Royals Stay Busy On and Off the Field

In addition to a weekend of action on the field against the Blue Jays, the Royals have a weekend packed full of events off the field as well.

Friday, a group of around 200 people had an opportunity to welcome new Royals General Manager Dayton Moore to the Kansas City community. Moore appeared alongside Kansas City legend Buck O’Neil as a guest panelist for the State Farm Legends Luncheon held at the Madrid Theater. Proceeds from the event went the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum. Moore fielded questions from the audience and shared some of his favorite baseball memories during the hour-long stage presentation.

Be sure to check out the upcoming events page on for guest information for the next State Farm Legends Luncheon, which is set for Wednesday, Aug. 9.

Meanwhile, third baseman Mark Teahen, pitcher Joe Nelson and coaches Fred Kendall and Luis Silverio hosted a free instructional clinic for kids from Blue Valley Recreation. Not only do the kids get to learn about the fundamentals of the game, they get to share the field with some of their favorite Royals!

The clinic is part of the club’s George Brett Youth Baseball and Softball Program, which offers fundraising opportunities to youth leagues across the metro area. The Royals have already conducted five of these clinics during the last month with several more dates still on the calendar!

In addition to instructional clinics, leagues can earn other cool incentives such as Royals uniform patches, on-field parades at Kauffman Stadium, and first-pitch opportunities through this program. Call the Royals at (816) 921-8000 for more information on how to get your youth league involved!

Manager Buddy Bell and members of his coaching staff arrived at the ballpark early on Saturday to participate in Baseball 101. This fun event, which is presented by HCA Midwest Hospitals, is designed exclusively for women 16 year old and over. Buddy and the coaches worked with the women on learning baseball basics and general terminology that is central to understanding the game. Proceeds from the event benefited the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City.

Remember to keep checking the community section of for updates on future Royals events!


I am impressed by all the talk about developing the farm system, but after they are developed, will the Glass family make a commitment to keeping them?

the royals are horrible, they are the worst franchise in history, if i lived in kansas city, i would be ashamed… got help the pittiful royals, contract ur sorry franchise…




Poor Selaine…….

Jeffmary1756, That’s a good question, undoubtably, there will be players like Johnny Damon that will leave because they don’t want to play in such a small market, thier goal is to play for the Yankees. The trick is, if you are going to loose them, trade them for value in their final year of the current contract.

From what I’ve heard, Mr.Glasses personal wealth is about 300 Million. The Yankees get more than that yearly off of TV revenues. I’m sure as the teams revenues increase Mr. Glass will invest more in players, but I wouldn’t expect him to dump out 150 million in this market.

One other note: I’m not necessarily saying that the Glasses haven’t made mistakes…… but if it weren’t for Mr. Glass, The Royals might just be in Charlotte, NC right now. To sell this team, someone has to want to buy it. Minnesota is for sale, and there’s noone clammoring to buy!

I still thought we were going to be able to find out what was going on “inside” the Royals on this blog. All the stuff above is community bulletin board stuff! You can see most of this on the front page of the website.

I bad……. correction: Poor Elaine.
Well, I hope whoever it is with the Royals that posts the primary entry above, reads this; how about the inside scoop on the Royals. How about some interviews with the Minor League instructors? The primary posts are nothing but ads for this charitable venture or other. We really would like to know more about the Royals as it pertains to the future, and the team on the field. While all the clinics and such are great for P.R. purposes, it doesn’t instill much hope for the future of a winning ball club. How about some details regarding the progress of planning on the renovations?? Something other than a replay of the community bullitin board… It’s obvious that you are loosing bloggers, because the content for discussion is not anything to discuss. You only have 4 postings after 2 days?? Please, tell us what, in the story above, that there is to discuss???

Today is July 13th. If there’s anyone that still bothers to read this blog….
Welcome aboard Toby Cook. For those of you outside the Metro, Toby Cook has been the co-anchor on the Fox 4 Morning news show here in K.C.

If Toby is the Face of the Royals, it is a very good, and energetic one. Above all, he has always impressed me with his integrity in his reporting! Good call Mr.Glass! Two good calls in a row!

Kauffman farm for SALE…Maybe Mr. Glass would like to buy the family farm that was owned by Ewing Kauffman’s grandfather since 1891. It stayed in the family till the late 1960’s and is said that Ewing Kauffman was born there. I bought the 16.83 acres with the house barn and pond in 1994 and have a website selling it. go to How do I get this message to Mr. Glass so he can get a real farm system going.

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