Take a Look at RSTN.TV

If you have watched the Royals on television in the pastfour years, chances are you probably were watching the Royals Sports Television
. The Royals created their own sports network in 2003 in an effort to
provide more games to fans in the team’s broadcast region. This year marked a first
for RSTN as it televised a pair of games for the Wichita Wranglers, Kansas City’s Double A affiliate.

RSTN has become much more than just the production of live
baseball games. RSTN produces weekly programming, including The Royals Insider,
a show hosted by long-time Royals announcer Fred White. Each week White takes a
look behind the scenes at Kauffman Stadium and offers interviews and highlights
of the players and staff. In addition to Royals Insider, RSTN is now producing
a kids program every other week during the season. The Blue Crew is a fun show
that features Royals mascot Sluggerrr and gives kids an opportunity to learn
more about the game of baseball.

For those that are tech savvy (and we know you are because
you are reading this blog), RSTN offers its own web site, rstn.tv. The site is
loaded with video highlights from the current season as well as top plays from
the 2004 and 2005 seasons. And, in case you have missed an episode of Royals
Insider or The Blue Crew, the site offers an archive of the shows. If you’re
not sure if RSTN is carried in your area, just check out rstn.tv to see a
listing of affiliates.

RSTN.tv also offers fans a chance to interact with our
announcers. Fans can e-mail the broadcast booth and may even see their question
answered on the air. Even if the announcers can’t get to your question on the
air, they will do their best to get back to you. Some questions are included in
the RSTN mailbag, a new feature in 2006, where questions and answers are posted
on the site. If you have questions or feedback about our broadcasts, those are welcome

It is also important that we acknowledge our production
partner for all of these games and shows as Metro Sports here in Kansas City does a fantastic job bringing the games to the viewers. Metro has some of the best
production facilities around and, more importantly, some of the best people
working for them. They do a great job.

So, if you have any questions about RSTN, please check us
out at www.rstn.tv. And be sure to watch the
next time the Royals are on TV.






Dear Royals,

I’m a little confused. I know the purpose of a blog is to allow readers to interact with one another (which seems to be happening here), but on most blogs that I’ve joined, the blog owner also jumps into the dialogue occasionally in order to answer questions about or make clarifications to a post. Is that going to happen here? For example, I keep checking back to read the Dayton Moore post, but it is not on and there is no comment as to why.

Please don’t read my comments as being hostile. I really am just confused about the purpose.


Royalsnut, I agree. When you hear ads on the Royals Radio Network about this blog, it was to inform fans about the “inside” goings on of the Royals. I like you am not trying to be hostile. It would be interesting to hear some of the thoughts of the front office folk as well as maybe some input from the Royals minor league system.
Not trying to be negative, but this year is pretty well shot, and Sanders, Menkavitch (sp?) and Grud, are not the future of the Royals. How about some hope for the future?? Could Mr. Moore please let us in a little on the “master plan”??

I think the RSTN broadcasters have been great. They are always entertaining and i love listening.
The only problem is that they dont televise enough home games. The whole blackout thing doesnt make fans go to the ballpark. The Royals arent good enough to where if you cant see them on TV you go to the game. Right now if the Royals arent on I just read about them in the paper.

Anyway that we could get Taylor Hicks in the broadcast booth?!! The 65 commercials per broadcast aren’t quite enough for moi.

Seriously: Denny, Fred, Ryan, Split, Bob, Brian & Kim – y’all rock – keep it up. We’re all going to have more fun when this thing gets turned around. Waiting for the Royal Renaissance…

I don’t have cable, nor really the time to watch it, but I do have XM Radio and when I’m out of town I listen to all the games. XM broadcasts the home team announcers, and I can tell you, Denny, Ryan, and Fred are about as good as it gets for calling a game! The other teams announcers vary from flat boring to such a bunch of out and out homers that they don’t even call the game!

I love the fact that I get to watch most of the games being 7 hours from KC. I get little or no coverage from the Wichita news. The local sportscaster showed Bucks HR while describing Stairs game winning 2 run shot. Does he know who the players are? A few days prior to that Burgos came in a game and got the last out in the 8th inning and FSN switched to a poker show and did not show the 9th inning of the game. Go Royals

In the state of Iowa, we are considered as being in the local blackout area for no less than six major leauge teams. Now, none of these teams is close enough that, if the game isn’t on TV due to blackout, that I could hop in my car after work and drive to the game and even arrive before it’s over.

However, due to blackout rules developed by Major Leauge Baseball back in the days before internet, satelite or even cable delivery of TV and radio signals, I can’t watch the Royals play.

I spent $179 on DirecTV Extra Innings a couple years ago only to be told *AFTER* I had paid the non-refundable subscription fee that I was in the local area and could watch select over-the-air games on Channel 38 (three TV markets away from me).

Sadly, DirecTV didn’t even know why I was blacked out. Jeff Passan, of the KC Star has done two excellent articles on this issue for the Yahoo Sports website:




After about half of RSTN’s first season, Fox Sports Midwest did pick up the Royals games, but that still didn’t help me because they only show them in Missouri, Nebraska and Kansas…so I’m still here in Iowa getting blacked out.

Why should those of you in RSTN-enabled areas care?

Because we’re in a part of the Midwest where, given the option to watch the Royals about 100 nights a year, some people would become interested enough to vacation to KC and see a game or two. When I do get to see a rare TV game (when they play the White Sox) the stadium looks so nice – it makes me want to come see a game.

Here’s what I tried to sell to the RSTN bigwigs once and they told me it was too expensive:

Get RSTN on any cable outlet in Iowa that will take it…do it at cost. At least then, people can watch the games, see the great stadium and come and visit. It could open up revenue from KC-area attractions that might advertise if they know potential tourists might be watching.

When I was younger, there was no single team people rooted for in Iowa. The Royals had fans like me as well as those on the Iowa side of the Omaha metro area, the Cubs did okay because of the I-Cubs in Des Moines. Some north Iowans were Twins fans, in SE Iowa the Cards were the team of choice and a few Sox and Brewers fans were also around. Then, suddenly Iowa became a Cubs state. Why? Were they good? NO. Did they have a nice (in their case “historic”) ballpark? YES. Did they play in a good tourist city? YES. Were all their games on cable? YES!

WGN was what made the Cubs big in Iowa. With WGN rarely showing Cubs games anymore, the market is ripe. I think the Royals are in a similar situation here in Iowa to what the Cubs had in the pre-cable era. The market is ripe. Do the Royals jump at it, or do they let the Twins, Brewers, Cards, Sox and Cubs get first dibs?

How about installing the needed equipment at cost at the Mediacom Cable offices in Des Moines and Cedar Rapids? That’s about 750,000 viewers right there. While the impact might be small at first, but the impact of being one of the “best televised” teams in Iowa would only help the Royals.

Sorry…long post…but I’m tired of not being able to watch the Royals!

Oh yeah…one more thing, the Royals MUST work out a deal to get the games on KC_area hotel TVs. There’s nothing worse that coming to KC and still not being able to watch the Royals even when you’re across the street from Kauffman.

They should work a deal with hotels that will add Metro Sports to the channel line up so that they are listed, with reservations links, to the RSTN web site, or something. I’d select one hotel over another in KC if I knew the Royals games would be on!

And, it’s not as much for me…I’m already going to go to the games, but you want travelers to “sample the product” and say – tomorrow, I’m getting a ticket and going to the game.

In the end, its all about reaching out to more ticket buyers! Isn’t it?

i live in kc and have dish network so i don’t have rstn. why is rstn only available for cable?? i remember when games where on local tv. i know channel 38 has a few games but why can’t rstn be available to everyone in the kc area??? its seems rstn is missing out on alot of viewers by having it on cable tv. i’ve also been to many restaurants and bars that have satellite tv and can’t get the royals games. i think this is a shame!! why hasn’t this been addressed??

Maybe I can explain some of this…. $$$$$$$$$$.
You guys are right of course, you should be able to watch games. But here’s the obvious problem.

First of all there are broadcast territories, the Royals can only broadcast so close to the White Sox or Cubs.

Secondly, there’s cost. Mediacom, (for example) has to “buy” the telecasts. It’s been well known for years that if enough folks in a given area wants to watch the “Drying Paint” channel, any cable company will pay for it!

Third, is MLB.COM/TV. You’ll note that every time you go onto the Royals web site you get an eyeful of MLB.COM TV. In the end, they are selling a product, “baseball”, and indeed, if they can’t get the advertisers to pay for it, or the cable companies to pay for it, then they try to get it from us, the fans.

I do agree, the Royals are missing a HUGH P.R. opportunity by not being able to sell RSTN, BUT aside from us diehards, who wants to tune in to a loosing team?? More so, how does an advertising salesperson sell ads when the product the Royals are putting on the field stinks?

Although there are cheap tickets, you still have to get here like our friend in Iowa. The success of the 70’s and 80’s involved making this a regional team, SD, NE, IA,(prodominately western)MO,(again western), KS, and Northern Oklahoma and Arkansas. At one time, folks from Iowa would make a weekender down to K.C. to watch a weekend series, and find they were sitting next to a family from Oklahoma. Then they’d hit Westport, or do some shopping on the Plaza. That’s what this team needs to get back to!

I think what amazes me is from what a I’ve heard, when folks contact the Royals, they always seem to hear, why “we can’t”. How about the Royals adopting a “we can” attitude?! As an example, to the mention above about pumping the Royals games into hotel rooms. I’m sure that would be expensive to do, but how about someone in marketing walking a few comp tickets over to the Hotels??

Does anyone with the Royals REALLY read these posts???

I agree that its about the money bowtech…but, as seems to be the case in to many floundering businesses these days, owners, directors and managers have forgotten that you can make money by spending it.

The best company I worked for had a general manager who would spend money like crazy – but it was well spent and it added customers. When he left, the new GM decided to cut all the spending…but his customer numbers dropped, too.

You can hide all your money under the mattress, but it will never gain any interest unless you’re willing to risk a little.

To touch on your local territory issues, the territories in Iowa are a joke, a map that’s with the Passan stories I mentioned above shows that Iowa – the whole state – is in the local area for: Sox, Cubs, Cards, Brewers, Twins and Royals. All six…the whole state…there aren’t enough TV stations in Iowa to pick up that many teams…we get Cubs, Sox and some Cards games here in eastern Iowa. And, when Mediacom messes up, we do, from time to time, get a few Twins games that I guess are only supposed to be on in North-Central Iowa.

There was a rumor early on that Mediacom-Des Moines looked at RSTN but they wanted way to much for the viewership they’d expect.

I still say if it’s there, people will watch – even if they are watching bad baseball. Case in point: I watched a lot of bad Cubs games on WGN as a kid!

The Royals need to be willing to lose a little money with RSTN to build viewership (which leads to better ad rates), build ticket sales and build a tourist fan base.

By the way, if anyone from RSTN is reading this, my marketing ideas and I are available for hire. Call me😉

Obviously, the bottom line is always money, but within that framework, there are many ‘ways to skin a cat’. If it was as simple as that, ALL professional sports franchises would run the same…
That being said, I really wish that the Royals WOULD think more outside the box when it comes to marketing. One of the things that I don’t understand, is that they seem to have cut off their ‘ticketing’ promos to next to none. People used to kind of laugh about it, but I always thought the ‘but a pizza, get a Royals ticket’ worked. Right now, all they should be concerned about is getting people in the seats.

Also, I have noticed this year that they do not have any ticket promotions on their website. They used to do a lot of drawings.

How many empty seats do we see every night?

Nobody from the Royals is going to pay any attention to what we write here. I’m not sure why I’m wasting my time.

Since all MLB cares about is the almighty dollar, why won’t they see the millions of potential dollars in MLB.com subscriptions, Extra Innings subscriptions, etc. that fans such as myself are more than willing to throw at them?

If in a given team’s market, the games are available to the fan on the team’s TV network, then it is perfectly understandable why there should be a blackout on MLB.com and on Extra Innings. The team’s TV network should and does take priority.

BUT…if the team’s TV network broadcasts are NOT available in the “market” that someone devised, centuries ago apparently, then MLB should allow the fan to purchase the game, end of story.

Where are the Royals getting screwed out of any money if we are allowed to buy the games on MLB.com or on Extra Innings? As it is now, we can’t watch the games anyway! Any revenue that might go to MLB, whether it goes directly to the Royals or not, has to benefit the Royals in the long run.

It’s not our fault that the Royals made the decision to start RSTN. It’s not our fault that the Royals were unable to convince our local cable and satellite providers to carry the games.

The Royals’ response to this is “call your cable operator or satellite provider and tell them you want RSTN.” Well, how many tens of thousands of us have to clamor for RSTN for us to get it? It’s obvious that the cable/sat vendors don’t see the benefit and aren’t going to carry the games. So it’s completely unfair that the people who want the games, and are willing to buy them at a premium, cannot get them.

MLB and the 30 teams are losing out on all kinds of additional revenue. The folks at MLB obviously suffer from Cranio-Rectal syndrome, which is why they can’t see the light of day. I am probably the world’s worst salesman. I couldn’t sell a glass of water to a man who is dying of thirst. He’d say, “No, thanks; I’ll just die.” But even I have enough marketing sense to see something quite obvious that a bunch of millionaires apparently don’t see.

MLB and the Royals, if you won’t televise the games in the main portion of Arkansas, away from the little corner where Daddy and Dan live…and I don’t mean the smattering of games on channel 38 that we somehow manage to see (I only know of one RSTN game that has been on this year in the Little Rock market, and I think it was probably by accident)…then please drop us from your market. Either make the product available to us, or let us buy the doggone product from an approved vendor (MLB.com or our satellite provider).

Don’t just shut us out and tell us we can’t get the games at all. Who is more likely to give a happy about the Royals…someone who lives 400 miles away, or someone who lives 2400 miles away? The person who lives 2400 miles away can get the games, but cares nothing about them. The person who lives 400 miles away can’t get them unless he makes a 400-mile trip to the K. In my case, even during what promises to be the fourth 100+ loss season out of five seasons, I care a great deal about the games and am willing to pay $ for them.

Hey, Selig, Glass, et.al.: You like $, right? Those pretty little S’s with a vertical line through them that a lot of folks, including some of you, hunger and thirst for 24/7?

You want to market your product to us? Then market it! This ain’t rocket science!

Oh, and by the way, Mr. Glass…sell the team!

Hey, Selig, Glass, et.al.: How did you guys become millionaires, anyway? You don’t seem to know anything at all about marketing. So just exactly what makes you worth your millions? The people reading and contributing to this blog don’t have your dollars, but I guarantee you that we have more sense.

David Glass, obviously, made his money with Wal-Mart, but even then received very mixed reviews regarding this P.R. skills. No one would deny his genius on the business side of retail.
Bud Selig sold used cars, I believe. I know that sounds like a joke, but I am pretty sure that is what he did.

Hey Glass,
Sell the Royals.

To rscrivner: It was a rhetorical question, actually. You’re correct about both men. And I’m sure that all the rest of the millionaire owners have at least a clue about business, unless they inherited their fortunes. But collectively, they don’t know beans about marketing, which is quite astonishing seeing that many of them allegedly have the Midas touch in other facets of running a business.

Oh! Mr. Glass is making $$$ alright….. He just got the Jackson County taxpayers to pony up for stadium renovations to increase revenues, then there’s the 60 million that the team gets from MLB. Yes Selig sold used cars…….. I would agree, Mr. Glass needs a short course in P.R.

Arkansas is not allowed to access the games via satellite through Fox Midwest because the deal between RSTN and Fox MW did not include AR, OK, or Iowa. All three states are considered Royal Television territory. Since the Royals claim those states, they are also blacked out on the Extra Innings package, which is for out of market games. So you are blacked out both in market and out of market in those states. The Royals have forsaken us. There are only 3 states in the entire USA that can’t get the Royals on TV. All 3 are INSIDE Royals television territory. RSTN is a joke……..

What are the chances of having RSTN broadcast in High Definition? Baseball + H.D. = fantastic

I live near Aberdeen, Maryland and I enjoy watching the Royals play on RSTN through the Dish Network MLB Extra Innings. (Grew up in KC and have been a fan for 30 years — you can take me out of KC, but you can’t take KC out of me.)

About half of the time, I would watch the Royals play on Dish Network through their opponent’s network, like FSN Ohio, FSN Detroit, FSN North, FSN West, and others.

I don’t get every Royals game on Dish Network, because for some reason it is not available.

Bob and Paul are great to listen to and follow during the games, as I know they are also true blue fans who are rooting for the Royals.


If RSTN television costs the Royals money i’d rather listen to the them on the radio to save them money to spend on good players.

I’d be fine if Glass sold the team but whoever bought them would hire smart people in the front office and wouldn’t give away players like CF Jonny Damon, CF J. Dye, SP Jeff Suppan, CF Carlos Beltran just to name a few and get rid of 1B Mike Sweeney

I am a Royals fan from Canonsburg,Pa. Unless I get MLB Extra Innings from Direct TV or Dish Network,I must get it on Sports InDemand on my local cable company,Comcast of Canonsburg/Washington.(Sports InDemand’s number is 1-888-SPORTS-IN,Comcast’s is 1-800-COMCAST.)
I don’t want to pay a fortune on digital cable,because I don’t get a lot of money every month. I wish there was a way to see the Royals on TV or listen to the Royals on radio other than 670 the Score(White Sox),CBS 880(Yankees),CHML 900 in Hamilton,Ontario(Blue Jays),WTIC 1080 in Hartford(Red Sox)or WTAM 1100(Indians).And I can’t get MLB Radio to hear Denny “KC that’s a winner” Matthews and Ryan Lefebvre on 810 WHB on the Internet because I have to need a credit card to order,and I can’t get a credit card because I don’t have good credit. And WHB does not have a good signal at night here in the Pittsburgh area. What’s the best-and affordable-way to see a lot of Royals games on RSTN and 810WHB in my area. Feel free to e-mail me. And please don’t get rid of Mike Sweeney,and give Mark Teahen a long-term contract too.(Can I have a complimentary copy of Royals Gameday Magazine?) Thanks. Fred Benson,390 Chartiers Run Rd. Canonsburg,Pa.

P.S.:Did you know Mike Sweeney did a promo for the Eternal Word Television Network’s “Life on the Rock” recently? Put that up on Royals.com!

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