


– Foul area bullpens. I think they always have the potential for causing injuries for players, pitchers and fans. Leave them where they are now and put the seats on top of them.

– Greenspace and trees are great, but are they practical when 25,000 are all walking elbow to elbow to get in by opening pitch? How about player statues on astroturf under tall awnings?

– Use something a little more tasteful than a chain link fence to seperate inside the park vs outside the park. Little class please.

– Just triple the size of the bathrooms. May be overkill, but in terms of general fan happiness, that might go a long way.

I think that there should be a bat making shop. In other stadiums they carve bats out of blocks of wood. I would like to see one of those.

Baseball is a game. A game played by grown ups. Just as movie stars entertain us, both sets of people feel entitled to “earn” a ton of money at our expense. The fan in the seat is just a small portion of the revenue for a major league team. Just look at the profits for each team every year. Even the lowly Royals make a ton of money. I feel that if the Royals, who very much like to proclaim that THEY are a SMALL market team, should make ONLY improvements that help the normal every day fan who just wants to come to a game and cheer for a team that at leaast has a chance to win the division. Wider concourses with larger and more bathrooms with TVs in them so you can watch the game while standing in line would be great. I dont care if there are resturaunts or bars in or around the ball park. I can drink beer during the game if I want. I do not go to a game to party and eat fancy food. I go to watch players who enjoy playing baseball. So updating the things around the stadium that will actually benefit that FAN, while keeping the traditional aspects of the stadium in place, the Crown Scoreboard, the fountains the bullpens in right where they are, is the most important thing. I could care less if there are a ton of advertisements, that just takes away from the atmosphere of the game. As for the outside, I think a better display of statues and memoribilia honoring both the Royals and the Monarchs for fans to look at while waiting in line would be cool, maybe an open maze like line leading up to the gate that has stats on players and info regarding important games during the Royals history and that kind of thing would be pretty cool. Like it has been said, fancy bar and grills, flashy lights and signage and all the other “decoration” means nothing if the Royals organization cannot or will not spend the money to put a team on the field that is consisently competitve every year. As I have said before to people, The difference between the West Missouri team of the Royals and the East Missouri team of the Cardinals is that if I go to a Cards game I expect them to win and if I go to a Royals game then I expect them to lose. Change that and in a few years the Royals could pay for their own amenities and updates….

This may have already been mentioned (have not read every single post on this page), but I’d really like to see the seats aligned better for improved viewing angles. I’ve been to over half of the parks in the MLB, and I can say that all of my favorites are oriented so that even if you are in the 4th deck in a corner, you’re facing the infield. At the K, you can be in a $25 seat down the 1st or 3rd base line and have to sit sideways to see the plate currently.

I’d like to start by saying that anybody who claims that two new stadiums could have been built downtown for the same amount of money being spent to renovate Kauffman and Arrowhead is either stupid, or thinks everybody else is stupid enough to actually believe them. Without even taking into account the cost of removing the old stadiums and aquiring land downtown to bulid the new ones, it would be possible to build ONLY one new stadium for the price of renovating two. Never mind the fact that Arrowhead and Kauffman are still two of the best stadiums ever built for their perspective sports.

I think that most of the plans I’ve seen so far are very good. I’ve always felt that Kauffman Stadium should have more seats in the outfield so fans can actually have a chance of catching home run balls. Any plans to expand outfield seating will be an improvement as long as they do not clutter the fountains. Adding more rows to the existing seats and expanding those sections over where the bullpens currently are would probably be the best approach. Softening the facade outside the stadium is an absolute must. There is WAY too much exposed concrete on the outside of the stadium, making the outside as unappealing as the inside IS appealing. Keep the proposed outfield pavilion as close to the current plans as possible. The renderings of those plans are absolutely beautiful.

Once again, why does everybody want the ballpark downtown? Last I checked, there isn’t anything going on downtown after 6PM anyway, so you would STILL be lacking the same types of businesses the stadiums lack now. While it probably would be easier to lure these businesses to downtown, it would still have to be done.

more outfield seats

Hello all Royal fans, City Politicians, Team Administrators, and parties involved in Kauffman renovations.
I live in Los Angeles and am a current Dodger season ticket holder. But, please note that I recently purchased a second home in Kansas City after falling in love with the city and the midwest lifestyle in general. I travel back to KC at least five times a year on my vacations and extended weekends spending all my disposable income in the many amenities KC has to offer most recently admiring the Nutcracker and The Dead Sea Scrolls. Being a avid baseball I have had the chance to visit just this SEVEN ballparks. Wrigley Field, Chicago…Busch Stadium St. Louis…Kauffman Stadium were all during visits to KC. Petco Field, San Diego…AT&T Park, San Francisco as a result of last Septembers’ Dodger playoff drive. Angel Stadium during the spring training Freeway Series. And just this week, ofcourse Opening Day and a couple of hours ago Dodger Stadium vs Rockies. I ran this by all who are interested because of my opinion as a baseball fan. Here is my opinion… GO DOWNTOWN. I noticed Kauffman stadium to be in the middle of nowhere lacking panoramic views from any point in the stadium. The only view that struck me was Arrowhead stadium next door as a point of interest. If downtown, this lackluster upgrade with concession stands would only compliment all the outdoor dining and activity taking place in downtown KC’s revival. I am slightly embarrassed to say that with friends who I will fly often with me to brag and share KC with during my summers will have to wait for the new Srint Center patrons to move in before I decide to chaperone them around Kauffman Stadium. That is, until they go Downtown. Even Dodger Stadium which is located in an empty Ravine is considered close enough to Downtown for a vista. Angel Stadium is centralized to businesses and shopping as well. From a new Kansas City home owner to its new family in the circle and spirit of sports, Do not throw your money away in a place that has not worked in the past. Think outside the box. Think corporate. Think World Series. From the words of a former Dodger (#42) who was a former minor league “Royal” to be honored this week across the country…Think Blue with a New Tradition. GO DOWNTOWN KANSAS CITY.

You won’t regret it my friends. God Bless


Another thing that I think would be pretty nice would be to put an entertainment district out behind the field (where that 9500 seat arena was going to go) a la Wrigley Field, complete with seats on top of the bars/restaurants. This could also make the Truman Sports Complex more of a “destination” than it currently is. If mass transit – which is coming to the zoo, I believe – can come in that would make it even better.

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