Dayton Moore Will Be Stopping By

Around the Horn in KC is excited to announce that Dayton Moore will be stopping by for a Q&A session with our readers. Anyone can participate, by emailing your question to Dayton will answer the most requested topics and we will post his answers here on the site. If you can sign your emails with your name and city, that would be great!

Also, we probably won’t be able to do this on a regular basis, but I wanted to give you a look at tonight’s lineup since Joey Gathright has arrived and will be batting ninth and playing center field tonight.


1) Jose Bautista, CF, 2) Jack Wilson, SS, 3) Sean Casey, 1B, 4) Jason Bay, LF, 5) Jeromy Burnitz, RF, 6) Freddy Sanchez, 3B, 7) Joe Randa, DH, 8) Jose Castillo, 2B, 9) Ronny Paulino, C

Pitching – Ian Snell (7-4, 4.71)


1) David DeJesus, LF, 2) Mark Grudzielanek, 2B, 3) Doug Mientkiewicz, 1B, 4) Emil Brown, RF, 5) Matt Stairs, DH, 6) Mark Teahen, 3B, 7) Angel Berroa, SS, 8) Paul Bako, C, 9) Joey Gathright, CF

Pitching – Mike Wood (3-2, 4.69)

It’s probably also worth noting that changing center fielders has not been a common occurance in KC history. In fact, the Royals prestigious tradition in center field is nearly unmatched in baseball. Here’s a list of the top players in games played at centerfield. After just over a year, David DeJesus already ranks 7th on the list. (By the way, the years, listed are the years they led the club in games in CF).

Games Played in Center Field (CORRECTED)

  1. Amos Otis (1970-83), 1,793
  2. Willie Wilson (1984-89), 1,114
  3. Carlos Beltran (1999-2003), 751
  4. Brian McRae (1991-94), 606
  5. Johnny Damon (1996, 98), 405
  6. Tom Goodwin (1995, 97), 272
  7. David DeJesus (2004-06), 240
  8. Bo Jackson (1990), 88
  9. Bob Oliver (1969), 48

Thanks for the great comments on this chart! A couple of our loyal readers mentioned that the original list was wrong for Amos Otis. For some reason, the original information from Stats, Inc. left off A.O.’s first 2 seasons, which accounted for 303 games in center field. For those wondering, Otis played 12 games in left and 42 in right during his career in KC, while Wilson played 635 in left and 9 in right.


Hey Glass,
Sell the team.

Brian McRae is missing from the list.

And yes, Mr. Glass, please sell the team.

Gathright makes the whole outfield look better now and in the future. Before we had Stairs and German as back-ups. I like Stairs bat, but both are serious defensive liabilities. Now we have four outfielders, two who can play center and a ligitimate base stealer/speed threat. Number nine spot is perfect for Gathright to work on batting and potentially to lead off. For the future we have Brown (.270-.280 ave, 15-20 hr) at one corner and DeJesus (.280-.290 ave, 10 hr) at the other corner. If Gathright does not produce anything but speed, we can move DeJesus back and develop/obtain a different corner outfielder.

Players have to be given up on for a team to move forward. If we cannot get players to play hard and run hard, they do not have enough pride to be in this organization. Get RID of them. While I know Berroa has talent I don’t know of to many ballplayers who jog to first more, or turn a double play any slower or more awkward around the bag. I am sick of that kind of ball from this team for the many years we have been subjected to it. It is nice in the past week to see the team have a little life in it. Go Joey. Go Dayton, clean house. Dayton please be a man and not what we have gotten used to here for so many years now. Stay with a plan right or wrong. The only plan we have seen here for years has been change every year, and very little hope for the future. I would love for you to make me want to buy season tickets again. We have seen the Glasses do not no how to run a ball team so hopefully they will not run one anymore.
As owners maybe they can also become fans and leave the ball team and the media alone.

Dear Royals fans:

You have a great GM in Dayton Moore. Having lived in Atlanta for the past 15 years I have had the pleasure of watching year after year as players develop in the farm system and then contribute at the Major League level. Be patient, and you will have a winner you can be proud to call your own. You could not ask for a better person to run the organization.

Something…and it may be radical Mr. Glass should do…in my opinion…after watching several of their games, I am starting to get the idea that the whole organization, save a few, needs to be either bought out, forced to retire or flat-out fired. The starting pitching rotation, a good portion of them, have an earned run average over 5 and those that don’t have an ERA that high aren’t supported offensively or by the middle or closing pitching relief.
Due to the current structure that major league baseball finds itself in, smaller market teams such as the Royals through profit sharing get funds from the larger market teams such as the Yankees and Red Sox. Besides the money the team gets from season ticket sales, regular ticket sales, concession sales and other licensed merchandise – millions of dollars – team owner David Glass is getting an additional $65 million per year from major league baseball. You would think that Glass would have the team’s salary at a minimum of $65 million.

If that were what you think, then you, like I was, would be wrong. Before the regular season got underway, then team general manager Allard Biard got permission to increase the salary level up to $50 million from $45 million. I know the Royals’ owner doesn’t want the team to slide into bankruptcy, but he has to realize that if he puts wins on the board he will put people in the seats. In order to do that, he has to open the pocketbook wider than a half inch.

My advice to Mr. Glass is follow the example set by a former mentor – Sam Walton. When establishing Wal-Mart, “Mr. Sam”, as he was commonly referred, knew that in order to make money you needed to spend money. He wasn’t afraid of going temporarily into debt. He knew that in order to get the greatest results you had to spend money. He knew that the people who made the most money and had the most success knew that in order to be successful you had to get the best in both people and products.

Currently Glass is not doing that. He’s acting like a business owner who is afraid to spend money and settles for average or less than average talent and then is shocked when his team fails to win.

I don’t particularly care for George Steinbrenner, primarily because he owns my baseball nemesis, the Yankees. However, he does know how to build a consistent winner. He opens his wallet wide. He buys the best talent money can buy. He hires one of the game’s best managers and the results show pennant after pennant and World Series title after World Series title.

I know the Royals’ budget will never equal that of the Yankees, but realistically, Glass can do a lot better than he is doing with this ball club. There are a few things that he should do and to date, he has done only one of them. First, he needs to get rid of Buddy Bell. I like Bell, but he’s clearly not the best manager out there. Any coach who pulls a successful pitcher with a comfortable lead and is not struggling and replaces him with a pitcher who has blown eight of his last 11 save opportunities needs to go.

Next, hire the best general manager that you can. Glass did this with the firing of Biard and the hiring of Dayton Moore. Moore comes from Atlanta where he and Braves’ current GM John Shurholtz – the former Royal GM during the 80s glory days – helped the Braves win 14 consecutive division titles.

Finally, when this season is mercifully over, I would let the current contracts that are about to expire do so. Then, I would do some wholesale house cleaning. Get rid of as many non-productive players as possible, open the wallet and go shopping. Bring in top, proven talent. If there is someone on your dream wish list, find out how much his top offer is and match it and add $1 million.

While you may appear to go broke with the increased payroll, the money will come rolling in as the team starts winning again and the seats fill with Royals’ fans hungry for another post-season run. As the team wins, its popularity will increase, merchandise sales will increase and the profit sharing that you get from other teams after the season ends will appear more like a drop in the bucket.

This story is screwy. It first tries to make the assertion that the Royals haven’t changed CF’ers very often..then uses the fact that DDJ is already 7th on the list in all time games played there to prove the point?

We’re a 35 year old team, and if you’ve played more than a third of a season in CF, you’re on our top 10 list?

Then, they can’t even get a simple thing like numerical order done right. A previous poster said Brian McRae was left off the list. Maybe he was when the story was posted, but he’s on it now…except he’s listed (at 606 games) BEHIND Johnny Damon (at 405 games).

Actually you are wrong on the assertion that the story is screwy. It does prove the point that after only a couple years, he is up to 7th. The list is top heavy with a majority of the games played by the top three.

And then the comment about Glass and spending money. First your numbers are wrong. In 2005, the Royals got 55 mil from the MLB general fund. A lot of people compare that to the 2005 team salaries and try to say that the money isn’t being spent. But that isn’t the case, a team gets three checks, one in June, one later in the season and then one in the offseason. Just like you can’t spend your paycheck before you get it the Royals can’t spend theirs until they receive the funds. So, let’s look at the 55 mil the Royals got. Yes, the team salary is only at 48-50 mil range this year, but the Royals typically spent about 6 mil a year on the draft, so the MLB revenue money is gone. There are ticket sales, parking, etc. But there are a ton of other expenses with the business than players salaries, insurance on players, travel expenses, all the coaches, trainers, support (businees side) staff, and on and on that takes up a lot more.

If you want to argue that Glass hasn’t spend his money wisely, it is a debateable argument (heck I don’t always spend my money wisely). But to say that he has been cheap and pocketing the revenue is wrong.

Another correcton on the post about revenue and spending. Revenue from mechandise sales unless it is bought at the stadium is split among the 30 teams. So, if you go down to Target and buy a Yankees shirt, every team gets an equal share of that money. Profits on the items bought at the stadium go to the team.

And the thought of going out to buy the dream player just won’t work with as bad as the team has been lately. Let’s say I am a top of the rotation starter, one of the best free agents out there and can pick whatever team I want. The Red Sox offer me $13 mil but the Royals offer me $14. Things aren’t looking good in KC and I have a better chance to be succesful in Boston, so that player will pass on the extra mil and go to Boston. That is why Glass has stated that it is important to get to .500 and show some progress then a player can see that they can be successful here and the extra mil could bring them here.


Another error:

Amos Otis actually played 1,793 games as a Royals center fielder, not 1,490.

I miss Bo Jackson!

Brad, I do believe you are incorrect Amos did play around 1800 games in the outfield for the Royals, but for around 3-4 years, he was shifted over with Willie Wilson playing center.

JW, I too thought Otis played a significant amount of games as a corner outfielder in his final years, but as it turns out, he played just 54 games there (1981 & 1983).

It could very well be the case, but don’t remember it that way, of course the memory is getting older and fuzzier.

If it is the case, the Royals need to flunk or fire the intern who put the numbers together.

Dear GM Dayton Moore,
Would you please consider trading to get some true home run hitters for the Royals this year. As the old saying goes, “Defense wins games, but offense sells tickets.” It has been hard watching the Royals lose so many games in recent years. It’s harder to watch a stadium that can hold 40,000+ fans, be consistently filled with only less than 15,000. Please continue to rebuilt the team and they will come.

True home run hitters also typically come with a higher price tag .

With that said though, I believe your home run hitters are on the way with Butler and Gordon.

Gosh.. ‘Home Run Hitter’. It’s been awhile since I have heard that term. I don’t disagree, but does anyone even know what the term means anymore? What constitutes a Home Run Hitter?

” What constitutes a Home Run Hitter?”

Lets See…

Frank Thomas in Oakland

Mark Tiexiera in Texas, Richie Sexson in Seattle

Vlad Guerrero in LA, Giambi/ARod in NY

Manny or Papi in beantown, Glaus or Wells in Toronto

Miggy in Baltimore

Jonny Gomes in Tampa

Kent in LA

Tracy in AZ

Bonds in SF

Helton and Holliday in COL, Piazza in SD

Aramis in CHI

Pujols in St Louis

Lee in Milwaukee

Berkman in Houston

Bay in Pittsburgh

Dunn in Cincy

Delgado for the Mets

Howard Utley Burrel Abreu in Philly

Cabrera for the Marlins, Jones and Jones for Atlanta Soriano for the Nats

Thome and Konerko on the South Side

Ordonez in Detroit

Hafner and Vmart in Cleveland

Morneau in Minneasota.

To summarize what constitutes a home run hitter is basically someone who does not play in kansas city.

Go Wranglers!

The Royals need more power. A typical line score reads: Royals–2 runs, 9 hits, 0 HRs. Tampa Bay–5 runs, 6 hits, 1 three run bomb. There are 7 players for the Royals with 50 ABs or more who are batting under .250, this comes to around 800 ABs and 16 HRs. That is a little under one HR for every 50 ABs. Let’s compare that with one player–Stairs. He can hit around 15-20 HRs in 400 ABs and he hits around .250-.260. How much are we paying him? I would think it does not break the bank. Stairs gives us twice the chance at the three run bomb with the same/better average. Didn’t Teahen win a game with a HR? Having one or two guys in the lineup with what today is considered second tier power is not going to produce much offense or have teams adjust the way they pitch to us. They are always pitching in their comfort zone. On a completely different subject I have a note for Berroa–No one is going to pitch you a strike 0-2. STOP SWINGING. Other teams know when they get two strikes on Berroa the next pitch is in the dirt.

Wal-Mart sells many things. Please sell the Royals.

What a pessimistic bunch of posts. First we have a Boston Red Sox fan, who has watched a “couple of games”, and has a littany of radical changes to offer as the solution.
1.The Royals are not as bad as their record. They lack an Ace, because Runnelvys, Affeldt, and Greinke never lived up to their potential, but there is still hope for Greinke.

We lost our leadoff hitter, cleanup hitter, 4th OF and closer in April. I defy any team to overcome that set of variables.

2.The Royals are not that far away from contending. Grudzielanek is a keeper for next season, backed up by German, who could take over. Teahen is making significant progress at holding down 3rd. Dejesus I believe will regain CF and keep it. Gathright will be a backup and pinch runner. Buck has made progress, but I hope Dayton follows the mold of Atlanta and realizes the enormous value of an Offensive catcher(and 2B). That leaves SS, 1B, DH, and 2 corner OF spots. Filled by Bianchi/Sanchez, Huber/Gordon, Huber/Butler, Butler/Free agent, and Costa, Maier, Lubanski.

The pitching has Hochevar, Madritsch, Greinke to bolster it, and this off season there is finally a better group of SP to draw from, and hopefully we can lure an Ace to set the tone. (Mulder, Zito, Smoltz, Maddux, Ponson, Schmidt…)

3. The owner is not to blame, the players are. There has been turmoil and change working against the players, The GM’s have made disappointing trades that have not benefitted the long term, but sought to plug holes temporarily, ie Buck Teahen, Wood, for Beltran, Neifi Perez for Jermaine Dye, Roberto Hernandez etc.. But Affeldt, Hernandez, Snyder, Jeff Austin, Dee Brown, Carlos Febles, and perhaps Berroa, have all failed. Scouting, is were the ghosts are buried, and where the future lies. The Yankees, Red Sox, Braves, White Sox/Cubs all have huge TV contracts for 100 million or something close to it. The Royals get 4 milion from TV. Ownership is trying to address that with RSTN. Winning will definitely help, but 20-30 million would be a 500% increase, and still not be terribly significant. We are in a smaller market. Our owner didn’t own Walmart, he was an employee. He is wealthy, with a net worth in the neighborhood of 300 million, but he is not Mark Cuban, or or Daniel Snyder. The best we could hope for is Glass sharing ownership with the Lauries. And it would be revisionist history to discount the stock market bubble bursting in 2000 which had to affect Glasses assets.

4. Buddy Bell is a very good coach, though I have disagrements with some of his decisions, like bunting Dejesus on the first pitch with Gathright on first, in the 4-4 tie. I felt he should have given Gathright a chance to steal 2nd and then bunt him to 3rd with one out. But we’re not in the dugout, we don’t have the matchup charts etc.. etc..

My overall point is MY Royals have hope. Sure it’s eay to throw blame around, and some of it is deserved. But the landscape of baseball has changed dramatically since we were last really competitive. Who thinks the Royals were leading the way in steroid use? The Yankees payroll is $200 million! The Astros destroyed common sense and paid Clemens 20 million to play half a season, every 5th day. It’s pretty hard to succeed in that environment. But it can be done for 4-5 year periods at a time by small market teams with good scouting and player development. I wish Dayton and those departments well. They have already taken the most important step. Making prospects play at the top minor league level before throwing them into the fire. We have proven in the last 10 years that AA to KC, gives you an undeveloped player destined to fail, or at least not play at a premium.

Not to be disagreeable, davebeal, but the problem with your points are that they are contrary to what ANYONE else says about the issue. I have heard Buster Olney, John Donovan, Peter Gammons, ALL of the local radio and tv guys (including ex-players Brett, Monty, B-Mac, etc). Also, Dayton Moore, Buddy Bell and David Glass himself all know that the Royals are not a good team, that they are no where near competing, and that it is going to be years before they are. This is not being negative, it is being realistic. We still love the Royals and pull for them, but to act like they are not one of the worst teams in MLB history over the last 5-6 years is simply not looking at the facts.

Horse feathers, Flanagan! With “back problems” being one of the most common ailments of adult life, it’s a very good bet that more than one “complainer” of the ridiculous salary being paid to Mike’s Weenie has experienced them (Star 6/15/06 D-2).

Mike’s Weenie is an impostor; one of the most, if not the the most overrated, unproductive, ineffective fakers ever to don a major league uniform and present himself as a professional-level athlete. Only Jose Lima comes to mind as an equal. This so-called major league athlete is an embarrassment to the game, his teammates, the team, Kansas City, and MBL as a whole. He is an insult to many of those same “complainers” you refer to who must go to work every day, whether they have “back problems” or not, in order to 1) keep their job, and 2) receive their pay.

Mike’s Weenie does none of this. The King of Ouchies is content to sit on his over sized ****, collect his pay, and contribute nothing to the team. He is the worst example of leadership any young person could be forced to emulate. As captain of the Royals, he has failed dismally in setting an example of a work ethic that others can look up to and admire. This loser of major-league proportions played in only 70% of the games last year…what is the percentage going to be this year?

With his constant, self-absorbed, holier-than-thou, milk and cookies, let’s pray about it obsession, he is a pestilence upon the locker room, and the populace in general. Instead of spending his time wisely to build confidence among team members, even while injured, this blowhard elects to squander that same time and money spreading his poison and inflicting those around him with his diseased brand of religious claptrap.

The best thing the new General Manager could do would be to put this malingering underachiever on the trading block as quickly as possible. This season is lost for the Royals. If they wish to start fresh (again), they can start first by unloading the steaming, fetid pile of dog excrement that is Mike’s Weenie. Tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough.

Frustrated? Don’t be fooled. This sad sack of a player deserves all the vilification, scorn and abuse the fans can rain down upon his sorry head.


I feel sorry for you. Your comments are so filled with hate, your live must be miserable and you want to bring everyone down to your level.

Your comments are nothing but name calling which I don’t even feel worth my time debating.


And cdavis are you the same Craig Davis who was campaigning against the stadium renovation. It makes sense because you never have anything positive to say.

Yes, we are sorry to say that this IS the same Craig Davis. We thought at first that it was Bob Fescoe, then Ozzie Guillen, but it is Craig Davis, the ‘poor man’s’ Clay Chastain.
Also, the yahoo profile has a very striking potrait of ‘Crash’ Davis (his nickname). For even more information, you can Google the e-mail address. This brings up some very interesting links to Kansas City news stories about the stadium vote, information on Mr Davis’ Political Action Committee, and a user profile for membership in a Bulgarian Online Dating Service.

Mr. Davis is apparently not only into Kansas City issues, but a player on the International scene, as well.

Check out the ‘Royals respond to Credential’ thread for the entire history of cdavis and his lovely posts. He posted a very nasty response to our last post but, alas , we got the last word in (YES!!). He was not happy about that, and sent us an e-mail.

Here it is (with obvious edits for the ‘mature, adult ‘ language that he uses):


sayonara a**hole

There you go sh**head. the entry is closed and I got in the last word…..i’m certain everyone saw it before the pr**ks who run the blog did that. maybe you are the pr**k that runs the blog.

in any event, it was nice sparring with you. come back again when you grow up and get a real job, a real life and a real brain.


I hope that we can get back to civility and be more cordial in our comments. I hate to see this blog gets shut down because of one person’s act of uncivil opining.

Getting back to where we were…I like the fact that the Royals have Butler and Gordon in the farm system who may turn out to be home run hitters in the future. I think that the only Royals player that came close to being a true home run guy was Steve Balboni. I think he hit 36 HRs one year. What this number the highest ever recorded for a Royals player?

If GM Moore can can trade for Andruw Jones from his old team, then I think the Royals will have a true home run hitter. I’m not sure if the GM should consider Smoltz. I think Smoltz is getting way past his prime, if you consider the amount of $ or Royals potentials that KC may have to make for Smoltz.

great minds discuss ideas

mediocre minds discuss events

little minds discuss people

and even littler minds discuss professional sports, assuming that they actually have something positive and worthwhile to contribute. these are the sort of people whose lives are so empty, so vapid, so without purpose that they can only align with a silly-butt pro sports team in a lame attempt to achieve notice. excuse me whilst i go to a 3rd floor bathroom at arrowhead and take a whiz in the sink like all those other fine “adult men.” GO GHANA!!

For everyone that wants a home run hitter here in KC, just remember where we play, In a ballpark that kills homerun hitters, and no homerun hitters want to come here because of the size of the ballpark. I like what Dayton is doing, trying to build this team around the park we play in with speed and gap hitters, with an occasional homerun, we need to build this team like it was in the 70 and 80’s. With Dayton it will happen. Go Royals!!!

Although I don’t agree with the venom spewing forth from the insecure anti-religious nut, I have to concur with the general sentiment about getting rid of Mike Sweeney.

That almost hurts to say… the fact that it almost hurts says something. Make no mistake, had the Royals not had a +.500 season in 2003, Sweeney would’ve been good at the end of 2004. He’s miserable here, and if his injuries are legitimate enough to keep him out… he’s probably more likely to get injured in such a negative state. He’s a fairly good ballplayer who has been stuck in the worst team in baseball most of his career (a few years they weren’t the worst, I guess…).

Trade him. Get a really good pitcher for him… not the type of pitcher Baird picked up, but a pitcher whose qualifications exceed being a “veteran” and venture into the “dominating” category.

If you can’t get a pitcher for him, take the money and run. He’ll be happier, and so will we. We’ll remember the good days Sweeney gave us, but it’s time to part ways.

And, I agree with attackfan, we don’t need a HR hitter. No Royals team has ever had a true power hitter (possible exception, Balboni, but he didn’t lead the league or anything…). I’ll give Moore the benefit of the doubt on Gathright. For now, any way…

I agree.

If you can’t shell out 60-70 million dollars from your EXTREMELY deep pocket, then sell the team. There are alot of people that will make that effort.

I wonder if Mark Cuban is interested in baseball?

CDavis has to be one of the worst baseball fans i have ever seen. Criticizing a player for being religious??

Oh bye the way, look up who has the Royals leading RBI total in a season and email that to me. I will give it to ya that he has definitly not been worth 11 mil. But the 85% of the time he was in the lineup he provided the team with a much needed power threat. Think of how much worse the team would have been had Sweeney not been in the lineup for most of last year. Then opposing pitchers could have pitched around Brown, Stairs, ect. knowing that nobody else would get a clutch hit. Having Sweeney in the lineup bumped up there producting by atleast 10 RBI’s.

We could trade Sweeney (it kills me to say that) and get a No. 2 pitcher (ace on our team) and rising prospect to make the future brighter.

Now if we could just get Hochayvur signed

DeJesus has been an above average centerfielder on defense. Gathright has tremendous potential and great speed, he hasn’t put it all together at the major league level yet, but if he is successful we have one heck of 2/3 of an outfield on the defense side. Can you imagine the sales pitch that Moore will have to potential free agent pitchers. The defense on the infield has looked pretty good this year (yes, I know there have been some goofs here and there), but they are in the top half of the league defesively. I think Moore realizes that he has to make KC look appealing to FA pitchers and Gathright is one of the steps to do that.

Not that I’m opposed to trading Sweeney, but who would want him?? If you were a GM would you take him and give up more than a bag of balls?? He’s strictly a DH now, with an inflated $$ value. Unless the rules in the front office have changed the Royals won’t eat salary.
I’m sure I’m probably mistaken, but I think the Royals HR Record is held by Balboney, with around 36. The park doesn’t lend to home runs. What the team needs is a guy that can get on base (high OBP) with speed, then about 4 or 5 guys with 295+ averages. (just a note Gathright has reached base safely at least 2 times per game since he joined the Royals)It helps to have a thumper in there. But it’s not manditory. The Royals have lost with Sweeney in the line up also.

Trust me, the last thing I want to do is put fuel to the fire, but I just can’t hold back..

CDavis.. You say that even smaller minds discuss professional sports thinking that they have something to contribute.. Isn’t that what you did? Did you not try to contribute your opinion on Mike Sweeney and how you want him gone? How small does that make your mind?

You know, for all 19 years of my life, I’ve been a Royals fan. I’ll be honest: If Glass keeps the team, if Glass sells the team, if the team wins another championship, if the team wins a combined 100 games over the next three seasons.. I’m still going to be a fan. Maybe it’s because I’ve been accustomed to them not winning, or maybe it’s because I’m a fool. I’ll be truthful; nothing got me more excited when the Royals were off to that great start a couple years back.

But look at it this way;

If the Royals get back to the World Series, we’ll all complain about the ticket prices😛

On a completely different note; Watch your back Slugger.. I’m going to be the next man in the lion suit.

Matt, I understand the loyalty thing. I’ve been following the Royals forever and it’s in my blood. I want them to be better, but I’ll follow them regardless. I attended back before Royals stadium and knew their stats better than they did. It was a great team to follow then and I’ll keep on til I die.

I do think they can win without thumpers, but they cannot win with mediocre pitching and little clutch hitting, which is what they have currently. When they were solid back in the 80’s, it was speed, defense, and clutch hitting. They had a number of guys hitting between 25-30 homers, but no one regularly beyond that. We have too many singles hitters at this point. White, Wilson, Washington, Cowens, even Brett were adept at stretching singles to doubles and scoring on pretty much anything to the outfield. We were a very aggressive team on the bases. Sweeney, if we could get something for him, should go. Stairs could dh for now as he has shown a penchant for the clutch hit lately. Berroa also needs to go at the end of the year if he can’t learn to take a walk. His number of walks are simply inexcusable. Mientkiewicz is a nice backup, but he shouldn’t be starting. I realize much of why he’s in everyday is Sweeney’s inability to play. Teahen is a stopgap until Gordon gets called up. Otherwise, it’s mainly a pitching issue. Lately, it’s been better and we’ve been winning, Duh! I agree with Moore that scouting has to improve and hopefully it will. Atlanta is a great model to follow, that’s for sure. We’ll see how the last 3 months of the season go and hopefully we won’t see our team buried in the first three weeks next year.

Mattrock4, Bkrehbiel1 is dead ON! Like Bkrehbiel1, I had the pleasure of watching the Royals from day one. Gap hitters, and doubles hitters and “bat handlers” are a must to win in this ball park. Even John Wathan stole like 40 bases one year, not bad for a catcher.
Regarding all the babble regarding Mr.Glass selling the team….. I think he’s done better, I think (and hope) he’s hired a capable GM that he can trust to make good baseball decisions, and will stay out of the way. It’s going to take a few years before we can contend, but respectability should come sooner than that.

I am a die-hard KC fan, I was born one year before we beat STL in the World Series and from what my parents told me I watched the entire series. No matter how bad the Royals are I will always be a fan, there is no changinng a real fan.

I think Moore will do the right things, and in time we will see improvements, but it will take a couple of years, I would say a minimum of 3 years before we are “contenders” again. The only problem is that when we are good again (it’s only a matter of time) we will have to hope that the Tigers and Sox have cooled down immensley.

This is the story of this years Detroit Tigers team. I was raised in KC but am on a 6 month stay in Detroit and have been down to Comerica to watch them play, and in two weeks I will be down there for the entire KC series.

Craig Davis is an obnoxious, hypocritical idiot.

Im a big fan of Dayton Moore so far. I like watching the games again, but if we bring up the Glass family will our internet credentials be taken away!?!?

I like what Mr. Moore brings to the table. The assistant GM hire was a great move.

I do notice however that you have closed the comments regarding “credential gate” I guess my question for Mr. Moore and to the Kansas City Royals in general is “If you think you werent treated fairly here in KC in regards to your first interview …what do you think the reaction to the questions by Moss and others would have been in Atlanta or New York.

I come from an area of teh country where reporters get fired for NOT asking the hard questions.

Mr. Moore have you had any contact with Moss and the other guy regarding the incident?

Sam, I wouldn’t hold my breath with Dayton Moore or anyone answering. The ‘Dayton Moore will be stopping by’ post was originally put out there on June 21st. It has only been a week. We know that when the Royals say something is going to happen, it will be at least two weeks before it happens, and then they will deny EVER saying that Dayton was stopping by.

To be the best we can possibly be,
to grow, and learn in every adversity,
and not lose the success that’s ours to be
requires control of our thoughts explicitly. Do you think so?

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