Royals Prepare for Baseball 'N Blues Party

Friday was a busy day as anumber of individuals were getting ready for the Royals Charities Baseball ‘N
Blues party on Monday. The entire team will join co-chairs Dan & Penny
Glass for the sold-out event here at Kauffman Stadium. We will have dinner and entertainment,
along with silent and live auctions. Plus, we are really excited to be raising
money to help build the  Kansas City YMCA Challenger Division Baseball Park.

This baseball park will house
the first public field of its kind in Kansas City. It will allow
kids with physical or mental
disabilities the opportunity to play baseball on a special field designed to
overcome the barriers that normally keep them off the baseball field

The Challenger league
officially got under way earlier this year. Kids from all over the metro area get to play baseball with kids and
families in similar situations. Penny Glass joined us for one of their games on
Saturday. It was very rewarding to see the kids out hitting, running around the
bases (pictured) and giving high-fives when they ran home. For many kids, it
was their first chance to get a real ‘baseball jersey’ and be around others playing
the same game. We saw how badly a new field, with a specialized artificial
surface is needed. The kids in wheelchairs and walkers had a tough time getting
through the grass and the dirt (especially after all the rain the night before).

The Challenger Baseball Park will allow hese
kids to focus on the game and not the obstacles that come from playing on
uneven surfaces.


Seeing those kids’ smiles as they played made all the work that we have done
for the Baseball ‘N Blues well worth it. Friday the Royals set up the silent
auction room which includes over 100 sports, entertainment and luxury items
that will be up for bid. We wanted to
give you an insider’s view of some of the items.


Here’s a photo of the
silent auction room. Some of the highlights of the auction include a Pepsi
Vending Machine, football signed by NFL Hall of Famer Roger Staubach, NASCAR
racing helmet signed by all the drivers in the 1996 Martinsville Speedway Winston
Cup Series Race (even the late Dale Earnhardt, Sr), gift certificates to
several KC restaurants everything from Frondizi’s to Chipotle, plus, a guitar
signed by all the members of U2!





Dodge is sponsoring the
event, with help from Teva Neuroscience & Pyramid Contractors/Pridemaker
Apparel, plus a ton of other supporters. Fox 4’s Toby Cook is emceeing the event. All proceeds will benefit the Challenger Baseball Park.  We  are 
looking forward to helping these special kids, play ball!



This type of PR, unfortunately for the glASSes, won’t balance out the HORRIFIC PR that is running rampant through this town currently.

Giving these special children hope is a great thing. Kudos for that… but too bad everyone else who loves this town doesnt know what that word HOPE means anymore. We are Glassed out.

What a great program! Way to go Royals!

I am not finding the “Post a comment” part on the credentials portion of this blog.Have the Royals cut off debate here too? Whats the matter….did we not have the right “tone? Too “abrupt” for them? Not the proper “decorum?”
Mr Glass…develop some thickness to your hide, or it is going to be a very short, unsuccessful run as an owner of a major league sports team. If you cannot take the heat, go back to Wal Mart, where you sit in your ivort tower and noone questions you.

Saddlesore the post is there over 120 people have found it and replied both ways. Check it out.

wow they didn’t waste any time getting the credential article off the top of the page. what a disaster–these guys are so transparent.
it looks like royals charities is the best run department in the franchise.

This event is a step in the right direction for Royals PR, but Penny Glass? Is that for real or just an appropriate nickname that fits the family?

I am assuming Bob Fessco and Rhonda Moss were not invited to cover the event…

When will Toby Cook get slimed by the Glass family?

Hey Glass,
Sell the Freaking team already. You are no good as a professional baseball owner. You bought a losing franchise and made them worse. Sell. Sell. Sell.

Hey Glass,
Do you still own the team? Too bad for the rest of us.

Pathetic attempt at PR, who gives a ****

To This is a blog, so most recent posts always go to the top. Feel free to start your own MLBlog here and see how it all works!


So when do you think David Glass will start pulling messages off this? HEY GLASS FAMILY…SELL THE TEAM TO SOMEONE WHO CARES!!!

Unfortunately this is not a first for the KC area. A wheelchair softball field currently exists at Swope Park (east side, main entrance). Though it isn’t a “challenger” division, there have been adult and kid softball teams in KC for a very long time. I am curious how those individuals will get across the “special” artificial turf. I’ve always found these things softer and much slower than ashpalt or concrete. Good luck!!!!!

beware! this blog is being edited. anything that isnt nicely nice will get deleted. between the fake posts and the paid posts there isnt much of substance you’ll read here. sell the royals. trade mike’s weenie. pave over the stadium. which just shows again the absolute low class, no glass organization that the royals are. and what more derogatory can we say about the glASSES???

the glasses are *****

the glasses are clASSES

hahahahahahahaha. sell the team. leave town. never, ever come back!!!!!

Why does everyone want glass to sell the team. I just like you want a winner and a commitment from the glass family to winning. Everyone is so **** bent on glass selling the team. Maybe if we give him time we will have a winner on our hands. I think we all can agree Dayton Moore is a first step in the right direction. Maybe glass pulled his head out of his $ss and we only have a bright future.
Glass dont sell just please spend some money on the team.

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