Royals Address Credential Situation

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It is being widely reported that the Kansas City Royals
revoked the 2006 season credentials of two radio reporters last week for asking
tough questions. The Royals have never
stated this to be the case. The credentials were not revoked because someone asked
tough questions – we get those every day – but for reasons of decorum. The
tone, the abruptness, and the forcefulness of which their questions and added
commentary were presented, offended many at the news conference.

The Royals found that behavior to be particularly
disruptive of the introduction to the club’s new general manager, the intended
purpose of the meeting.

The Royals respect the journalistic obligations of the more
than 200 credentialed media personnel who have followed and continue to follow
the club. In performing their jobs, these
reporters have followed the unwritten rules of proper etiquette and
professionalism when asking questions.

One of the affected reporters has been quoted in the Kansas
City Star as saying the credentials were pulled, “obviously because of the
questions we asked at the Dayton Moore news conference,” later adding, “Maybe I
could have changed my tone in a more civil way.” In each case, station management/ownership
was provided with notice of the Royals concern about their reporter’s behavior
and of the pending action to be taken. Given several comments by media
personnel and others who attended the press conference, the Royals believe the
overall situation is now improved.    


Did either one of the reporters get their credentials back?

“With that in mind, fans should feel they can come to this site to separate fact from fiction and hear the truth directly from the Royals.”

It’s too bad there aren’t any fans left. Kudos for the reporters for actually caring enough to grill the Royals “brass” about whats going on. I dont even think brass describes it, that seems too much like a scuffed gold. There is no gold with the Royals. How about dirt?

royals in 2030.

This whole problem could have been deflected had Mr. Glass been available to answer questions about Allard Baird’s dismissal prior to the Dayton Moore press conference or told reporters that he would answer their questions about Allard Baird at a later time. In addition, a media relations person should have stepped in a redirected the questioning when it became apparent that Mr. Glass was stumbling into a hornet’s nest.

If Dayton Moore would play peacemaker now and restore the credentials of these reporters and make some reference to getting off to a fresh start, everyone would save face and Mr. Moore would look like he had the control the public hopes he has.

With the radio contract up this year, unless the Royals plan to buy a radio station like the Cardinals did, it wouldn’t pay to have an antagonistic relationship with the two media outlets most likely to bid on the broadcast contract. The Royals don’t appear to be in the best bargaining position.

i can see both sides. rhonda moss from 610 was obviously out of line. she could have asked her questions with so much more respect and still got the answers. if you ever listen to her on the radio she is proud of being “@itchy”. Bob fescoe could have also asked his questions with more respect, but he does not have the same history that moss does. the royals should have reprimanded them for their behavior but took it too far with revoking credentials. it looks like the billionaire owner doesnt have the stones enough to answer questions about the mess he has turned this organization into. everyone comes out looking bad on this one.

I had the same questions the reporters did, but I don’t understand why those very questions can’t be asked in a civil way. Are these people professional or not? They had an opportunity to put Glass on the spot and instead made themselves sound like adolescents, which was counterproductive to their goals. It’s such a sports media stereotype to be the tough guy or the “b@tch”…

Fescoe has admitted his questions were posed in an antagonist manner and he is sorry about his tone. Were his credentials restored? The Glass’s should have anticipated the tough questions, and the tone in which the questions were presented. If Glass had treated Baird more respectfully during the GM search, perhaps this incident wouldn’t have occurred. Glass has severely harmed his reputation in MLB circles, according to Front Office Personnel throughout MLB. Glass could right this situation by issuing a public apology to Baird. A little humility befits the Owner of a losing ballclub who’s history has been one of continuous failure during said Owner’s reign. Forthright communication to the fans, and media covering the Royals, could have averted the situation. As it stands, the arrogance of power was displayed by the Glass’s by removing the credentials of the Reporters.
More bad PR, this time on a national scale. VERY poor PR dynamics.

You can ask the same question many different ways. Apparently, altho I wasn’t there and don’t know for sure, these 2 asked the question with an attitude and in the wrong way. Also, I don’t think there is a trust level with the Glasses that should be there. Boy I miss Mr. “K” and his honesty and love for “HIS” Royals.

I don’t live in the KC area, and I have not heard or seen the news conference. Apparently many fans who have heard the news conference feel that the reporters were out of line, so I will trust their judgement and assume they are right. However, my impression is that these “tough” questions needed to be asked. Admittedly, those questions needed to be asked in a different setting. But apparently some straight answers, which are what the club’s longsuffering fans want and deserve, were not forthcoming, so the reporters chose to ask these questions at an unfortunate and arguably inappropriate occasion. I completely agree with jkpeterson’s comments. Mr. Glass could not have gotten to his station in life without significant amounts of both business savvy and people skills. However, I am a little bewildered by what happened when heat was applied. Did not the Royals schedule and put on the news conference on their own volition? Then how did the Royals allow themselves to lose control of the press conference? I believe that Mr. Glass became defensive at least in part because he knew that Allard Baird did not deserve to be treated the way he was treated in the final days of his employment with the club. I have been a Royals fan since their inception in 1969, and I have never been as concerned about the direction of the club as I am now. I predict that six months from today, after the winter meetings are over and at least one sensible trade or signing has been nixed by ownership, Dayton Moore will be wanting to back out of his contract.

Royals were very much in line. Fescoe and Moss are hardly “journalists”, just loud-mouth radio-jockeys, and bad ones at that.

There are plenty of Internet journalists that deserve credentials way before those two.

Old-media needs to wake up, they are quickly become irrelevant.

The blame for this incident falls squarely on the Royals PR department.

They botched this entire situation and botched this news conference.

You want the focus on Dayton Moore, put him on the podium BY HIMSELF.

Perhaps the Royals PR guys should go back to being a traveling secretary.

Allowing comments on this subject is a HUGE mistake.

The Royals did the right thing.

Is anyone buying this weak attempt to justify the actions of a short-tempered coward?

This blog is a terrible idea. Trying to combat the fans by posting “truths” on this blog is only going to get fans more riled up.

If David Glass is upset at the conclusions the media is coming to, he needs to prove them wrong with his actions… a lame PR blog like this is the move I would expect a coward to make.

The tryuth is non of us know, or even neccesarily need to kmow, what the arrangement was between Baird and Glass. We know Glass discussed the fact he was going to interview GM canidates. Baird could have then resigned. But he had the class to do what was best for KC and continued his duties, while being well compensated for it.
Fair deal.

What we would like to hear Glass say is: Thanks Allard. You did the best job you could, with endless and selfless dedication. We aren’t laying all the blame on you and believe you will land another GM position soon. We just felt we had to change the direction of a failing organization, and that required the drastic step of replacing the GM. We feel we’ve now got a opportunity to see what Dayton Moore can do.

Isn’t the fact that this is being “reported widely” itself an indication of what a PR nightmare the Royals have gotten themselves into?

I don’t imagine there will be too much forthright self-examination on this “blog” either. No, instead just another propaganda outlet ill-equipped to deal with the fallout from another Royal embarrassment. It’s no wonder that Dayton Moore insisted on a “no-meddling” clause in his contract – just cleaning up the mess from before is going to be enough of a full-time job and then some, without having to do interference for these ownership knuckleheads.

’tis very SAD what has happened to this once PROUD franchise.. ’cause it has become the laughing stock of MLB BOTH on & off the field.. & it will take a loooooooooooooong time ‘fore ANYthing changes..😦

This blog is quite evidently propaganda.

“With all of the media outlets in today’s world, stories often take on a life of their own. With that in mind, fans should feel they can come to this site to separate fact from fiction and hear the truth directly from the Royals.”


With all the other issues this club has, should you really be revoking press credentials for two people who actually have the guts to cover this train wreck everyday? If ever the national press was looking for a face to portray how deep the problems with this club go, you have served them that portrait on a silver platter.

If you want to start to rebuild good faith with fans, how about telling us who is writing this blog for the Royals? If this is meant to be a sign that the Royals care what their fans have to say, I would like to know who I’m writing to.

I don’t think the reporters were out of line, and I think it is pathetic that the Royals chose to pull their credentials. To me, it sounds like the Royals are acting like a little kid that tried to play basketball with some other kids, and when the kids were playing too rough, the little kid threw a fit, and told the other kids that they weren’t allowed to come over and play anymore, because they play too rough. Pathetic.

The people in charge of the Royals have run this franchise into the ground, and the least they could do is answer for it. The fact that this lack of professionalism is coming from the very top of the organization makes me sick to my stomach. It all makes me wonder if Mr. Glass has ever taken a single business class.

Where is the accountability? Do reporters need to talk in a whisper now, just so they won’t sound too aggressive? Do reporters need to make sure they say “sir,” so they don’t run the risk of getting thrown out of the room for being to disrespectful? The reporters have an opportunity that I don’t have, to stand face to face with the Royals and ask the questions that I wish I could ask. Considering the actions of Mr. Glass, I don’t think I would have been as respectful as the reporters were.

The Royals are a bad team, but we’ve all lived with that for a long time now. The thing that makes my blood boil is that the organization acts like it has no class. It is unprofessional to interview candidates for a job that is still being held. It is unprofessional to avoid the media, so they can’t ask you questions about the franchise that you own. It is unprofessional to take away someone’s voice, just because they try to make you accountable for your actions.

Mr. Glass, you make me ashamed to be a Royals fan.

– David Fye

Congratulations to the Royals front office for creating this blog to communicate directly to the fans!

Moss and Fesco did NOT need to ask those inappropriate questions at Dayton Moore’s press conference because they had recently been answered by David Glass in the media. As far as Moss saying that Glass had “obviously decided to fire Baird 6 weeks ago” that was wrong. David Glass had already previously said to the media that he “did not know” what changes he would make and when he did, he’d let us know, which he did.

Bob Fesco’s question implied that Dan Glass had “meddled” and was he going to do anything different with the new GM? David Glass had just recently said in the media that anybody who said Dan meddled was a liar.

The problem was that neither Moss or Fesco accepted the answers that were already out there. But just because they didn’t like the answers, it was not true that Glass had not already answered those questions.

As far as I’m concerned, the Royals were completely justified in pulling their credentials.

Firstly, I’m not sure that stating one of the purposes of this blog as being to “educate” fans is going to endear many people: perhaps a replacement word might be considered.

Secondly, I think a major question has to be asked about how the media conference was set up in the first place.

As a previous poster has mentioned, having David and Dan Glass on the top table throughout, when neither had previously held a media conference to explain the reasons for sacking Allard Baird, meant that this was the first occasion that members of the media had to ask these questions.

Yes, it’s unfortunate that Mr. Moore’s public unveiling was overshadowed because of this (can you imagine what he must have been thinking about the organisation of the event as this was happening?), but it was an incident waiting to happen and the fact that the conference was staged in this manner in the first place, and the Royals’ subsequent heavy-handed reaction to it reflects badly on it.

This franchise is a complete joke. And I feel vindicated that I can say that on the official web site of the Kansas City Royals.

That said, I will continue. David Glass has quickly become the most incompetent owner in sports. I am embarassed to be a fan of this pathetic franchise. If Dayton Moore had any brains, he’d run like ****. Considering KC has 17 victories on June 16, the Royals should feel fortunate that two radio stations still care enough to show up. Even if Rhonda and Bob were asking questions in a rude manner, a projected 500 losses in 5 seasons certainly warrants it. The fans of Kansas City — the ones you haven’t mercifully killed with mismanagement that’d make Enron blush — want answers as to why their heart is broken every single night.

Ewing Kauffman is looking down on Kansas City right now and bawling like a baby at what has become of his team. Does that make you feel good, David Glass?

I wish for nothing more than for David Glass to just go away. If it means that 10 years from now, the Las Vegas Royals win the World Series, I will still cheer like ****. I just want to cheer.

I agree with some of you that Mr. Moore should give the credentials back in an effort to make peace and start over. However whos to say that Rhonda will not do this again trying to be the B!$$$ she so proudly accepts and tries to make this organization look bad when it is clear we dont need it.

Consider the rights of others before your own feelings, and the feelings of others before your own rights.–John Wooden said this and it seems to represent the situation with the reporters. I have to agree with the Royals in that it is their work, their environment and they should be able to have some control of who is in that envoronment. Consider a drunk who is a life long Royals fan. He may be accurate in his statements as he spews his opinions towards the field, but most fans want him removed or to stop. There are two factors to consider when communicating, what one says and how one says it.

Just imagine the tone and nature of the questions if this press conference was in say NEW YORK, or PHILLY, and not in KC.
glass, and this organization, with the exception of Mr. Moore, have a lot of s’plainin to do, and the half a– job that has been happing is not acceptable to any self respecting Royals fan! The fact of the matter is that the David Glass was offering Dayton Moore a job that was still occupied by Allard Baird! That is news worthy! glass denied that he was shopping the GM job when it is obvious that he had been and decried the reports as rumors, when they were based in FACTS, as evident that MOORE is now our GM. The “unwritten rules of etiquette and professionalism” call for a news conference to answer such questions as those asked by the reporters in question, before the introduction of the new GM.

“Given several comments by” those on this blog and the general feeling of Royals Fans “and others who” watched /listened to “the press conference, the Royals” fans “believe the overall situation” was called for and the reaction by the ROYALS was over blown.

The way that the situation was handled by the Royals “offended many”, and I salute the local media asking the questions that I, as a ROYALS fan, thought need to be asked, in the manner that reflect the attitude, and concern of the general public.

why doesn’t everyone get over this moss and fesco (second rate shock jocks) and the glass family (medlers). wow moss is a woman with an attitude that regurgitates info she has read and fesco doesn’t even regurgitate he just talks nonsense, he’s as politicians would say a flip flopper…fescoism 2003 “angel berroa is the best shortstop prospect in baseball” fescoism 2006 “angel berroa is the worst shortstop in the big leagues and we should trade him for a bag of sand for our infield” sure i just made this up, but it gives you an idea of how he is. at least he tried to do what his job is ask irrelevant tough questions that don’t even matter now…i bet they both went home with smiles on their faces “wow i got one over on a millionaire i showed them who is smarter” the glass family and not to sound like i am smooching, but they have the right to answer or not answer questions. i agree they should let moore and should have let baird have autonomy, baird’s hands were tied…let’s don’t forget that the glasses don’t believe in long term deals over 3 years, that’s why we did not sign damon when he wanted a long term deal, ibanez wanted a 3 year deal that was a steal for us for say about 4 million a year for his productivity and popularity (juan gone) so for them to say that they do not meddle is wrong…i don’t listen to these radio shows or read much of the columnist who slam everything and then move onto the clubhouse sink. i’m more interested in the minor leagues and the young guys at the pro ball level (what few we have that play regularly) it is the only hope i have as a lifelong royals fan. welcome and good luck dayton moore we are not all drama queens or kings, i like what i am hearing and seeing from you so far.


independence, mo

I did not hear the press conference so I dont know how the reporters tone was, but this organization is indeed in shambles. Someone needs to make a public announcement and thanks AB for his time as the Royals GM. It has been widely speculated that he didnt have all the right ammo in the chamber when he was the GM.

AB seems to be a great person and a good baseball guy. The least this organization could do is give this man a public apology. Only after confronting this GM search fiasco will the Royals be back on the road to respectability. At this point the organization has no credibility IMO.

I have seen far worse done by ballplayers on and off the field when it comes to civility. Give me a break. David Glass is a rich puss and a bully. Like all bullies, he runs from a REAL fight. These millionaires are taking in too much hard earned tax money to shut out reporters for not following “the unwritten rules of proper etiquette and professionalism when asking questions.”

What kind of ettiquette did the Glass family take with Allard Baird? Was that polite and civil? Can we reovke the owners credentials….pleeeease? This is the equivalent of suspending a pitcher for the entire season on a brushback pitch. This whole blog response is a joke as well. No name, no source to quote. Just a nameless faceless response. Nobody in the royals organization has any stones or brains. When will the grownups take over our ballclub.

The first post on this blog by some anonymous Royals staffer is a joke. Is this April Fool’s day? How can anyone believe anything that comes out of the Royals at this point? Hey, did anyone notice they hired a new GM? Maybe they better send a memo to their new GM, telling him it is OK to start acting like one, and take advantage of all of the control that the Glasses gave him.

Until the Royals restore the press credentials to the two wronged journalists, and publicly apologize for being idiots in this matter, they will get no respect from anyone. Perhaps they enjoy the hugely negative public image they are actively cultivating?

This blog would be better titled “Down the Drain in KC”

Thank you Mr. Glass for all of your hard work at making it more embarrassing to be a Royals employee than a Wal-Mart employee.

This is so typical of the Glasses, they do everything wrong. They could have avoided this whole mess if they would have just addressed firing Allaird Baird after they fired him just like every other major league sports team would have. But we are not talking about every other major league team. We are talking about the most pethetic team in MLB history. The Glasses have single handedly taken a once proud franchise into the sewer and made it the laughing stock in all of professional sports. I am a die hard Royals fan that has been froced to watch the Royals on television this year. Normally I go to the games but I am not giving the Glasses another cent until they run this team like an owner should. I know it will not make a difference but i am also no longer going to Wal-Mart. I live about two miles from a Target and will go there for all of my shopping needs until the Glasses get serious and act like the are more interested in baseball then making a profit. David says he represents the fans but he must have Ewing Kaufman rolling over in his grave regreting asking Glass to take over the team. The only way for the Glasses to show us how much they love baseball is to SELL THE ROYALS. I am sure George Brett and his group of people would love to take over the Royals still. SCREW YOU DAVID GLASS AND GET THE HECK OUT OF TOWN (wait a minute you don’t live here, well stay out and give us back our team).

First of all, it is spelled Fescoe. For all of you ripping into Bob, at least spell his name correctly so it makes you a little more credible. He is an outstanding journalist and radio host and worked very hard to get where he is. A good journalist asks simple questions in a fair manner and may or may not get the answer in which they are looking, but a fantastic journalist asks questions and probes until they get the answer in which they know is truth. Therefore, Fescoe and Moss are fantastic journalists. These two work for the fans who want the dirt, and they were trying to get the dirt.

It is too bad that the Royals organization is run so poorly that they need to respond to this by posting a blog, which is named after a tv show on ESPN. They can’t even come up with a creative name. The Royals have already embarrassed themselves on the field, NOW they are embarrassing themselves behind the scenes. There is no way for them to dig out of the hole now.

The Royals have come up with their own propaganda site to compete with the Chiefs Rufus Dawes. Has this franchise really stooped this low?

The Royals state that they have pulled the credentials of Bob Fescoe and Rhonda Moss, not for the questions they asked, but for the tone and lack of civility in which they were asked.

How about the lack of respect this ownership has shown the fans of Kansas City with the product they have placed on the field for four of the last five years?

What about a shortstop who’ll swing at a bag of peanuts thrown by a vendor in the stands because he thinks it’s close to the strike zone?

The h#*% with civility, I want players who have the attitude the reporters have. At least they want answers and action.

The Royals front office could have at least avoided the Dayton Moore news conference fiasco by stepping up and answering questions the week before when Allard Baird was officially fired. David and Dan Glass could have explained why they didn’t communicate at all with Baird in the last few weeks of his tenure and left him hanging while negotiating for the services of Moore.

Instead, the Royals front office decided to put David and Dan front and center with microphones in front of them at Moore’s introduction, indicating they were there to speak and answer questions.

You can say you don’t like Rhonda and Bob or the way they ask their questions, but the bottom line is they were asking questions the public and their listeners wanted answers to.

This is the big leagues and big money and David Glass has been handed tough questions before in his job at Wal-Mart. He should know better.

The problem is, he’s chosen to walk out on those tough questions before, such as during an interview with MSNBC. When he was asked about children in foriegn countries working in factories making products that Wal-Mart sold as Made-in-America he got up and left instead of answering the question. So what should we expect in this case?

This ball club wasting one ounce of energy on getting upset over the tone of reporters questions just indicates that their priorities are so out of wack they have no chance to improve on the field.

I only hope Dayton Moore can convince David and Dan to stand by and let a professional do the job and just keep their mouths shut and their pocketbooks open when necessary.

I admire someone, anyone will stand up to the press today. For too long the media has tainted everything they get their hands on. They print smears and opinions instead of the facts, all because the public has a right to know…a right to know what the media wants us to know.

Well done Royals, well done indeed.

OK. this seems like a Glass hugger blog. Made by none other but a glass hugger. Truth be told the Glass Regime needs not to explain anything. it is clear to me that they are in it for the money. Case in point the royals were one of few teams that actually proffited last year with ticket and K sales . All while setting record low attendance records. The only time it doesnt look like a farm team crowd is on buck nite and even themn it is not sold out. I Remeber when we had a real owner that actaully liked baseball. True the Ball players now make and want more money but that doesn’t you cant keep some around. Our franchice player is Sweeney give me a break the guy cant stay healthy and even if he does get healthy his back will go out again. Kudos for the hire of Dayton, remember though glass is a business man not a fan. How do you get a guy a like glass to come here. 17-47 are you kidding me Detroit is good now we have ****** since the change of ownership so you cant blame the players you must blame the Management and the front office. The players are living a dream that otherwise would not have come true if it were not for the Glass regime. As for the reporters getting bagged thats ****. They are asking questions that we deserve to know. 810 and the royals front office ****

Key phrase so far:
“You can say you don’t like Rhonda and Bob or the way they ask their questions, but the bottom line is they were asking questions the public and their listeners wanted answers to.”

Yep. What management is really saying here is that they don’t want to have to deal with the mess they’ve made.

It is very sad the the Glass Family are digging a grave for this team. I guarrantee the Kaufman’s would puke at the way the team is being handled. Due to the number of issues with the Glass family and the front office, I am boycotting attending anymore games. I have been to 10 this season. I am tired of the losing and the way they have handled the press pass revoking’s, I have no other choice. Hopefully, they will opt to sell the team in the near future to people that care about the Royals and Kansas City.

Go Mets!

Much like the Bush administration, if you insulate yourselves from tough questions, it still does not alter the obvious facts and events. If we all adhered to someone else’s idea of decorum, we would have a lily-white milk-toast world that corporations like the Royals (and wal-mart) would love, but would be quite uninteresting. The thing that the Glasses can’t change is that they undermining the spirit of the first ammendment of the constitution. Wahh! You guys asked a tough question. Wahh! The Royals are not the Glasses possession. They are mine, they are yours, they are WHB’s, and anyone (or group) else that has lived and died and bled Royal blue our entire lives.

The truth? I’ll get my Royals news from somewhere else then.

If the Royals are this concerned with getting the truth out…how about hold another press conference to “seperate fact from fiction”? If Glass has nothing to hide and wants to show a true commitment to giving the fans the truth, hold an open forum press conference.

With what we have endured as fans, we deserve to listen to Glass explain himself.

Keep it in the back of your mind that that confrence was about the announcment of a new GM. These credentials are a privladge not a right, Much as your Drivers license. Forget Moss and Fesco and get New reporters to represent the stations.

If the Glass families held any press conferences other than hirings & firings, I would agree with you. However, since they do not live here and allow for questioning, the media has to jump at all opportunities.

Mr. Glass needs to be a man and answer the questions that the media ask. Why doesn’t he spend money on the team? Why does he draft players on signability and not just draft the best player available??? Why did he fire several scouts??? You can’t build a winning team through the draft if you fire half the scouting department and draft players that are cheaper just to save money. THIS ISN’T WAL-MART!!!! If he isn’t going to run the team the proper way then please sell the team to someone who will. Also please stop using excuses about small market teams can’t compete with big market teams. It’s been proven by several small market teams that its possible. You have to have a great scouting department that can evaluate talent and you have to draft the BEST PLAYERS AVAILABLE IN THE DRAFT. I give Mr. Glass a little credit for hiring Mr. Moore but if Mr. Glass doesn’t let him run the team how Mr. Moore wants than nothing is going to change. Also why hasn’t the number 1 pick signed yet??? I think i know the answer because Mr. Glass is wasting time trying to save a buck. If he isn’t signed in the next week than it appears Mr. Glass isn’t changing his ways and nothing else will change. How long can Mr. Glass take being the laughing stock of baseball??? OPEN YOU POCKETS MR. GLASS! BEYOND FRUSTRATED FAN!! I still plan on attending one baseball game this year. I will be wearing a brown paper bag on my head with signs DAVID GLASS AND DAN GLASS MUST GO!!!

This is just a simple matter of ego. Mr. Glass and the Royals were embarrassed in front of their new GM hire. It was not the questions, nor the tone of the questions. They were questions that the Royals fanbase wanted answers to, and the questions were asked in the same tone and tenor of the fanbase…..and probably in much more mild of a fashion.

Even if the Royals didn’t like the tone of the questions, it by no means warrants that the reporters credentials be revoked. Mr. Glass and the Royals need to take responsibility for these questions having to be asked at the press conference to introduce Dayton Moore. It doesn’t surprise me that he(Mr. Glass) doesn’t take any responsibility for this fiasco. He hasn’t been accountable for the poor state of this franchise since he purchased it. Just as Allard Baird was his scapegoat for that, the reporters and their “tone” is his scapegoat for this.

Revoking these credentials is an absolute joke. These reporters were just doing their jobs. David Glass promised major changes and then left a lame duck Allard Baird flapping in the wind for a month. Allard Baird was a terrible GM but he did not deserve that.

This thing could have been resolved very easily.

1. David Glass fires Baird a month before the actually firing and makes Muzzy Jackson interim GM.

2. David Glass makes himself available to answer questions in the month leading up to firing of Baird and hiring of Dayton Moore.

3. If David Glass did not want to answer question about his horrific handling of this situation he should not have been at the Dayton Moore press conference.

Frankly, I don’t care what the tone of the questions was. They were questions that needed to be asked and answered. This franchise is a joke and the owner is a joke and its a **** good thing Glass does not own a team in NY, LA, Philadelphia or Boston. The KC media is about as easy as it gets

I would be very disappointed if the Royals were to cave in and give the credentials back to Moss and Fescoe. It wasn’t the questions that were asked but the way that that the two have attacked the Royals for a long time (and in the press conference). Both of them have not interest except to dig up negative stories.

Also, to everyone that uses the First Admendment argument, you are wrong.

Give me a break, Mr. Glass! You have to be either out of touch with public sentiment, or you’re arrogant enough to believe that you are right and the majority of the public is wrong. Are you sure your name isn’t Bill Bidwell? Why can’t you simply admit that you made some mistakes and move on instead of digging the hole deeper and deeper.

Since we’re posting comments that may get seen by the Royals, here’s one for Buddy Bell: why the heck are you giving more at-bats to Graffanino than German?
And why didn’t you give any to Huber when he was called up? You’re obviously giving these guys PT based on seniority. We’re losing games a record pace, forget about seniority already…

Wow. I love reading these comments. While think it is a bad idea for the Royals to create this site, I would say thank you for FINALLY giving Royals fans a little tiny voice in this process. Maybe David Glass should peruse these comments to get a sense of the “pulse” of the fan base…. Can you take the action item to do that, Mystery Royals Blogger? Since we don’t know your name, may I refer to you as Mr. B or Rufus?

Anyway, Rufus, revoking press credentials and creating this web site to “educate” fans are examples of the poor management pervasive in the Royals organization. I can only hope Dayton Moore is allowed to be a catalyst for change in your organization. A good start would be to quell the fan resentment you seem to be intent to create by reestablishing the credentials, or you will continue to lose the media and the fans.

I wish somebody would revoke my season tickets so I don’t have to sit through these games with my 10 year old who still loves to go.

What is this preschool??? last time I checked EVERYONE involved in this are adults and SHOULD be able to handle tough questions. SO WHAT if you didn’t like the tone of the questions. You know what??? WE DON’T LIKE THE TONE OF YOUR BALLCLUB SINCE YOU’VE OWNED IT!!!! I say lets envoke our TAXPAYING RIGHTS and REMOVE YOU MR.GLASS FROM OWNERSHIP!!! EFFECTIVELY NOW!!!

Yet, another bone headed move by the Royals!! Mr. Glass you have made so many bone-headed moves in the last 3+ years it’s unbelievable. You should be man enough to admit you have made mistakes in your time as owner. I hope your pleased with turning OUR (The Real fans)team into a laughing stock of baseball because of your cowardes actions with the media.

I beg of you, please, don’t do this. Don’t turn into the Chiefs with your smear campaigns and spin tactics on the official team website. I hope you didn’t just sign up Rusty Dawes to a three-year deal. Please don’t do this. You’re in the wrong for pulling credentials. Sorry, that’s just how it is. A team that has been so clueless on the field, especially the ownership of said team, is deserving of nothing but unsparing punishment, which they rightfully received in that press conference. Don’t do this. This organization is far better than this, or at least it has been.

Well….this is just yet another in a line of STUPID moves by once what was a great organization…I have never been embarrassed to be a fan of any team, but I am horribly ashamed to be a Royals fan, but my heart wont let me change teams. Let it die Royals…you didn’t like how a couple of questions were with it. It all makes me sad and ashamed…I wish I hadn’t voted to give all my tax dollars to this **** team and pitiful owner. Jeff, Blue Springs, MO

And another thing:

No matter how many waaaahmbulances the Royals call because of those mean people asking those mean mean questions, it doesn’t change this: the Royals are the joke of the baseball world. Devil Ray fans are thinking “Man, at least we’re not the Royals!”

Score so far: 8 commenters supporting management, 31 commenters opposing management. Hmmm. An 8-31 record is about right for the Royals, yeah?

This is obscene.

Are my foremerly beloved Royals now the team that has become the first team ever to revoke press passes in the history of major professional sports? This has never happened anywhere, has it?

I used to attend 30+ games per year. I had season tickets in 2004. I haven’t been to a game since the Royals proved they didn’t care about winning when they hired Buddy Bell.

I won’t be returning. I am furious that Mr Kauffman’s beloved team has been managed in a way that he would never have done. This team was the pride of the metro area. It is now the embarrassment.


So sad…

Former Royal Lover,


Get rid of this stupid blog and move on with your season. This is going to cause more problems than help. The main thing to do is WIN! Can you guys do that?

I agree with the Royals. I am not from KC but listen to the two stations and enjoy the on air personalities including the two that had their credentials pulled. But they were out of line and wrong. And while one has shown some contrition they and some of the others at the stations are still very defensive and blaming the Royals for what happened. That is nonsense. The fault lies with the Reporters and only them. They can and should control their behavior and the “They made me do it” defense does not cut it with me. I will still listen to the stations and to the two reporters. Perhaps they will learn their lesson and move on better for it. Its a big story now but honestly I feel only because the media is making it a big story. Its time to get back to sports and hope the Royals will get better with the new GM and changes. And frankl;y I disagree that the questions had to be ask. I really do not care about the past ans was ready to move on with the new GM.

8-32.. We just lost another one!

The questions didn’t need to be asked, jgreen? Have you watched this team?

It is the worst team in modern history, by far.

It is very rare in baseball history to post 3 consecutive 100-loss seasons. I know of no team that has posted 5 consecutive, and I fully believe the Royals will have done that by 2007.

When I was a kid, my life revolved around Royals baseball. I have never lost that gut-level attachment to the team, & it breaks my heart to see the franchise destroyed after Mr. K’s death.

Mr. Glass, get over yourself. You have bigger things to worry about than the “tone” of a couple of reporters. You have the unenviable task of turning the Wal-Mart Royals back into the Kansas City Royals.

JP – Shawnee, KS

Since Bill Gates is stepping down from day to day opperations at Microsoft, maybe he can buy the Royals. At least his blog would look cooler.

I don’t know whether to laugh, cry, puke, hang my head in shame or turn on the “numb the Royals out” switch in reaction to this blog.

When does Training Camp start for the Chiefs again?

Just more proof that this team is a joke, on the field and in the front office. As a lifetime Royals fan, it is getting nearly impossible to defend and support the actions of this team. The “truth” is the Royals handled the whole thing like babies. How can the questions asked offend anyone? I, as a fan (for now,) would have asked the same things. It’s laughable what is happening to this team. Stop being babies, grow a pair, answer some questions, AND STOP LOSING 100+ GAMES EVERY YEAR!!!

Today’s pace: 42-120 RIGHT ON!!

This is evidently created by the public relations geniuses that created Rufus T. Dawes of the Chiefs.

Mr. Glass, you can fool people into shopping at Wal Mart, but you can’t fool the fans of Kansas City by creating this lame attempt at “educating” those of us who have been following this team before you ever gave it a thought.


“The Royals are committed to using to educate, inform and entertain our fans.”

Why doesn’t the Royal’s front office start working on entertaining us on the field?

So when will Dave and Dan stop coming to the press conferences and really give Moore “total control” so that we don’t continue to have incidents like this one? Next time maybe they can tele-conference from Arkansas so they can just turn off the TV like most other fans have lately. I can’t believe this is the team ownership that Sweeny stayed for. Maybe Damon, Dye, Randa, and Grenke have the right idea and why Brett and White don’t want anything to do with the big league club. For next years promotions, could we get David and Dan Glass bobble-heads? Guaranteed sell-out.

Well said JP… There is ALOT bigger things on Glass’ plate than getting bent out of shape from a couple of reporters asking questions…

I’d love to see Glass squirm at a press conference in Philidelphia…

Yes, Shawn and JP, and judging from these posts, the “tones” are only going to get worse. I’m pretty sure if they worry about the play on the field, the “tones” will take care of themselves!

I think the Royals were justified in revoking the press credentials from Moss and Fescoe. They gave their reasons and I agree. That said, I hope everyone calms down and the Royals restore them in due time. Press credentials are a privilege, they should be treated as such. I’m assuming some of these comments will get back to the Glass’s and Dayton Moore. How can that be bad thing.

The actions that David Glass took in this situation just disgusts me. I’ve been a lifelong Royals fan and season ticket holder and I can’t believe this was done. They only asked the questions that tons of Royals fans wanted answers to. There IS no nice tone to those kind of questions.

Mr Glass is screwing up this franchise as bad as he screws with his Walmart employees with their pathetic pay.

Yes Charles, there has been one other owner that has pulled press credentials. Any guess?

It was Marge Schott.

You’re in great company Mr. Glass.

Tough questions and tone of questions are the nature of the beast. I wonder how management would handle Chicago or New York media. Poor choice. Your press.

Dear Dan&David,

Thank you for educating my son and I with your informative and entertaining baseball. I can only wish you the same success with your new BLOG.



Toughen up, buttercup.

You boys want to play in the big leagues, you better step up to the plate.

I hate the way you have destroyed the team I grew up with and loved.

If you can’t defend your actions, then get the **** out of the way and let some people that know their butts from holes in the ground run the team.

What you know about Wal Mart won’t apply here.

You are the worst owners in baseball, now that Marge Schott is dead, and Bud is in the commissioner’s office.

It is really pathetic that both the Royals organization and the media have to whine and cry over Q&A’s. Frankly quit the BS, Royals if you want the media off you back let Moore do what he was hired to do and make this a Major League ball team again. Give the 2 back there credentials so they can ask irrelevant ?’s in order to entertain their fans.
Media quit thinking that everyone should bow too you just because you have a voice over the airway or print. players and owners owe you nothing but to put a good product on the field and win or contend.

Everyone shut up and PLAY BALL.

(If a good team isn’t put on the field I am going to quit watching)

Maybe this would have more credibility if the author actually sacked up and put his/her name behind their words-this is just another Rufus Dawes fiasco-
I won’t argue that Rhonda Moss and Bob Fesco are ****** and attention seeking rodents but The Royals and Mr. Glass have no one to blame but themselves for not providing a forum to have questions about the previous GM answered. Don’t let the tabloid reporters get in position to ruin your press conference.

Sign your name if you are going to editoralize- it’s about credibility

I have been following this story with some amazement. 2 reporters have their credentials pulled from the Royals clubhouse and you would think from all the hysteria that Hitler was back from the dead and invading! All the handwringing over what is to be done! The press, and talk radio in particular, long ago stopped reporting news and our now more often THE NEWS. Those two reporters were more interested in their agendas and their fame than covering the story. Which if you have forgotten was about the hiring of the new GM. Which people around baseball seem to think was a great hire! So your this down and out team trying to have something positive for the fans to focus on for at least a few hours, if not days, and you get these two doing the LOOK AT ME AND MY TOUGH QUESTIONS THING! I say more power to the Royals for standing up to these bullies. By the way, contrary to the radio reports about this we will survive without Rhonda and Bob asking those tough questions. Just imagine, we could actually survive without knowing the whole truth about the Baird firing!

This site was created to tell us the truth?

Here’s another truth-we’re paying major league prices here for minor league baseball.

At least the T-Bones don’t try to put sh*t on a plate and tell you it’s steak.

This is absolutely unbelievable. Just when I think the Royals can’t possibly figure out a way to become an even bigger laughingstock, they prove me wrong.

The entire country was laughing at Kansas City because we **** so badly. But now, everyone is laughing hilariously that the Royals can’t even control a simple press conference.

Thanks to the Royals, our community is the subject of punch lines during Leno and Letterman. The Royals are the subject of deriding jokes in major movies. And now the ONLY public comment the Royals make on this national PR debacle they’ve created is via an anonymous propaganda blog? This gutless, B.S. ridden, anonymous blog is a direct insult to everyone, matter what side of the “credential revoking” issue you’re on.

How can this organization be this inept? I am literally amazed. It’s like they stay awake at night thinking of ways to screw up.

Media credentials are a privilege. They aren’t guaranteed by the Constitution or by the First Amendment, nor is access to the press box and the lockeroom.

That said, David Glass & family should feel privileged that the voters of Jackson County agreed to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to support his 96 or 97 million dollar investment in the team. By doing so, they increased the value of his franchise by nearly double.

At the least he should feel obligated to answer the media/fans questions due to their investment in his franchise.

This isn’t a First Amendment issue, but when you receive tax supported financing and you rely on the support of the paying public to fill the seats, you have a moral obligation to answer them, even if you don’t like the way they asked you.

We (and that includes Rhonda Moss and Bob Fescoe) aren’t your petulant children Mr. Glass. You can’t send us to the corner because we popped off at the dinner table.

All of this hoopla could have been averted if the Glass family had talked to the media re Baird’s firing AFTER introducing the new GM and leaving the podium for D. Moore to have the spotlight. Let the GM have his moment then scoot him off the stage and put the Glass family up there BY THEMSELVES to answer questions. The Royals PR staff and the Glass family really screwed this one up royally so to speak. Maybe the radio people did ask questions in a less than genteel manner but for crying out loud, the Royals stink now and the Glass family is to blame. Until the Royals get back to winning, even a little, the baseball public here and accross the nation will view the Glass family as a bunch of buffons, rich ones but still buffoons.

The Royals are the worst franchise in professional sports, and it really isn’t even close. Everything about this team is bush league: The pitching, the defense, the bats, the handling of Baird’s firing, the handling of the draft and now the handling of the media.

I am absolutely disgusted right now. This organization has brought so much shame to a great city.

What a joke!! Did Rufes Dawes write this blog entry?

As a season ticket holder I would feel better if the Royals would concentrate on putting a winning product on the field rather than wasting time putting their version of ‘facts’ out. This is just another example of the Royals being poorly run on the field and in the business offices.

The hiring of Moore should be providing us a sense of hope; instead the Royals have bungled this situation from the start. This blog is just another mistake in a long string of mistakes that have culminated in the Royals being one of the worst franchises in all of sports.

The reality is that the Royals stink and until improvement is shown they will have to take all of the flack & ‘hard’ questions that fans and reporters throw their way. That being said – I still enjoy the Royals and do have hope for the future. Hopefully, my ‘tone’ will not result in my season tickets being revoked.

Moss I tolerate; Fescoe I can’t stand–so this is really a non-event for me. And it should be for most fans. Frankly I’m surprised the Chiefs haven’t done the same thing to Fescoe (although they should).

The Royals problem right now is credibility with the fans–not the media. There are enough jackasses to go around at the local radio stations and the KC Star that I pretty much take what I hear and read with skepticism.

This blog is a GOOD first step. Allowing comments is a GREAT second step. That’s more than WHB and the Star will do.

The Royals hire a gm that all of baseball loves and all thats talked about is how some reporters didn’t say please and thank you so our wonderful owner gets his panties in a bunch and once again we are the laughing stock of baseball. You would think atleast for one day we could of had hope for the future. But nooooooo Mr. Glass managed to screw that up too. Also you cheap s.o.b (Mr. Glass) sign our #1 pick already. You should of had a pre-draft contract worked out before you drafted him. Quit trying to save a buck and sign him. What a complete utter joke of a baseball owner you are. Also whoever started this blog can’t talk about creditability if you won’t even identify yourself. What a joke. You don’t even have enough creativity to come up with an original name for this blog. Last time i checked around the horn is a show on espn. Everything the royals touch turns to ****. Its comical at this point.

i thought the pulling of the credentials was completely appropriate.

Chaswinters, I agree the team is bad and has been bad for awhile. But how does grilling David or Dan Glass about the firing of Baird address or resolve those issues. Maybe questions to the new GM about tose issues would have got to the real answers. By the time Baird was fired(and everyone I know thought he should be)I could care less about the details or whether he was left twisting in the wind or anything else about that issue and I frankly feel most fans feel the same way too. IT seems to me attendance has stayed the same since the change(but bad I know) so I do not think the vast majority of fans care(except us hotheads who read blogs!).

Can someone in the Royals front office please change David Glass’s DEPENDS???? What a baby!!! Answer the questions like a man or stay in Arkansas!!!!!!

I grew up in KC and desperetly want to be a Royals fan.
I was 3 years old in 85 when they won the WS, so I’ve never seen the good times (except a couple years back when they went .500, amazing)

When I went off to school I got paired up with some STL guys. It’s amazing how big of fans they are over there, baseball season is like chiefs season over here. In KC, baseball season is just that much closer to football season.

I hate fair weather fan, but 17-48 on June 16th, come on! We can’t pitch, hit, or even field consistantly. We keep getting #1 picks that go NOWHERE. I guess what I’m tring to ask is when do I give up on them? I’d hate for them to go to another city, but I’m tired of defending them. They’ve been losers ever since I can remember.

Let’s see if I can get myself banned on here by the Royals… because I call for a boycott of this joke of a major league team.

The fact that people in KC not only still go and support this joke of a franchise.. but the people in Jackson County just voted to hand them millions of dollars just goes to show how badly we want a winning/professional franchise.

Pulling press credentials and then starting an ‘ownership’ run blog to try and explain things your way… and THEN not even having the guts to put your name on it to show who wrote it….



Until David Glass sells the team or does a complete reverse on how he runs the team.. do not waste your money on a franchise that no longer cares about the fans.

i like the boycott idea. But i say we show up for one game with brown paper bags on our heads with signs DAVID GLASS MUST GO!!!

Just one more thought…

Do we have to brownnose the owner on this comment page, so we don’t get our “blog credentials” pulled?

I’m glad the Royals pulled those two idiots’ credentials. Both are as dumb as a bag of hammers and are known only for their attitudes. Perfect representatives of this generation of media.

That being said, the Royals are a laughingstock and Glass bears the blame. I can’t believe Jackson county passed the stadium measure; I wouldn’t have given Glass or Hunt the time of day. Neither can figure out how to bring a winner to the city.

Can someone please explain to me how revoking press credentials is helping the current or future Royals win games? Shouldn’t that be the focus?

This blog is simply one more attempt to deceive the fans and more importantly, the tax payers. It would be extremely nice if the Glasses would be a little more accountable, and a little less sophomoric. While reading the comments on here I have found it quite amusing that almost everyone who agrees with the revocation of the credentials, didn’t even hear the press conference. The questions were ask in as good of a fashion as a question can be ask. Especially when the Glasses refused numerous attempts for a press conference or an interview to be scheduled. The Glasses are the ones who blew this out of proportion. An adult would have just said “we are not taking questions on this at this time”, of NO COMMENT”. However, since we are dealing with someone who won’t own up to the truth, we get this.


Rhonda Moss and Bob Fescoe will get their credentials back the week after All Star Break.

Remember I predicted this!

Right Now,

Over/Under on how long this blog lasts?

I give it a week…

This is going to become another bad story.

has anyone mentioned the first “telephone press conference” that took place with Dayton Moore — DURING A GAME ON THE ROAD???!?!?

I don’t think David Glass has any idea what the fans really think. Maybe he doesn’t even care.

The only way for him to save some face is for him to eat a little humble pie. I am truly surprised the Royals have any fans left after all of this.

Lamar Hunt founded the AFL, and should be left out of this! He has put many winning teams on the field, and if you don’t know this it shows just how smart you are Mr. “justmike”

Well folks, I have a different perspective of the Royals since Glass bought us. I’m sure many of you realize he made all of his money from Wal-Mart, right? I’m also pretty sure many of you realize how Wal-Mart runs their business. I do b/c I worked my way into salaried mgmt with them back in the early to mid 90’s while I was in college. And to top it all off I grew up in St. Joseph during the “Glory Days” & have some just awesome memories of the teams and seasons we had from ’77-’85. I was in 4th grade when we went to the Series in ’80 and in 9th grade when we won it in ’85. It really hurts me deeper than you’ll ever know the sorry state “OUR” Royals have sunk to. I mean my heart aches sometimes, seriously. As a kid growing up. Baseball & the Royals were my passion.

It’s real simple here…..Glass is running the Royals the same way he ran Wal-Mart & you cannot run a PRO sports team like that. Glass has cut practically everything out of the scouting dept, am I correct? he’s cut practically everything possible to make a buck out of this. That’s exactly what he did at Wal-Mart, that is, cut every expense possible…..then made the stores operate on thin payroll budgets…..why do you think when you get a new Wal-Mart after just a couple years the standards you had grown accustomed to seem to drop, like speedy & OPEN checkouts, or sales clerks on the sales floor? It’s b/c the store’s have to beat last year’s payroll percentages & it doesn’t matter what your sales are. You ran a 10% last year you better run a 9.5% this year.

Glass just pocketed, what, $21 M from Steinbrenner as part of the luxury tax he has to pay, right? Is the Royals 2006 payroll even $25 M???

The guy was a jerk when he ran Wal-Mart and he’s even worse now running “OUR” Royals.

I wish Mr. K were still around. He would never have let it get to this point. I had heard a long time ago that Mr. K never made money off the Royals and that he put his own personal money into the team every year to put a winner on the field.


Please sell the team to someone who at least gives a rats *** about winning!!!!!!

Thanks for letting me rant here. This has needed to be said for a loooooong time now……

I love the Chiefs, I love the Royals, but as KC fans we have to put up with more SILLY S**T than any one else in “professional” sports!! I have always hated Rufus Dawes, and I used to like Bob Gretz, but we don’t need media mouthpieces to “educate” us. How about honest ownership, caring ownership, dedicated ownership. We have to pray that Dayton Moore knows what he is doing, and that he is just not signed on to make a quick $5MIL before he throws up his hands and says it is all the lost cause that it seems to have become.
The 70’s and 80’s were an amazing time to grow up listening to every game with Denny and Fred every summer night, as EVERY game mattered, and you never knew what Royal legend (they were just players then, but we KNEW they were good!) was going to do something amazing and hellbent to will a Royals win… I feel so sorry that my own 12 year old son has never in his life had anything close to that from “his” Royals…

Any ideas Mr. Glass?? Press credentials are the LOWEST priority!!! Quit being senile and thin skinned and let SOMEONE (hopefully Moore) run this baseball organization like it NEEDS to be run!!


Yes I am sure they get asked tough questions everyday. They just don’t answer them. I am glad that I can now come to this blog to hear the truth as the Royals see it. Anybody else think this blog is just another in a long line of recent pr nightmares? This is exactly why I gave up my royals seasons tickets. I just hope that an NHL or NBA comes here as soon as the Sprint center opens so I can again that disposable income I previously spent on the royals. By the way does railing on the royals present risk of having my blogging credentials taken away by the royals?

Well, now we have it.
“The Truth” as told by the Royals front office.

Oh the JOY!!!!!!!!!

Just what we need right now. The Royals propaganda rag by anonymous blogger.

Unfortunately, the Royals don’t need Bob Fescoe or Rhonda Moss to let us know what a totally incompetent organization this has become under the Glass regime.

From one of the best run organizations in Baseball to the worst in 12 years (5 if you just count the years Glass has owned the team).

Never before has a team lost 100 games in 3 consecutive seasons. Well Royals fans, you’re about to see it happen right before your eyes.

The Kansas City A’s never were that bad.

Bring back Finley and Charlie “O” the mule.

It couldn’t be any worse.

Hey Glass,
Sell the team. No one wants you to own the Royals.

Sell the team

Sell the team

I have searched all through the KC Star, and I cannot find the comments that are apparetntly referring to Fescoe in the original post. Nothing at all about the ‘Obviously”, and I think that the second quote is totally out of context. Here is what Fescoe said:
“I don’t regret my questions,” Fescoe said Monday. “But maybe I could have changed my tone in a more civil way. I hope something can be resolved before the season is over.”

That sounds more like something along the lines of an apology to me, with the added comment that he hopes they can work this out like ADULTS. He obviously doesn’t really know who he is dealing with here.

I wonder if we are going to get our ‘Blog Post’ Creds pulled soon…. ????

And another thing…

Just what this town needed, another anonymous blogger that’s employed by the team…what happened Rufus? The paper route/lawn-mowing gig fall through? You get fired at Wal-Mart Rufus?

To my fellow bloggers: What’s wrong with some of you? The Royals open up a direct line of communications with the fans, and all you do is gripe! Learn some manners.

And to all of you saying Moss and Fescoe had no other opportunity to ask those questions; what part of “they had already been answered previously by David Glass” do you not understand?! Moss confrontationally stated that Glass “obviously decided to fire Baird 6 weeks earlier” and what Glass had consistently said to the media all that time was that he “did not know” what changes he was going to make yet, indicating he “obviously” had not decided any such thing.

Fescoe’s question was about Dan Glass (implied “meddling”) which David Glass had already answered in the media the week before saying anyone who said Dan “meddled” was a liar.

Just because Moss and Fescoe did not like those answers, does not change the fact that those issues had already been answered by David Glass and were not appropriate to be brought up on Moore’s special day.

Dear Mr PM183… errrr… Dan Glass.

It’s already on record and proven that Dan vetoed at least a couple of trades that Baird had done… and also that David and Dan both put time constraints on Baird for getting a couple of trades done.

So basically David (your father) is the liar.

It is the JOB of the KC press to ask tough questions (something they generally don’t do) and get the tough answers.

It’s obviously the Glassholes jobs to not answer those questions and then get those reporters ‘fired’.

I’m sorry.. maybe we should rename the team the Walmart Royals because that’s what David obviously thinks he is in charge of. must exist in a paralel universe (like Bentonville maybe). Hey, do you have any referenses on what you say, or do you just expect us to beleive everything you got to say? I follow this closely, and this is the first I have heard of it.

I wish the Mr. Glass would take some of the responsibility on how the Royals have done during the time he has been the owner.

To Dan and David Glass & Rhonda Moss & Bob Fesco.
Come on you four of you, it is part of human nature that we shut our eyes to what we do not wish to see and above all to our own shortcomings. There are plenty of shortcomings for all four of you to share. I suggest a joint news conference with the four of you making apologies all around and then a joining together to put it behind you and agree that all of you urge the fans to join you in a renewal of support for each other and Dayton Moore and the fans of Kansas City in the wonderful goal of a new future for Kansas City and its Royals

I don’t live in the KC area, so I don’t know how big an issue this is down there. My family is from the area, so I feel the need to voice my opinion on this.

First of all, yes, the royals need to get rid of glass. if all he cares about is greenbacks, then you do need to get a new owner.

2. those two djs should have been able to keep their credentials. they just said the right thing in the wrong place in the wrong way.

3. when did KC relocate to new york? if these are the people that call themselves royals fans (if there are any), they have just ensured that there will be another 500 losses in the next 5 years, just by turning kauffman into queens. it’s hard enough to rebuild when there’s a trillion people heckling you (see the mets of old), but it’s a hundred times harder when it’s unexpected. show some midwestern values, people!!!



If anything more needed to be done to communicate how sad this once proud franchise has become, this hapless blog has done it. I love the Royals and have since 1974. It’s really too bad the current ownership AND PR department don’t feel the same way.

People who back the ROYALS in this situation are not ROYALS fans. Real fans should want and deserve to know the answers to these “tough” questions.

I heard the press conference and I applaud BOTH reporters for asking the questions! It was their first opportunity to speak with ownership after being turned down repeatedly for interview requests.

GlASS did his best to answer the questions which I can respect, but for them to pull credentials is asinine. If you can’t take the heat for this terrible team and the terrible decisions that have been made – SELL THE TEAM. Please.

I live a couple hours from KC and love to attend the games, but after this childish and cowardly act by the ROYALS I will never attend another game until we have a new owner.

A new owner who cares about the team’s performance, the fans, and KC.

At least we have this outlet to vent our frustration, but let’s not kid ourselves – this blog isn’t going to be read or responded to by the Royals. They don’t have the guts or facts to stand upon.

The way the Royals owners have handled themselves throughout their ownership is the most unsettling issue.

David Glass has been NOWHERE to be found during his regime, and Dan is around, but never gives interviews nor does he have any baseball business experience. They are both unworthy of our undying love for the Royals.

If David Glass had learned anything from the PR nightmare that his Walmart experienced during his watch, he would know that it would behoove him to pay a bit more attention and loving care to the team he owns. But instead, the Cryptkeeper is a grumpy, thin-skinned corpse, who really should sell the team to someone with passion for the team, because its obvious that he has passion for $$$.

Revoking Fescoe and Moss’ credentials is just the latest episode in the long list of inadequate pathetic behavior displayed by the glASS regime.

Please listen to the pleas of the hundreds of Royals fans that are left, and sell the team. Get out of baseball and into the grave as soon as possible, please.

Dear Lord, please hear my prayers.

Sincerely, a ultra-uber disappointed former Royal fan.

If the Stadium renovations vote would have been NOW instead of a couple months ago, I bet many, many more would have voted NO.

And I doubt that it would have passed.

kansas city royals fans have had to sit and watch season after season of progressively horrible baseball. 21 seasons in all since we were a playoff team. we’ve been given excuse after excuse. some valid, some not. we have seen some of the worst trades in recent memory, if not of all time. It doesn’t matter who you pin the tail on for that, the result is still the same.

The team has become a refuge for players past their prime, minor leaguers who have no business being on the field, often injured never-were’s and has-beens (hey, mr. sweeney, how can you still be wearing that “C” on your chest? seriously, how can you look in the mirror? i mean you’re a nice guy and all…but come on!)

the royals also feature the ultimate embarrassment of a pitching staff. you would be hard-pressed to find one pitcher able to be a 5th starter on any other major league club. the bullpen is…i just have no words… the royals have probably wasted more first round picks than any other team in the last 20 years. most of them are the pitchers that are disguised as the holes in our pitching staff. they are now selling cars, insurance and coaching little league right now instead of filling spots 1-5 in the royals rotation.

are the royals snakebit? sure they are. are the royals victims of their own poor decision making? you bet. do the royals have a hard time existing in this “small market”? ummm, yeah. it’s alot easier to be a team from boston or new york, and it’s even easier to cry about what you don’t have. if you can’t accept the challenge and compete regardless, you don’t have any business pulling into your private parking spot at the “k”.

this city has had enough. we’ve been patient, we’ve been kind and we’ve been forgiving. but everyone has a breaking point. david glass and his son come across as smug, aloof, insensitive and uncaring. of course, they probably do care..i mean i hope they do. it’s their team, they do own it after all. but the problem is in the court of public opinion, as much as on the field. if the people believe in your sincerity to build a winner, then they will be patient. and we have been. but you cannot ignore what’s been put on the field year after year with no measurable success.

we are calling you out mr. glass and you are the one getting angry? how dare YOU mr. glass. put up or shut up. mr. moore better be given every opportunity to make this better or you very well may be the worst owner in baseball history. if you think you are still doing mr. k a favor, please give up the team. because if he were around right now, he’d fire your ***.

ROHRBAR and all other ‘GLASS’ Apologists…
Stop acting like EVERYONE on the planet didn’t expressly KNOW that the ‘meddling’ in question was taking place, unless you want to call ‘liar’ on Buster Olney, John Donovan, Posnaski, or any of the other NATIONAL writers that were writing about what a disgrace it was the way the Baird firing was handled.

It was , is and always will be common knowledge that this is what was happening.

David Glass stated that Rhonda was not correct, and that he had discussions with Baird, Dan and Buddy about what to do ; at the same time Allard was saying (and it was being said by other GMs) , that David Glass had stopped talking to Baird.

THANK YOU RHONDA MOSS AND BOB FESCOE FOR CALLING THE LIARS OUT!!! I for one was getting sick to my stomach listening to Glass hem and haw and make excuses, and then THINK that he can do away with YEARS of BAD, BAD, BLOOD in one press conference!!

You completely misread me, dawg….I’m the one begging the Royals not to keep making mistakes…these are my words, a direct quote from what I said early today-“You’re in the wrong for pulling credentials”. The people can vent, and I’m glad people are using this misbegotten idea to vent. I’m not begging people to stop ripping the Royals. I’m begging the Royals to stop making mistakes. Light up PM if you’re in the mood for arguing with Glass apologists.

Sorry, the comments were directed at PM.. I read the wrong name…

No harm, no foul, just wanted to help you “separate fact from fiction”, as this blog is designed to do. Too bad that it took outsider’s comments and not the actual entry to get that done…

Y’all are being far too hard on David Glass. Wal-Mart folk are some of the classiest people in sports.


PS: I paid my roommate $20,000 to write this e-mail for me.

Well, I guess that these postings might well have give the Royals management a taste of how people feel about the press conference affair, and the state of the Royals in general.

A blog should be a two-way thing, so can I ask the people behind the establishment of the blog for two things:

1. An official response detailing what they think of the comments posted here.

2. From now on putting a real name (!) to the authorship of the blog.

Over to you guys….

It will be interesting to see if the Royals will respond in their next posting to the overwhelming opinion from fans that the Royals were wrong to pull the credentials or will they simply ignore the fans as they have been doing so much of in the past. If Dayton Moore is TRULY in command, then he can stop this nonsense in a minute. If he TRULY cares about media relations, then he will restore the credentials. Taking into consideration the Royals past record of the last few years, I would think an almost complete overhaul of staff personnel from ticket takers to the highest executive would have to be considered by MR.MOORE. Obviously a LOT of people with the Royals have been doing a pretty bad job these last few years. MR.MOORE would do well to “clean house” and bring in the best at every position in the organization from scouts to minor league instructors to media personnel.

If Mr. Glass was a true Royals “fan” as he calls himself, he would have recognized the questions the reporters asked as questions most of us frustrated fans would ask if given the opportunity to have press credentials. Grow up, David!

I’ve been a fan of this team since I can remember and to me this team is bigger than who’s running it or who’s runnning the front office. This helps me to pardon them for some of this nonsense. I love the Royals, not the people who run it. In life, how great would it be to just erase any individual whose tone you don’t like, who doesn’t give you the respect you feel you deserve. That’s just not reality. So the Glass’ didn’t like their tone, so what? Get over move on. Evaluate (something this franchise isn’t familiar with) what caused this situation to occur, (no availability to the media during contraversial times) and fix the problem to see it doesn’t happen again. Rather than wipe out the effect, fix the cause. David Glass was the cause, the questions were the effect. Who’s bullying who??

These comments are a joke. How many paid Royals employees have replied in here? What Glass did is inexcusable and shows that he has zero class, but we already knew that. This city deserves better.

Thank you for all of the comments, please be advised that we are just as disgusted as you at what is taking place, and we agree that IMMEDIATE changes are necessary.
Please also note, that by IMMEDIATE, we have NO idea what we mean ( I will deny saying this if you ask me later).

Please also be advised that if you start making educated, informed speculation, and this speculation does indeed turn out to be exactly what happens, we will call you a liar, tell you that you had no idea (just like us) what you were saying, and that you were totally wrong. If this upsets you and you respond, we WILL do everything within our means to ensure that your voice is silenced, which will make things ‘nice’ for the others in the pen, I mean pressroom.

Thank you for your cooperation, and thank you for shopping at Wal-Mart…

Shades of Charles O. Finley! Even the old KC A’s weren’t as mismanaged by ownership as this team! It’s all about attitude and I’m beginning to think think our esteemed owner is on the road to a
Finleyesque type of attitude. As to the pulling of the credentials, I am not a fan of either Fescoe or Moss, but the key point in the Royals blog was about unofficial and accepted rules of etiquette. Does violating an unofficial rule deserve such a strong reaction? I think not! Sounds to me a lot like our old friend Charley O.

Anyone care to make a guess how long this BLOG remains active? I am thinking until just about 8:30 AM Monday…

For the first time in a long time I feel sorry for the Royals. While much of the losing and poor play that we fans see on the field must be put squarely on their shoulders they are getting hammered by the press on this credential situation from every angle. I think starting this blog is a great way for them to get their side out there without the interference of the media. Kansas City sports media is a joke for the most part (Joe P. in the Star is one of the few exceptions). With Jason “Where is the Camera Whitlock” and Kevin “If it isn’t K State it *****” Keitzman out there stroking their own egos it is hard to get the whole story from these two outlets. Sorry I digress, the clown show of Sports talk radio is another story (DA insert Jim Rome wanna be voice here and Kevin cue up the half hour of barbecue talk that has nothing to do with sports). The cut and dry is this: 1. Anyone who has paid attention to Rhonda Moss over the past couple of years has reaized fairly quickly that she is not going to be up for a Pulitzer anytime soon. She poses the obvious questions at the wrong time consistently. She needs to get rid of that spoon she uses to stir up trouble and get a pen and piece of paper so she might get a story right once in awhile. The Disco Diva (how anyone with this nickname can be taken serious at any press conference is beyond me, unless she is covering the return of KC and Sunshine Band then sure I’ll go for it.) all she ever wanted was to be famous. Well congrats you got what you wanted by being an idiot. All Rhonda has ever been is a loud mouthed trouble maker and for those of us who have listened to sports talk in KC we know that and shouldn’t be surprised with her involvement in this. Fescoe on the other hand kind of surprised me. I usually think he does a great job, but I think he got caught up in the heat of the moment and since has realized his mistake and apologized for it. He unlike Rhonda is a true Royals fan and he just cares that much. 2. This was not the time and place for these questions. This should have been a great day for the Royals and these two had to destroy it. Royals fans don’t get a lot to cheer for and these two took one of those few things away. I’m going to shoot down what I percieve as the main arguement that I’ve heard. That these questions were asked at this time because the ownership hadn’t made themselves available. Ok Rhonda here is a clue. Just because someone is standing there in front of you doesn’t mean they are available. Part of your job of being the great journalist you are is to get the interview. If you get turned down try another route, if that doesn’t work try another and another until you get it. Unfortunately, this does mean you may actually have to do that four letter word. WORK not just giggle and talk really loud. In all of our business and personal lives we want to call out a colleague, friend, or wife on something. But being an intelligent responsible person we know when to and when not to do this. Asking a coworker if that funny rash has cleared up in the middle of a board meeting not a good time. Asking the boss in the middle of Union negotiations if the layoffs had gone through not a good time. Some time you have to think a little not just talk. Finally, I want to put a little sunshine down on this whole thing. I hope this is a sign of how this management will handle all of its dealings. Quick, confident, and with a sense of building a positive attitude. Give Fescoe his credentials back he has apologized, but Rhonda sorry your a multiple offender it isn’t that easy for you. Have fun covering KC and the Sunshine Band.

At times, Tony Muser, Tony Pena, Buddy Bell, and Alard Beard have been vilified by the KC media with no official reaction from Royals ownership. Notice how David “Daddy” Glass bristled when the media suggested that Dan Glass was to blame for the problems with the Royals. It is painfully obvious that Dan Glass does not have the intellect or leadership abilities of his father (otherwise he would be an executive at WalMart). Clearly, he cannot run a succesful major league team. The solution is easy. Move the Royals to Bentonville as an A ball team so junior has a job and bring new ownership to KC to run a major league franchise.

Hope I don’t lose my blog account for improper decorum (i.e., criticizing junior).

Dear barrybertram…
Thank you SO much for your comments. We could not agree more…. We KNOW that it is the media, and not the fans, who are upset with us. Just look at the supportive comments from everyone on this thread!! You are right, all the media is doing is stirring it up!

And WHY would Rhonda ask those mean questions? That was not the time and place. They should have asked me to come on their stations and anser questions (oh wait, they did, over and over and over, but I didn’t respond).

Also, I don’t understand how ANYONE would get frustrated by us standing at the podium and calling them liars and wrong to their faces. I know I would not consider that escalating anything. They also seemed to get MORE upset when I said I had NO IDEA how we got where we are.

Didn’t this thing kind of sneak up on everyone?

Anyways, barry, I wanted you to know that we have added your name to our most- favored-people list !!

Yo, decorum police. I think you need to figure out that the name of the author of each post is BELOW the post, not on top.

Thank you all for your comments. It’s great to see that our fans are still so passionate.
Bob and Rhonda are going to have their credential returned by tonight’s game.

But that’s not it. I have learned a great deal in my first years as owner, and I’m proud to be beginnin a new era.

I’m going to stop taking $20 million profits and invest our revenue sharing income in player development in the US and in Latin America. We will draft the best players available.

Most importantly, I am going to be a fan and let Dayton Moore run our ball club.

Again, thank you all for continuing to stand by the Royals. Your passion is admirable.

Decorum is obviously a word the Royal (dis)organization has no idea of its meaning.
Is it good decorum to hang out to dry a great and loyal employee such as Baird; Is it decorum to take $26 million in revenue sharing dollars and put it in Glass’ pocket instead of back into improving the team? Is it decorum when Mr. Glass (and his son/ mini-me David Glass) intrude into the general managers acquistions of players (either by free agency or trade) and then lie and say they had nothing to do with player personel decisions.

The Royals are a joke and will remain a joke until the Glass family sells the team or at the least stay in the inbreeding capitol of the world (Bentonville, Ark) and leave baseball decisions to baseball people. Sorry Mr. Kaufman, I hope you can stop rolling in your grave soon/ you deserve better.

I’ve already posted my thoughts on the news conference debacle. Here are some loosely-related thoughts on other topics, in case anyone cares.

I, too, grew up as a dyed-in-the-wool Royals fan. It breaks my heart to see the club run into the ground by people whose words say they care about the team, but whose actions say otherwise.

Mr. Glass knew that this was a small market when he bought the team. Any company or entrepreneur halfway worth its/his/her salt will do market research before buying or starting a business or building a new location. Complaining in hindsight about the market being small is asinine. Blaming sales, results, etc. on the market conditions, when those conditions were well-known in advance, is a head-in-the-sand (or perhaps, head placed somewhere else) reaction. Remember, when someone points a finger at someone or something else, that person has four fingers pointing back at himself/herself.

Glass isn’t stupid. He knows that he can turn a profit in this “small market”, by cutting corners, all the while increasing the value of the franchise. It’s now worth roughly double what it was when he bought it.

Mr. Glass, I implore you, sell the team, make your tidy profit, and let someone who cares about the team (George Brett, restore it to its former glory.

If you won’t sell it, then for heaven’s sake, quit running it like Wal-Mart. You can’t bully the little guy (the common fan, nice guys like Allard Baird, like Wal-Mart allegedly bullies the small business owner, Wal-Mart employees, etc. You also can’t expect to keep the fans if you treat them like Wal-Mart treats its customers, suppliers, competitors, and I’m just speculating here, but perhaps also its investors. The rudest people in my local Wal-Mart are the employees, not the customers. They will just about knock you down in the aisle and never say a word. Back to the Royals…the fans…those of us who are left, anyway…that have helped build this franchise see what’s really going on, and we aren’t happy about it.

Is there anyone else, during and after last year’s 19-game losing streak, who felt the way I do? Is there anyone who felt that the Royals allowed themselves to lose when it was possible to win, as in the complete collapse late in the game against Cleveland? The farm system was in shambles, we couldn’t attract (or allegedly, afford) any big-time free agents, and we hadn’t drafted well in years. Then, around the time of the losing streak, contract negotiations with Alex Gordon weren’t going well. I suspect that the Royals thought, “What do we do if we can’t get any value at all in return for the #2 overall pick? In case we don’t sign Gordon, we have to guarantee ourselves the #1 pick in next year’s draft.” Maybe there is some validity to this, and maybe there isn’t. But note that after the Royals built a “lead” (ha ha) of several games in the standings over everyone else, a lead that proved to be sufficient to secure the #1 pick, they started winning every once in a while again.

Buddy Bell seems to prefer playing veterans over kids (what manager wouldn’t?) How does this management philosophy meld with a rebuilding effort? How is Buddy Bell well-suited to manage the team under such conditions? If you want to develop Justin Huber, Esteban German,, they need to play every day, not rot on the bench.

It’s a sad fact, but when the season is over in April or May, a team needs to trade its valuable commodities that don’t fit into the team’s long-term plans and get some value in return. I like Mark Grudzielanek, but his signing was to help tide us over for a year or two until Murphy, Gotay, Blanco, or someone else stepped up and took over at second base. Nobody has stepped up yet, which isn’t surprising because the talent in the minors isn’t that exceptional. However, Buddy likes playing Mark at 2B every day, rather than seeing what German can do there. When German does get into the lineup, he is out of position. Dayton needs to trade Grud, even though he has been our best everyday player. The club should be able to get a little bit of value for Grudzielanek. Then they need to hand the regular 2B job to German for the remainder of the year and see what he can do. Otherwise, we really don’t need both German (who is out of options) and Graffanino (who would have to be released or traded) on the roster. Don’t get me wrong; I like all three of the “G” guys. But none of them are really a decent backup at shortstop, so neither one is an ideal utility infielder. Actually Grud may be the club’s best backup at short, even though he hasn’t played there in quite a while. While he’s still with the team, why not start him there occasionally and start German at 2B?

Speaking of shortstop, what were we thinking when we tied up millions of dollars in signing Angel Berroa to a long-term contract?

To “redandgoldroom”, if you had been paying attention you would’ve heard David Glass (on the evening news on TV) in answer to repeated questioning by the media, say that he DID NOT KNOW YET what changes he would make. I’m sure that manager change was one he was considering, but hadn’t decided on right away. I read somewhere that first he tried to get Whitey Herzog to come in and help Baird so he wouldn’t have to fire him. Don’t know if that’s true, but according to what Glass said, he was “checking into a lot of possibilities”.

For all of you who insist that Moss had the right to ask her questions because she had repeatedly been turned down for interviews; we have the freedom of speech in this country and we have the freedom to NOT speak too. Glass did not owe Moss an interview. So to bring it up again in a forum for something else was WRONG, after she had already been told NO!

And why didn’t Glass want to talk about it? Well for anyone paying attention, the sorry state of the Royals is all Allard Baird’s fault. Mr Glass is only at fault for not firing him sooner. What was David Glass supposed to say? Sit there and badmouth Baird after he had already just fired him, something he really didn’t want to do? That would have been inappropriate.

As for Dan Glass, he was beseige by fans like me e-mailing and faxing and sending their lancers in to see him, saying PLEASE DO SOMETHING about Allard Baird. Stop him, before he completely destroys the entire team. In my Royals Wives Cookbook from 2002, we only have 2 players left, Affeldt (who still isn’t any good) and Sweeney who is on the DL. I do not consider responsible ownership oversight to be meddling. At most, Dan may have taken our concerns to Baird and discussed them. The only time anyone knows that he actually vetoed anything was the first time Baird tried to get rid of fan favorite, Joe Randa, for practically nothing in return. We had already lost Damon, Dye and Beltran. Fans get tired of seeing virtually ALL of their favorite players traded away getting nothing of value in return. Baird was completely incompetent. If Dan did anything to try to minimize the damage he was causing, then I applaud him!

To whomever is writing this blog for the Royals, please don’t let this serve as a substitute to answering the questions Moss and Fescoe asked. Regardless of their tone, the content of the questions deserves a serious response. Let me phrase it his way:

On June 2nd, Peter Gammons posted an article on entitled “Glass Abused Baird”, in which he quoted several front-office personnel across baseball who expressed their disgust at how Baird’s firing was handled and claimed that Baird was acting against his will when he went out and signed “a bunch of 30-somethings” this past off-season. The article also claims that Glass asked Allard Baird to run the draft for the team even after he had been fired.

My question is this – are those allegations true? Was Baird ordered to bring in players he otherwise wouldn’t have signed? Was he asked to run the draft after his firing? And, most importantly, how do you respond to the industry-wide perception expressed in that article that Allard Baird’s firing was mishandled? Other than people who have previous affiliations to the area or team, like Dayton Moore and Dean Taylor, won’t other quality front-office personnel in the game be difficult to attract given the national perception of the club?

Peter Gammons is perhaps the most prominent baseball media voice in the nation. His reputation is unblemished and he was recently inducted into the writer’s wing of the Hall of Fame. To have front-office personnel from across the industry characterize the Royals in this fashion in one of Gammon’s articles makes our team a national laughingstock. The issues raised in his column and others have to be addressed, whether you like the tone used by the two local reporters or not.

To “theroyalone69”. No such thing is “on the record” unless you considered media speculation, and leaks to newspapers from biased unnamed sources, to be “on the record”, I don’t. Only the one Joe Randa trade veto is “on the record” and thank God Dan vetoed that! I just wish he would’v stepped in the 2nd time too and prevented Baird from giving Randa the ax. Teahan was in no way ready to play 3rd on a ML level last year!
Paula Marie

My first thought on this blog? Are you kidding me? This would be different if the Royals were winning like they were back in the day. But come on… you have nothing to back this up… This a bad move in just about every way possible. If only the Royals were so quick to revoke the credentials of the ineffective and “decorum lacking” memebers of the organization. This comes from a lifelong and current Royals fanatic. Hopefully Mr. Moore can turn back back the clock and bring back the glory days i remeber as a kid grown’n up in KC,when we talked about the royals challanging the record for wins a row instead of # of 100 loss season in a row. Maybe if we can get away from a Wal-Mart approach to baseball this will happen. Go Royals!!!!

It seems as though this blog is proving why the Royals did what they did with the credential thing. Too many Royals spectators (I don’t consider them fans because fans are behind their team no matter what) are obviously getting way too much of their information about the Royals from the media.

Unfortunately they are also believing everything they read and hear. I’ve read every comment in this blog and am amazed at the stuff so many of you believe to be true. Where on earth are you getting this stuff. Yep, from the media. The media is too involved in making the news and not involved enough in just reporting it. I’m glad the Royals did what they did. Someone has to stand up and say enough is enough. I’m sure people are sitting in the Royals offices reading these comments and shaking their heads at the mis-information the media has put into so many of your heads.

Yes, the Royals have struggled. David Glass gave Allard Baird 5 years. He didn’t get it done. I think that is a fair amount of time. Mr. Glass has now made a change. Isn’t that a good thing?

Don’t you remember that Mr. Glass only purchased the team because no one else who would promise to keep the team in KC and pay a decent amount of money for it offered to buy the team? You seem to be awfully hard on a guy who didn’t initially have a desire to purchase the team but did it as a favor/tribute to Mr. K and to keep the team here.

Has everyone forgotten that EVERY baseball expert was raving at the off-season moves following the 2003 season and predicting the Royals to win the division in 2004. Were they all idiots too or is it possible that management did some things right and got unlucky?

I’m not defending every move current ownership has made but I am keenly aware that they took over a franchise that had been run by a committee out of a trust fund for a number of years prior. Not exactly a good starting point. They put someone in charge who was highly respected in baseball circles and they gave him 5 years to prove he could change things. He didn’t prove it so they replaced him. How is giving the guy 5 years medling? Steinbrenner is a medler and would have fired Baird after 2 years.

As a former Kmart guy I’ve never been a fan of David Glass. But I don’t believe everything I get from the media and I do understand the mess Mr. Glass inherited when he purchased the team and as a fan and not a spectator I am reserving judgement to see if the new GM proves all of you wrong.

And as a fan I will be watching the game tonight. Where will all of you spectators be?

When I heard that the Royals had hired Dayton Moore, it was the best baseball news I’d heard in years. Finally, my hope and interest in the Royals was renewed.
Tragically, this wonderful news was immediately followed by the organization making giant mistakes on three occasions, each mistake exceeding the magnitude of the previous one.

1. The Royals can’t even get through the initial Moore press conference without the attention being centered on the reporters taking the offensive and Glass going on the defensive.

2. The Royals decide to diffuse the situation and move forward by pulling the press credentials of the reporters (as if they were a couple of WalMart employeees who had misbehaved). Of course this rightly and expectedly causes an outrcy throughout the media and just throws more gasoline on the fire.

3. Once they had plenty of time for cooler heads to prevail, consider the situation, and come up with a way to resolve the issue and move forward, the Royals stand their ground on revoking the press credentials and take a giant step into the small-time by coming up with this idiotic “Rufus Dawes” style blog.

Unbelievable. This kind of stuff couldn’t be made up. What’s next???

Please stop the madness! Keep David and Dan Glass in Arkansas, and let Dayton Moore become the face of the organization and exert some real control over this mess of a franchise.

To mgroves – Your distinction between spectators and fans is laughable. Do you honestly believe that all of these people would take the time to post here with such obvious passion if they were nothing more than mere spectators? They care about the Royals, which is why they care enough to voice complaints when they see them do something wrong. Spectators would just sit on their hands and do nothing. Any real fan of anything wouldn’t be much of a fan if the just blindly followed the team and supported even their most ridiculous actions. You can differ in your opinion on whether or not some of those actions are as bad as they have been portrayed, but to claim that anyone who criticizes the team isn’t a real fan is just sad. How bad does it have to get out at Kauffman before we’re allowed to boo or complain? Does Glass have to burn the stadium down, with us in it?

To jakzhumans, I wish your definition of fans was accurate. Unfortunately in today’s sports talk radio / trash talking / people taking sports way too seriously society that we live in the old fashioned fan is hard to find. Fans can have their opinions but if they were true fans they’d still support their team. You don’t think Cubs fans have negative opinions? They aren’t exactly setting the world on fire. But they sell out every game. Those are fans. I wonder how many of the “fans” posting comments on this blog have been to at least 2 games this year?

This is absolutely the lowpoint of this franchise, a testiment to the lack of focus and ego that drives the Glass family and the front office. David Glass cannot, under any reasonable circumstance believe that he can fire lame-duck GM Baird and hire Dayton Moore without being asked questions about how poorly he handled the situation. His “how dare they question me” attitude is short-sighted and arrogant. If he wants to hold a press conference and to take questions, he certainly cannot expect to dictate what questions he gets asked!

I have been a Royals season ticket holder since 1981 and have stuck by them through thick (the early 1980s) and thin (1990’s and 2000s). Despite their record over the Glass era, I have never been ashamed to call myself a Royals fan. Today, I am ashamed of my Royals and, Mr. Glass should be ashamed of himself.

To Dayton Moore, I say this: if you were given the degree of control that has been reported, I ask you to right the Royals ship with the class and professionalism that matches your reputation. If you do not have that control, I am sorry for you that you have been pulled into this situation and this organization.

The blog is not a bad concept.
It provides the ballclub a forum to put forth a sanitized version of particular issues, without having to be asked difficult questions in a public Presss Conference. For the continued expression of arrogance of power, it’s not a bad idea at all. At least the fans get to provide responces that don’t appear to have been censored (yet). So, the blog presents a balanced approach for the dissemination of information.

What can I do as a royals fan to get you to sell the team Mr. Glass. From these blogs your probably getting the impression that we cant stand you…and your correct. We want competitive baseball in KC…right now. Lets get some twenty game winners in here at their prime. Lets light a fire under Berroa, Buck, and Teahan or replace them…start giving ultimatims. Firing people does nothiing. Please contact me Mr. Glass..I have many questions. Thanks, Depressed Royals Fan…

To Mr. Glass: How are you enjoying your new yacht? Isn’t it nice buying things for yourself with George Steinbrenner’s money? Your team is an AAA franchise, maybe worse (the Richmond Braves would probably beat you 6 out of 10 times) and you think you shouldn’t be accountable for it. So when someone tries to do just that, you muzzle them like some Mafia hit man and act like you care by putting up this bogus blog. Nice try. My reaction to that press conference? Boo-*******’-hoo. You’re lucky you’re not in Boston or New York, because you’d be ripped to shreds. Stop abusing your fan base with this %^#& You think Royals fans are stupid. They’re not. That’s why your gorgeous stadium is empty night after night. It’s called consumer accountability, and guess what, the ratings are about as low as they can go. You made a great move by hiring Dayton Moore, and then you screw it up when it finally comes out how badly you treated Allard Baird (I believe every word of that Gammons column and I was appalled and disgusted) and this whole press conference fiasco happens.

Mr. Glass, you, quite simply, are a thief. Where is the revenue sharing money going? If it’s not going back into the team, you are stealing from Steinbrenner and John Henry, two men who invest in their teams and bring in smart, talented people to run their teams and LET THEM DO THEIR JOBS. There is no excuse. You are stealing from them and you are stealing from your fans and you should be utterly ashamed of yourself. Sell the team.

To Dayton Moore: WHY? Why did you take this job? You had to have known the kind of treatment Allard Baird was receiving, because it sure looks like everybody else in baseball did. And you trust this ownership to give you control? You, my friend, are naive. You turned down Boston for this? I understand the difficulty of succeeding Theo Epstein. I do. But you avoided working under Larry Lucchino to work for DANNY GLASS? They’re the same, man, except that Danny Glass is stupid and corrupt. I just don’t get it. Why would you do this to yourself?

Dayton Moore needs to set this straight. If not, he is just seeing what will eventually happen to him when he is fired. Because he will be. It is part of the job and the Glass family will drive him into the dirt just like they did to Allard.

A little off topic, but it is hard for me to take Moss seriously when she doesn’t want anyone to know what she looks like.

That doesn’t make me feel differently about this though. Mr. Glass should have answered questions about Allard before the conference or at least had the smarts to say during the conference that he would be glad to answer those types of questions immediately following the Dayton conference.

What a tool. And so is this blog. Really bad idea letting we the fans bang non stop on the management or lack thereof.

Lord I miss Mr. K.

I’ve always been a fan of the Royals. Since as far back as I can remember. But I’m truely embarassed to say that in public. Every year I am naive to think it’s going to get better. Wishful thinking; isn’t that right Glass family. You have made fools out of all Royals fans and this city. Hopefully your Wal-Marts will turn just as bad as you have made the Kansas City Royals. Your Arkansas inbreading ways must stop. I hope you lose everything that you own, including this team. So that all Royals fans can be proud once again. Until this inbreading stops from Arkansas, I will never shop at your General Store (Wal-Mart) or go to a game again.

Yours Truely;


My dearest Paula.

You are obviously a ‘Royals insider’ either that or just not a very smart fan.

It is well known that on several occassions Dan Glass jumped in on at least 2 different trades and also that the Glass family put time constraints on Baird to get deals done.

It doesn’t have to be ‘written’ to be so. People in baseball do talk and things are said and overheard and get to the media.

Even Joe Posnanski who is absolutely the most loyal Royal backer in Kansas City has blasted them on that subject.. and VERY VERY VERY rarely do you hear or read a peep from him in regards to the Royals acting badly.

Also your assessment that EVERYTHING was Baird’s fault is a joke.

If Baird WAS doing such a horrible job all on his own then it’s Glass’ fault (as you said) for not firing him sooner.

As it was it was a combination of bad mistakes by Baird and bad meddling by the Glass’.

You’re a fool if you think otherwise.

Baird needed to go, no doubt about it. But it wasn’t completely his fault that the Royals fell apart. That’s ownerships fault also.

Bad trades, bad drafts, bad free agent acquisitions (mostly because Glass said win now instead of build for the future)… all played a huge part in their downfall.

Do you HONESTLY think that Moore would have made such a HUGE deal of having exclusivity to do what HE wants if it wasn’t well known around baseball that the Glass’ are a meddling bunch of fools?

But I suppose you don’t believe that it’s in his contract or was a part of negotiations that he wouldn’t be interferred with.

What will be interesting is how he reacts the first time Dan (I don’t know nothin’ ’bout baseball) Glass sticks his nose in on a trade and says no.

Jason Whitlock’s 6/17/06 column referred to “responsbible journalism”. According to Whitlock, ““Appropriateness of behavior or conduct” is what decorum means.” Well, why weren’t Fescoe & Moss responsible enough at that news conference to start with all the Dayton Moore stuff THEN take on the Glass family? Seems to me Moss & Fescoe didn’t demonstrate responsibility or decorum.

Having said that, when Fescoe & Moss started in, Aaron Babcock or whoever was playing emcee should have asked loud and clear if anyone had any further questions for or about Dayton Moore. When all those questions were exhausted, the emcee then should have looked at the Glass family to get a cue whether to continue the news conference or told the crowd thank you and ended the news conference.

Hopefully the Glass family would have stayed and taken their lumps. Sadly, I doubt that would have happened. But I also think Moss & Fescoe would have had more supporters to their cause. Timing, after all, is everything. And these reporters timed their Glass/Baird questions as badly as when the Glass family first fired Allard.

When should the Royals return credentials to Fescoe & Moss? In September, when the Royals call up the rest of their minor leaguers for the rest of the season.

Fescoe and Moss are far from journalists. Fescoe is simply a KU apologist and Moss is just a smart **** female trying to act as tough as “the guys”. They both are condescending loud mouths who don’t deserve credentials. Let’m pay like the rest of us.

“it seems as though this blog is proving why the Royals did what they did with the credential thing. Too many Royals spectators (I don’t consider them fans because fans are behind their team no matter what) are obviously getting way too much of their information about the Royals from the media.”–

What color is the sky in your world?

Answer — Jesus Red

To mgroves – The Cubs? Are you serious? Please tell me you aren’t comparing Royals fans to Cubs fans, because that’s not even close to a fair comparison. Chicago, in case you haven’t noticed, has FIVE TIMES as many people as Kansas City. Even with a second ballclub in the city, they should be wildly out-drawing the Royals.

Then throw in a comparison of the two products on the field. One is a team with just one winning season in the last ten, and that one barely above .500. The other has four such seasons in the past ten, including two playoffs berths. They were famously five outs from the World Series just three years ago, and contended for the Wild Card as recently as two years ago. And, oh by the way, they play in an historic ballpark that draws fans from everywhere, whether they are Cubs fans or not.

And guess what? With all that, I’d STILL argue that Royals fans are more loyal. The Cubs averaged roughly 33,600 fans per game from 1996 to 2005. Let’s say that half of the roughly 10 million people in Chicago follow the Cubs instead of the White Sox. That means that, on average, one of every 149 possible Cubs fans sees a game each year. In KC, with just over 2 million people in the metro, the Royals averaged nearly 19,000 fans per game in the same time frame, which equates to one out of every 116 possible Royals fans having attended a game each year.

In case that didn’t sink in, let me state it more plainly – Royals attendence, per capita, is HIGHER than attendence for the Cubs, even when adjusted for the presence of the White Sox and despite an inferior product on the field.

We have proven our ample loyalty to this team, and with that loyalty comes the right to complain about the team’s ridiculously bad management. Particularly when Glass was just granted $200 million of our tax money to mismanage.

Lack of decorum? What a crock!

Just because Daddy and the Boy don’t want to face the difficult, albeit obvious, questions, their “it’s my ball” response to Moss and Fescoe reeks of their patrician attitude toward the media. In a perfect world, every “credentialed” Royal’s reporter should turn in their credentials and ignore the Royals until Moss and Fescoe have been liberated. But, of course, this would require uncommon courage from this “Kietzmanesque” crew of jock sniffers. I would hope that someone with character, perhaps Jason, could lead the charge.

Hey, Dayton … here’s a chance to establish credibility. Do the right thing!

I just have one question: Did Mike Alden work for David Glass before he went to work at the University of Missouri?

It disturbs me that people are siding with the Royals in this situation. This is the worst run organization in Major League Baseball!!! What did the Royals think reporters were going to ask???My god the whole situation was handled so poorly. Which has been the norm for the last five years. It is apparent that tough questions need to be asked everyday by reporters to give this AAA organization a taste of the big leagues. If only tough questions had been asked earlier maybe the organization wouldn’t be in such mess. It is so disappointing to be a Royals fan right now.

Hey Glass,
Sell the freaking team.

Yes, Mr. Glass, please put the team up for sale on Monday.

As a staunch Royals fan since the days when **** Drago and Ellie Rodriguez were batterymates, I can tell you that the team was much better then, with a roster full of prospects and marginal Major League veterans. Even though the expansion Royals of 1969 and 1970 lost more than they won, the games were fun and competitive. The team had almost no power, but at least Pat Kelly and Jackie Hernandez could steal a base; our current team has neither power nor speed, which is a lethal combination. In their third season, the Royals had a winning record, and by 1972 they had assembled much of the roster that would make them a force throughout the 1970s.

Today’s Royals appear to be much better on paper than the 1969 class (except for the lack of speed), but on the field, the 2006 team is considerably worse than even the Marlins, which went into this season with a roster full of minor-leaguers. On paper, the Royals should win several more games this year than the Marlins, but they won’t even come close to doing so. There are only two logical explanations for this: (1) The Marlins are run and managed much better than the Royals are. (2) The Royals have been losing on purpose to ensure themselves the #1 pick in the draft to give them a better chance of bringing in good young players. Although I think the Royals were playing for the #1 draft pick last year, I really don’t think Mr. Glass authorized a big payroll increase in 2006 with the intention of losing. Yet, the results speak for themselves. Yes, we have had some injuries to some key players, but injuries are part of the game and all 30 Major League teams have had players who have missed time due to injury. Every organization has to have depth, and the Royals don’t have any depth.

We’re not getting the talent into the player pipeline; we’re not developing what we do have; we’re not making the right kinds of free agent signings and trades; we’re not playing the right people on the roster; we’re not sending people like Andy Sisco, who belong in AAA, to AAA; we’re not using what little speed we have to our advantage. The laundry list goes on and on.

The conclusion is that the Royals are being poorly run as an organization and poorly managed on the field.

It all starts at the top with ownership that commits the dollars necessary to building a top organization, stocks itself with baseball people and lets baseball people rather than business people run the organization, and to be quite frank, generally has a clue. Hiring Dayton Moore is an excellent step in the right direction. Now step out of the way, David and Dan, and let Dayton and his people run things.

And as an aside to some of you who have been dissing Arkansans as being “inbred”: I was born in Topeka, and I have lived in Missouri as well. It’s during my time in Springfield that I fell in love with the Royals. I have only lived in Arkansas for several years, but I can tell you that Arkansas is no more the “inbreeding capital” of the world than are Missouri or Kansas. If you want to insult the Glass family, it’s your right to do so, but be halfway polite to the rest of us who make the beautiful state of Arkansas our home.

Did anyone watch the Royals Astros game on Sunday, June 18th? Dan & David Glass were sitting behind home plate looking pretty similiar to Beavis & Butthead. I read their lips…it looked liked they were saying this “hehe We got $53 million from the Yankees for luxury tax & we’re only spending $30 million….that’s like hehe a million dollars for each of us”.

I sure hope Dayton Moore & a slew of top 5 picks can turn this franchise around, eventually.

All I know is that Kansas City is the coziest city in the majors in which to set records for futility. In any other city, the reporters and fans would rip this team apart for being so inept at every single level. In this town, everyone from the general manager and the manager to the players have supporters who say, “It’s not his fault.”
I think it’s everyone’s fault, from the owner to the milquetoast radio announcers to the lame sports talk shows.

This town should be a lot meaner to one of the worst teams in the history professional baseball.

What happens if the payroll is incresead by twenty million dollars for the new gm. That would mean he could go to about seventy million. How much money would you really lose. With that money you could go get a couple of pitchers to go with elarton, grienke, and possible the new draft pick. Then with the other eight or nine million, get a closer and kevin mench. Guess what, thats not a bad team for sweeney’s last year with kc. get the team in the weight room year round. Work on speed, speed, and more speed. Injuries are lessened with proper training and exercise. That doesn’t cost a thing. If the club is 36-48 at the all-star break, the attendance will be up twenty percent. Take the bull by the horns. The pieces are there. Make it happen. The lineup could be, dejesus, grudz, sweeney, brown, sanders, mench, gordon, berroa, and buck. And one of those last two could get traded at the deadline next year to make a push for the post season. The Starters could be Levon Hernandez, scott elarton, new zack grienke, paul byrd, and luke hochevar. Inside of an added fifteen million. Would this really be much of a gamble? What will change in your life if you spend a little cash on a team that many people still love dearly. I am offering to come to spring training and give advice. You gotta buy my plane ticket.

The Royals used to be a class organization, from ownership on down. This no longer is the case. With revoking the credentials of the two reporters, the organization exhibits the classic case of shooting the messenger while at the same time redirecting th attention away from the bungling ways of the Glass family, the way it runs things. Don’t forget, a former CEO of Wal-Mart will get by on the cheap, unless the fans and media hold him accountable. The reporters should have their credentials renewed immediately. KC is the laughingstock of all of MLB for doing this.

Pulling the credentials was completely unjustified, because the entire situation was the fault of the Royals and Mr. Glass. There were numerous ways Mr. Glass could have defused the situation before it got out of control. 1) Tell the reporters that the news conference was about the hiring of Mr. Moore and refuse to answer questions about anything else. 2) After introducing Mr. Moore, move away from the table and not be available for questions to be asked of him. 3) Made himself available to the Media prior to the conference, therefore those questions would not have been asked in that setting. I for one will not attend another KC Royals game until both Media members’ credentials are reinstated.

it is unfortunate what has happened because of the ownership not showing good ole midwestern values in dealing with people. The cardinals are a great example of the correct way to deal with media and fans (if you discount the radio station thing this year). We could **** at this point in the year right, and we would still be selling out games. The Royals should get new ownership, make a formal apology to fans and media, and start fresh. Until that happens, convert to Cardinalism.

Go Cards

That was pretty classless.

Hopefully they have some way of deleting posts like that.

To question them or attack them on a business level is one thing… to personally attack them is quite another.

Uncalled for.

What’s done is done. Allard worked as hard as one individual could with the resources he had with little room for error. He is a very talented individual who will be successful again. Its time for us all to move on (press included). I believe we’ve got a winner in Dayton Moore who, given the proper resources, will build the Royals into winners again. I’m looking forward to hearing more about his plans and less about things in the past that cannot be changed.

Your behavior in this instance is shameful. There were ways to deal with the situation much more effectively and appropriately, but you decided to wait a full week to address it and then put up an anonymous blog?! Rufus Dawes was such a good idea for the Chiefs you thought you should steal it even though they eventualy realized how petty and unprofessional it was?

Letting Baird twist in the wind for a month was not the right thing to do, and hard questions were going to be asked. To whine about the mean reporters who asked them is unacceptable. Until you have reinstated the reporters credentials, I will not spend a dime in supporting your franchise. As someone who’s been a fan since 1980, it’s not something I say lightly but I’m completely sincere about it.

I remember great days and evenings at the I wouldn’t go to a game if someone gave me free tickets and a parking pass!! The Glass family is another example of Walmart money ruining the sports teams in MO that I love. Mr Glass can stay in AR where he belongs and give us back our team! He said he and his family would be moving to KC, but I guess I can’t find a house good enough for him!! No class with Glass!!!

I have attended Roayals games since 1974. I have had season tickets for the last 5 years.

I was going to say what I really thought about the ownership of MY team. However, you may look me up and REVOKE my season ticket package.

Just remember everyone. We are fans of the team. Not the owners or other individuals. We will be here long after the Glass family and current team members are. (hopefully Angel and a few other loafers wont be around too long)

I was going to post something very critical of the Royals, but before I do so, I wanted to make sure my posting credentials wouldn’t be “revoked” if I do so.

What a joke of a franchise.

The only credibility that this organization has is Dayton Moore.
Otherwise, it is full of retards as far as baseball knowledge is concerned.

Glass and Co. have taken a proud, successful franchise and turned it into the punchline of national joke after national joke.

David Glass owes Mr. K a huge apology. Mr. K would have fired Glass years ago.

The idea that “decorum” is important to the Royals is laughable. Any sense of what is the proper way to treat people escapes the Ownership team of Glass and Glass completely.

Reporters’ attitudes aside, the Royals could have offered an alternative forum to talk about Allard, or simply deferred the questions politely till later.

The best thing that could POSSIBLY happen now would be for Dayton Moore to come out and say “We don’t need this hanging over us and we want to welcome the reporters back. The Royals made a mistake in pulling the credentials and we’re sorry. Our organization needs and respects the interest of the Kansas City media whose job it is to get the answers our faithful fans are wanting.”

That would prove Dayton Moore has the authority we all know he needs but worry he won’t have. It would make him a hero and give us all a fresh start. Failing that, the Royals will further prove their ineptness as an organization and continue to wallow in miserable PR.

Mr. Moore, go to the Glasses and tell them it’s time to clean this up. You can’t hide behind the line “it’s not my decision/department”, whatever. You are after all the GENERAL Manager.

I have sent several e-mails to the Royals through their Contact page asking who is writing this blog, and I have no response. They are usually pretty quick in responding, so I am assuming they are ingnoring the question.

Anyone else had luck finding out?

Dear Mr. Glass,
SELL THE TEAM!!!! Nobody wants you here and when you go and pull stunts like this, it just shows you have no idea how to run a major league ball club. As for Dan Glass your just as bad. GO SELL DIAMONDS CAUSE YOU CANT SELL FANS OR PLAYERS TO COME HERE! Dayton Moore is gonna be good but he has to get rid of the trash in the front office (dumb and dumber). The Royals have turned into WAL-MART always low salaries! Take a hint glass family.

beware! this blog is being edited. anything that isnt nicely nice will get deleted. between the fake posts and the paid posts there isnt much of substance you’ll read here. sell the royals. trade mike’s weenie. pave over the stadium. which just shows again the absolute low class, no glass organization that the royals are. and what more derogatory can we say about the glASSES???

This is just a joke. This whole blog to tell your side of the story. How about you answer the questions that were asked? The reason these people asked those questions to Mr. Glass was because it was the first time he was available to do so. Was that taken into consideration before you pulled the credentials? RESTORE THESE peoples credentials. Apologize for the way you handled Mr. Baird, and maybe, just maybe we will forget and move on. Until then, you will receive zero (0) respect from me or this city from what I have read in what others have said. If this happened in NY, St. Louis, or even LA ………. the stuff would hit the fan, ……….. you know what, it would never happen in those cities. I think it is safe to say we are sick of the classless acts of the Royals ownership, and something needs to happen now regarding this subject.

To pull the press credentials for these 2 reporters was both classless and cowardly. If you don’t want to be accountable and answer these questions, don’t set in front of a bunch of reporters and say “questions?”. The one thing that Mr. Baird did consistantly throughout his time as GM was make himself available to answer questions, no matter how tough they were. This clearly takes character, something the Glass family has shown little of in recent days. The hiring of Dayton Moore is a step in the right direction, BUT I feel that they need to leave baseball operations to baseball people. To the public their childish reaction to the questions asked reaks of guilt. Ask yourself, if they were not meddling in baseball operations wouldn’t they have fired Mr. Baird sooner?

pm183 is a classless a-hole

any royals loss is a good loss….one more game closer to contraction.

Horse feathers, Flanagan! With “back problems” being one of the most common ailments of adult life, it’s a very good bet that more than one “complainer” of the ridiculous salary being paid to Mike’s Weenie has experienced them (Star 6/15/06 D-2).

Mike’s Weenie is an impostor; one of the most, if not the the most overrated, unproductive, ineffective fakers ever to don a major league uniform and present himself as a professional-level athlete. Only Jose Lima comes to mind as an equal. This so-called major league athlete is an embarrassment to the game, his teammates, the team, Kansas City, and MBL as a whole. He is an insult to many of those same “complainers” you refer to who must go to work every day, whether they have “back problems” or not, in order to 1) keep their job, and 2) receive their pay.

Mike’s Weenie does none of this. The King of Ouchies is content to sit on his over sized ****, collect his pay, and contribute nothing to the team. He is the worst example of leadership any young person could be forced to emulate. As captain of the Royals, he has failed dismally in setting an example of a work ethic that others can look up to and admire. This loser of major-league proportions played in only 70% of the games last year…what is the percentage going to be this year?

With his constant, self-absorbed, holier-than-thou, milk and cookies, let’s pray about it obsession, he is a pestilence upon the locker room, and the populace in general. Instead of spending his time wisely to build confidence among team members, even while injured, this blowhard elects to squander that same time and money spreading his poison and inflicting those around him with his diseased brand of religious claptrap.

The best thing the new General Manager could do would be to put this malingering underachiever on the trading block as quickly as possible. This season is lost for the Royals. If they wish to start fresh (again), they can start first by unloading the steaming, fetid pile of dog excrement that is Mike’s Weenie. Tomorrow wouldn’t be soon enough.

Frustrated? Don’t be fooled. This sad sack of a player deserves all the vilification, scorn and abuse the fans can rain down upon his sorry head.

Mr. Glass:

I sure hope you read these blogs. I think your customers have spoke. I have been a Royals fan since 1974 and I have lost all interest in Royals baseball. I will not attend a Royals game until you sell the team. You are a disgrace to the Kansas City and Major League Baseball. I hope you respond to my email as to your intentions.

nice going dallen. they are sad aren’t they??

I have read all of these comments. fans are tired of the futility. i have been a fan since the early days when Lou Pinella was rookie of the year and the glory days of the 70’s & 80’s. it is hard to see your beloved team taking this course. i’m not sure where all the blame needs to lie, we just need to move forward and hope that Mr. Moore will in fact run the club and is given the room and $’s that it’s going to take (#1 draft pick Hochaver).i will always support the royals…i just hope it gets easier.

i can’t believe there are still people in kansas city that pay money to watch this garbage.

irishlaw: only those that have pathetically empty lives continue to watch “this garbage.” educated ADULTS have long since abandoned the royals as a meaningful entertainment option. they can no longer be ignored. they are simply too hideous. like a cancerous boil, they must be cut out of our town. set ’em out by the curb and let large item pickup remove them from the city.

To cdavis64: Obviously, you care at least a little bit, or you wouldn’t have spent so much time contributing feedback to this propaganda column, er, I mean “blog”.

I can only speak for myself, but my life is not pathetically empty; I have a family, two pets, and hobbies and interests outside of the Royals that keep me active and somewhat young. I consider myself an educated and intelligent adult. I have met the qualifications to join Mensa but chose not to do so. I follow the Royals, as I have since 1969, because I am a loyal person and I love them, win or lose, through thick and thin. My parents have been fans of their respective sports teams for many decades, through good times and bad, and I am the same way. I dare say most of the people taking the time to read this blog and its responses are in the same boat. We don’t like what’s happening with the Royals, and if we were running things, there is a long laundry list of things we would change. But we do care about the team, or we would find something else to do with our time. That hardly makes us pathetic or uneducated; it just means we are loyal, perhaps to a fault. We see exactly what is happening; we’re hardly uneducated. Saddened, yes, but not sad sacks. We could root for the hated Yankees or A’s, or the cross-state Cardinals, but we don’t. It would be so much easier to be a fan of a team that is in the hunt year after year. But the Royals are our team, for reasons that are personal to each one of us, and we continue to follow them even when we strongly dislike the way the direction they are going.

The Royals have not only become the laughing stock of baseball, but of all professional sports.

Mr. Glass’s ownership has been a disgrace to the franchise, its fans, and Mr. Kauffman.

This whole credential thing further proves it: regardless of the “tone” the reporters used, the team needs to recognize the bad publicity that accompanies a decision to revoke press credentials for some of the few reporters still interested in the team.

Glass needs to step down for the good of the team and the city.

From: A former fan

You’re with me, subpar baseball team

to johnk: you are still a loser. your reasoning is ridiculous. are your family and pets one in the same? i meet the mensa criteria, too…big deal. i haven’t met a mensan yet that wasn’t sickeningly full of themself…arrogant, insufferable, dweebish…sort of like you. which is why i wouldn’t join such a group of self-inflated dipsticks. like i said: if your life is so empty that you have to identify with pro sports teams in order to achieve some sort of worth, then there is little if any hope for you. and doing it just because your mommy and daddy did it is even more lemming like. it’s exactly your type of “fan” that we can do without. the royals aren’t worth caring about.

We’re where you want to be!
*clap clap*

Baseball with the Royals!

SILENCE!!! You have all lost your blogging privileges… If you don’t watch it, you will be sent into the cornfield (in Bentonville)!!

has anyone counted how many positive vs. negative comments that the Royals have gotten over this blog? Yet another PR blunder on the Royals to even have a blog.

We admit that the negative far outweighs the positive, but you must admit, we have came a long way, as far as our handling of tough questions: :

In 1992, NBC news series Dateline interviewed Glass during an investigation into Wal-Mart’s “Made in America” and “Bring It Home to the USA” marketing campaigns. The show aired footage of children working in factories in Bangladesh making clothes destined for Wal-Mart, as well as footage of Wal-Mart stores with “Made in America” signs hung over imported goods. When asked about children in Asia working in sweatshop conditions, Glass’ reply was “You and I might, perhaps, define children differently,” and then said that since Asians are quite short, one can’t always tell how old they were. Glass was shown photographs of one factory that burned down with the children still locked inside. He responded, “Yeah…there are tragic things that happen all over the world.” Glass stormed out of the interview, which was terminated immediately by Wal-Mart.

Is this where I should come to separate fact from fiction regarding the JP Howell trade?

Yeah…we need pitching more than anything, so what do we do? Trade one of our best young arms for a couple of guys who can’t hit their way out of a wet paper bag. I like Gathright’s speed, but he doesn’t have much value except as a backup. The deal doesn’t make any sense at all to me unless the Royals are trying to add depth to the minor league system or are about to trade an outfielder (Sanders, maybe?) Regardless of the motive, and despite the fact that Howell has been having some shoulder pain, I don’t understand this trade. Does anyone?

Im astounded by the response that this blog has gotten. First of all, blogs are something that Juniors in HS tell whoever about what happened at that sick party on Friday when so-and-so’s parents were out of town…NOT something that a professional organization uses to separate fact from fiction. Barry Bonds thinks this is a bad idea. This cyber diary is a joke, indeed, but not terribly surprising coming from the Royals. The surprising thing is that there were so many responses. Do you think for one second that anyone in the front office cares about what is said on this? If they cared about the fans we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. They are probably laughing at us as much as we are laughing at them. I suggest we leave the blogs to teenagers who need to shed a cyber tear and not help the supposedly educated PR department and the Everything-We-Touch-Turns-To-Golden-Garbage Glass family spin this organization (that I still inexplicably care about) more into sports oblivion.

tdustin, Our brains are spinning over the obvious irony of your comments. The only thing worse than reading and posting a blog is responding to the bloggers in a condescending tone. Also, we have to question exactly WHY you are spending your time ‘trolling’ the blogs of HS students to find out who’s parents are out of town.
In short, tdustin7, you give us the creeps.

Before I go any further, I’d like to make a few quick comments. One, I appreciate the Royals organization for allowing the fans the opportunity to share how we feel. Thanks. Two, I don’t know how the reporters acted, and I don’t really care, because right or wrong, it’s just a drop in the overall bucket. Third, I’m in the mass communication industry, and our rule of thumb is that for every one commenter, there’s 20 more who feel the same way. Do the math, and the numbers speak for themselves.

There are many of us who call ourselves fans and we mean it. We love this team, we love going out to Kauffman (one of the best stadiums in the league) and we love having a team we can call our own. We will likely never stop rooting for the Royals because once you fall in love with a team like this, you can’t let go.

But that said, anyone who calls themselves a Royals fan knows this organization has not been going in the right direction. It is hard work to continue to care about a team that is struggling to break .300. It’s hard to root when the team wins roughly one in every four games. It’s hard that when you visit another town and mention you’re a Royals fan, people feel sorry for you. We don’t ask for much as Royals fans, we do ask to be allowed to have pride in our team. When several professional magazines have implied the Royals may be no better than a Class AA club, it hurts.

It’s not impossible to turn around this team. Heck, look at the Tigers. In just a few short years, they’ve gone from one of the all-time worst seasons to the best record in baseball. I think, as fans, we just want progress. We want to know there is hope. Right now, it feels like we have a close family member ill with a potentially fatal disease, and all we see is things progressively getting worse. You want hope, you need hope, you pray just for a glimmer (this may be why the Nosotros Creemos worked… everyone had a glimmer of hope). But right now, all we’re seeing is negative signs. We don’t want to believe them, but we’re kidding ourselves if we think anything different.

I do believe Royals fans are among the most loyal in the nation. We’d have to be to continue to support this team. If we had any real reason to root, fans would turn out in droves. We love this team, and many of us always will. But please do not continue to test our loyalty.

I can’t say whether Dayton Moore will be the missing piece, but I can say it will likely take more than a new GM to right this ship. Mr. Glass, as a Royals fan, we fans implore you to use your heart more with this team. See it as Ewing Kauffman would have seen it. See it as George Brett sees it. See it as we, the fans, see it. We see a fantastic team slowly crumbling to league joke status. We see what should be a proud franchise becoming (or that has become) an embarrassment. We see that a lot more must be done beyond hiring Dayton Moore.

Now, you have two choices, Mr. Glass. You can choose to do something and spend the necessary millions on this team, answering tough questions along the way (I’m not particularly referring to the infamous reporters) and making a future for this team. Or you can choose to do nothing and let this team wallow in its own misery. The choice is yours. Go Royals!

We would like to comment on the above post (by ‘abnashman’), but we are not yet done reading their ‘few quick comments’. We are only up to Chapter Three, so we may have to think about taking this on our summer vacation and finishing it up at the beach. We are recommending this to our Team Captain as well, something to get him through the long, long days of taking swings in batting practice.

decorumpolice, why don’t you take your silly-glASS corprate comments anywhere but here. your posts are moronic, therefore you must be working for the royals. get lost willya!!

SILENCE!!! cdavis64.. you have been warned!!

Do you want to end up like Mark Gubicza?

You WILL be sent to the cornfield in Bentonville if you do not start being more civil. How would you like to spend eternity with Moss and Fescoe? THINK LONG AND HARD ABOUT IT!!!

We are still trying to figure your name out.. ‘cdavis64’. We cannot figure out if the 64 is your age or your IQ? Given the overall grouchiness of your tone, some same your age. BUT, the total lack of coherent thought (not to mention capitalization or punctuation) , leads others to believe it must be your IQ. (Have you ever heard of ‘Question Marks’?( <—this is one ).


(Our favorite quote):

“The thought police would get him just the same. He had committed—would have committed, even if he had never set pen to paper—the essential crime that contained all others in itself. Thoughtcrime, they called it. Thoughtcrime was not a thing that could be concealed forever. You might dodge successfully for a while, even for years, but sooner or later they were bound to get you.”

In reviewing the above comments, we started noticing some very strange patterns in the wording/timing of ‘cdavis64’ and his e-mails.
Based on when he sends them, and many of the ‘East Coast’ mannerisms (“get lost willya”) , we have came to the conclusion that:

cdavis64 IS BOB FESCOE!!

Notice that many of the e-mails are sent AFTER 9:00, right when “cdavis63” (AKA Bob Fescoe) gets done hosting his popular morning show. Also notice the obvious anger directed at ALL signs of authority….

I think the case is strong… FESCOE , stay off of this blog… We did not know that they had Internet Access in the cornfield, but we will make sure that this is taken care of!!

Mr. (or Ms., the gender is impossible to determine) Decorumpolice, I do not wish to get into personal attacks or attempt to devalue someone’s comments based upon the length of their post, only to rebut your problem with my comment. My “few quick comments” were in reference to the three numbered items at the beginning of my post, not the entire post itself. The rest of that post was intentionally lengthy and thought out. I figured that if someone was willing to read all the way down to my post (very far down the list), that they’d probably be willing to read a long post. I’ll try to be shorter in the future.

i believe i said shut up decorumpolice. as in SHUT UP!!! do you have some sort of reading or comprehension problem? caps or no caps, the message is the same: STF UP!!! i’ve got something long and hard YOU can think about. and don’t threaten me.

cdavis(AKA BOB FESCOE)… Nice to see that you started using that question mark. We are not sure whether we like the ‘long and hard’ reference , though… There is a split on what that means. Some of us think that you are referring to a copy of “War and Peace” by Leo Tolstoy (both LONG and HARD, I am sure you will agree), others seem to think you are referring to your ‘daddy parts’, which is really uncalled for.

DecorumPolice announces retirement…
We feel it is time to go.. our work here is done, and we always like to have the last word.

abnashman, sorry if you feel slighted, we were only having a little fun.

cdavis64.. good luck with the radio show and getting your credentials back.

we’re out…

d. police

omg! i’m outed! thanks decorum. we always knew when the heat was turned up wimps like you would wilt and split like the spineless jellyfish you are. i am very certain you know what “long and hard” refers to and what you can do with it. lord knows you’ve had lots of practice. good luck flippin’ those burgers.

Thanks cdavis64! I sent you the email instead of a post on this blog to afford you the opportunity to give me the intelligent and educated response that this site would not allow you to give. You did not dissapoint me! Keep up with your positive attitude!

I just said that decorum was retirin’…..I liked this address better…
I ain’t goin’ nowhere, Nancy… and I will enjoy flippin those burgers.. Just remember, next time you order through the drive-through I will be sure to give you extra ‘secret sauce’……

You guys have turned this blog into a sissy girl-style slap fight… lol you might be the most pathetic trash talker i have ever heard. (worse than me even)

In regards to the Royals, Abnashman said it the best, and I believe that should be “nuff said.”

Happy Rebuilding

to the Royals!

I really would like to see another I-70 World Series in my lifetime…


victory is at hand. the only sissy-girls here are decorum and johndon352. are they swishers or what? girly-girls both of ’em. i only eat drive-thru at 3 in the morning when dweebs like you are working decorum, not being able to get a real job with adults. i’ll keep my eye out for your “secret sauce.” it’s about as secret as the fact that you are a paid poster to this blog, a royals employee and a weak-kneed limp-wristed *****-glASS. this is so much fun.

decorum police, they live inside of my head…
We are back, after a self-imposed exile of one day.

We must apologize to cdavis64 and Bob Fescoe.. we had them mixed up. Based on the newest comments, it is obvious to us that cdavis64 is NOT Bob Fecoe… He is OZZIE GUILLEN!

cdavis64 (OZZIE GUILLEN), usted es un idiota. Cualquier persona que dice cualquier cosa diferentemente es también un idiota. Usted no podría conseguir en MENSA si su vida dependió de ella. Puede usted vida viva en miseria, apenas como las ovejas que usted ama….

well, this sure makes a lot of sense decorumslut:

cdavis64 (OZZIE GUILLEN), you are an idiot. Any person who says any thing differently is also an idiot. You could not obtain in STUPID if its life depended on her. You can alive life in misery, as soon as like the ewes that you love….

if you have qualified for MENSA (which i highly highly doubt), they must have added a juniors category, because no self-respecting member of ADULT status would talk like this. on the other hand, you could be lying about it, to impress your friend or wife or girlfriend (latter two of doubtful status also) just as you have lied about everything else in your empty, vapid life.

the fact remains that you, decorum police, are a tin horn imposter with a tin star pretending you are someone worth listening too. just as the royals are pretending they are a major league baseball team worthy of our attention and concern. do you have a thing for sheep, too?

“we” are back? what, do you have a ***** in your pocket?how did you get the time out of daycare to write this at 1pm in the afternoon. isn’t that supposed to be milk and cookies time then a nap on your blankie? don’t you and your pathetic friend in jesus christ, mike’s weenie chomp down oreos and sip milk through a sippy-straw? man, did tony muser have that worthless charlatan pegged right. he’d probably have the same opinion of you. i do.

cdavis64 (OZZIE)… With the JC reference, on top of all of your other posts, we think you have offically offended just about every race, creed, gender , religous affiliation and sexual perference. Nice job…
Why are you so stuck on the ADULT thing, too? That is weird… as far as we can tell, given the world that we live in, the adults that we know personally and see on tv and in the news don’t act very nicely, or very responsibly at all. Have you ever seen ‘Maximum Exposure’? Actually my guess is that you have probably starred in at least one episode.

People like you (who think EVERYONE else is acting so CRAZY) are the real crazy ones, as I am sure you have been told in the past.

Let me guess: At least one divorce and a couple of kids that won’t talk to you (unless they want money).

Tell me the truth:

Mullet? YES OR NO???

cdavis64 fined by Selig, ordered to attend sensitivity training:

CHICAGO (AP) — cdavis64 was fined and ordered to attend sensitivity training Thursday as commissioner Bud Selig punished the outspoken Chicago White Sox manager for using a slur during a tirade against a blog poster.

cdavis64 went into a profanity-laced tirade against fellow “Around the Horn” blog poster ‘DecorumPolice” and called him a number of names, including a derogatory term that is often used to describe someone’s sexual orientation.

“cdavis64 used language that is offensive and completely unacceptable,” Selig said in a statement. “Blogging is a social institution with responsibility to set appropriate tone and example. Conduct or language that reflects otherwise will not be tolerated. The use of slurs embarrasses the individual, the club, the blogsite, the human race, sheep,milk and cookies, Jesus, and MENSA.”

The commissioner did what he had to do,” cdavis64 said. “They don’t agree with what I say. Me either. I agree with what I say about Decorumpolice. … I’m not going to change. One thing I’m going to make clear is I apologize to the community, but to Decorum, no chance. This thing is on and on for good.”

Very well written information. It will be supportive to anyone who employess it, including myself. Keep doing what you are doing for sure i will check out more posts.

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