Former Players Travel Midwest as Part of Royals Alumni Caravan

Last week marked a first for the Royals organization as the Royals alumni unveiled their first-ever Royals Alumni Summer Caravan.

A group of six former players – Royals Hall of Fame members Dennis Leonard and John Mayberry along with former pitcher Al Fitzmorris, catcher Ed Hearn, pitcher Marty Pattin and infielder Greg Pryor – joined long-time broadcaster Fred White and Sluggerrr to travel the Midwest last week.


As part of the four-day tour, the Caravan visited Clay Center, Kan., last Monday before heading into Nebraska. While in the Cornhusker state, the group made stops in Kearney, Hastings, York and Lincoln before returning to Kansas City on Thursday evening. Along the way, the group took part in golf outings coordinated by affiliates of the Royals Radio Network.

Perhaps the most rewarding part of the trip was the Alumni’s free instructional baseball clinics for local youth. The kids, numbered anywhere from around 75 to 200 per clinic, got to share the field with some baseball greats and get tips directly from the pros. The parents also had the chance to meet some of their Royals heroes.


While the Royals Alumni participate in a number of activities throughout the year, last week’s trip marked the first official Royals Alumni Caravan event. The tour was organized as a supplement to the club’s annual winter Caravan, which will continue this coming offseason. Last winter, the Royals Caravan visited appeared at 50 events in 35 communities – and racked up a few thousand miles over the Midwest landscape!

Even though their time on the baseball diamond may be over, former players continue to be a huge part of the Kansas City Royals organization.  We look forward to continuing this Royal tradition and visiting more Royals fans during our future Caravan events!


I think it is really funny that George Brett, Amos Otis, Willie Wilson and others will be at a T-Bones game for charity. Heh, heh, maybe they should sign up for the Royals…they couldn’t be any worse than the jokers they have playing for them now.

Is there going to be any official response on this site to the disquiet shown by many people who posted responses to the very first story – on the Royals withdrawing media accreditation to two journalists after the media conference to unveil Mr. Moore as GM?

Pathetic organization run by a pathetic little man




Allright, enough about the glASSes business. I can understand frustration with the organization and ownership but to do that is just plain childish. I am a 21 year old student at KU and I can see the ignorance shown by using glASSes. Yes, we are all frustrated. Yes, we want to see a winner on the field. Yes, we’re all disgusted with how the media credentials situation has been handled and even more so by the lack of comment from the organization. So what?

I would love to see the Royals win. I would live to be a fan of a contender. Is it going to happen this year? No. In the next five years? Likely not. We’re all posting in this blog because we still care. Sad and angry as it makes us we still do care about this sad sad franchise. I am assuming the series of stars (******) means some of you are using profanity. Is there no better way to express ourselves without swearing? Simply being angry about the state of a franchise does not mean we have to post profanity on a blog. Upset that this blog is biased? It is run by management, of COURSE it is slanted. Read if you want, comment if you want but don’t expect an answer, especially if you are swearing and using the word “glASS”.

You’re ashamed of the franchise? Me too. I’m still going to cheer for them.

Go Royals!

Let’s give the Glass/Baird/Poor Team issue a rest. Was it handled correctly? NO. But everyone makes mistakes, and hopefully the Glasses have learned from theirs and will let Moore run the Royals now. I believe hiring Dayton Moore was a positive first step and we are on the long road to recovery. What transpired in the past is history, so let’s look to the future. GO ROYALS!

I REALLY wish that I could agree with the comments above, but this issue is obviously NOT in the past, at least in the eyes of many, many fans. Until the organization restores the credentials, I don’t think there is going to be any rest.

If the reporters what their credentials back they should have conducted them selves like an adult. If you want to be treated in a professional manner then conduct your business in a professional manner. Most people learn that lesson early in their professional life.

Dayton Moore will get this team turned around. Will it happen this year or next, probably not but it will happen. Just a couple of years ago The Detroit Tigers were on the verge of losing 120 games. This year they have the best record in baseball.Teams can be turned around. Dayton deserves a chance and our support.

If you remember, qualified owners that would keep the team here did not come running when the Glass’ purchased the Royals. If you want the Glass’ to sell the team their will have to be qualified buyer.

this is so sad. so indicative of the “leadership” of the kansas city royals. it’s obvious no one within the organization is going to address anything posted here..they are too busy ginning up stupid promotions like this. their only fanbase is kids…adults have long since abandoned this sorry excuse for a major-league baseball team. think of the embarrassment real ballplayers like brett, otis, etal., have to be feeling to be forced to participate in sham events like this. groveling in front of a bunch of kids. when these tots grow up and can make decisions of their own, they will flee any association with the royals like any sane person would. there is no class to stating one is a royals fan. in fact, to do so indicates a shallow, meaningless life spent in obscurity and of little worth. there are so many more worthwhile ways to spend one’s time and money that supporting a bunch of overpaid little leaguers such as the royals. cleaning out grease traps would be of more benefit. mr. glASS, would you kindly save face for our city and take your crappy little team, your incompetent son, and leave town? the sooner the better.

Thank You , maxbob, we could not have agreed with you more. People should learn their manners, and know their place. AND… If they can’t , we will be more than happy to silence their voices….

Why are we still using the glASS thing? Do you enjoy making yourself look uneducated? If you want to say the owner is incompetent, fine. To resort to name calling like a child in elementary school does nothing. You want them to read this blog and respond to our comments? Try to at least act like an adult.

Thank You shawbo… We couldn’t agree more. It sounds like people are finally starting to see the light.
With folks like shawbo and maxbob around, our work here may soon be done……

lets go forward, and play ball.the new gm is a step in the right direction.give him a chance and lets see if we can get major league baseball going in kc. he is from a winning system and should turn it around fast. a trade here and there, boom a 500 2nd half and all kc fans are happy!

i don’t know anymore really yeah the credentials issue is in the past but it was not handled well by the pr depeartment. i mean come on people we all know they do not have a good history when it comes to PR. i.e. when glass stormed out of a dateline interview about child labor issues and such. they neeed to work on their pr skills and stop using escape goats to deflect attention off ownership. clearly they did not expect that kind of pr. i agree with the questions they asked. they spoke for a few fans out there that needed questions to be asked. what’s the moral to that story? come out of arkansas from hiding and speak out. i mean he is accountable to at least the taxpayers of jackson county for passing the renovations issue.

First, I want to comment on the Caravan since this is what the story is about. I think it is great that they are doing more in the communities of the area.

And now on to the credential thing. You have to remember that having credentials is a privilege not a right. The Royals grant that privilege. And the argument about infringing on the freedom of speech is just wrong. Fescoe and Moss still can write and say whatever they want. People act like the press has more power than the police and can just have access to whatever they want. Just like if you knew someone who acted in a way that you didn’t like and thought was wrong, you would have the right not to have them come over to your house.

Hey Glass,
Sell the Royals.

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